Why You Should Throw Away Your Sunscreen

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“After 4 Hours in the Sun I Didn’t Burn at All!”

Rev Up Your Body’s “Internal Sunscreen” with This Natural Miracle

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

One of my patients took her family to a beach party. Knowing it was going to be a full day in the sun, she decided to give my new sun protection capsule a try.

After four hours of direct sunlight, she was astounded. Her skin was completely normal! There wasn’t a hint of sunburn … she wasn’t even pink.

Unfortunately, her husband and son weren’t so lucky. They hadn’t tried my new formula. So instead of being fully protected against the sun, they came home with burnt red noses and “farmer’s” tans.

Reports like this have been coming in from all over the country. My patients and readers tell me they’re suddenly enjoying sunshine like they did when they were kids.

You don’t have to smear on smelly lotions and sunscreens all day long. Now, for the first time ever, you and your loved ones can spend whole afternoons in the sun without giving a thought to sunburn or skin damage.

That’s because I’ve put together an unprecedented arsenal of safe, natural compounds that unleash your body’s internal sun-protecting power. It helps your skin halt the harmful processes that lead to burns, wrinkles, and aging. You might say it’s even more powerful than sunlight . . .

Natural Sunscreen: Tap the Power of Your Skin’s Natural Defense

My potent new sun protection capsule is called Radiance. It combines 7 high-octane nutrients in a unique formula tailored to meet your skin’s specific needs. It doesn’t work like commercial sun block. In fact, it doesn’t “block” the sun at all. Instead it changes the way your skin responds to sunlight internally—at the cellular level.

All you need is a glass of water. In minutes, the ingredients in Radiance go straight to work. Instead of wrinkles, peeling, and painful redness, you can maintain a healthy glow after long stretches of exposure.

It’s truly revolutionary.

I came up with Radiance after years of research. You see, skin damage from the sun is all about nutrition. Deliver the right nutrients where they’re needed, and sunlight no longer poses a threat.

The arsenal of high-powered antioxidants I’ve assembled for Radiance does just that. You won’t find a more potent set of allies anywhere. And since they’re completely natural, your body knows exactly what to do with them. They work with your skin to beef up its natural defenses.

I know it works. Not only from the results shared by my patients and readers —I use it myself.

The results have been nothing short of amazing. I can tool around my garden or do my daily PACE® routine in the middle of a cloudless day and it’s almost like I never left my house.

Natural Sunscreen: Protect Your Skin From the Inside Out

I brought together ingredients from around the world to ensure that your skin stays healthy and youthful for life. These organic compounds help your body stay ahead of any damage from sun exposure. Even when you’re not in the sun, they’re still fighting for you.

What’s Hiding in Your Sunscreen?

A lot of the chemicals in sunscreens actually pose serious health risks. In fact sunscreens are little more than nasty cocktails of dangerous chemical agents.

Here’s a sample of what you’re likely to find on the label of your favorite sunscreen:

Chemicals Commonly FoundIn Commercial Sunscreens

Dangerous Side Effects

1. Parabens

“Endocrine disruptors,” these gender-bending chemicals mimic estrogen, upset your hormonal balance, and can cause various reproductive cancers in men and women

2. PABA (may be listed as octyl-dimethyl or padimate-O)

Attacks DNA and causes genetic mutation when exposed to sunlight

3. Mineral oil, paraffin, petrolatum

Coats skin like plastic and clogs pores, trapping toxins in, slows skin cell growth, disrupts normal hormone function, suspected of causing cancer

4. Sodium laurel, lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate (sometimes listed as “from coconut” or “coconut derived”

Combined with other chemicals, it becomes nitrosamine, a powerful cancer-causing agent; penetrates your skin’s moisture barrier, allowing other dangerous chemicals to enter your bloodstream

5. Phenol carbolic acid

Circulatory collapse, paralysis, convulsions, coma, death from respiratory failure

6. Acrylamide

Breast cancer

Octyl-methoxycinnamate (OMC)

Kills skin cells

7. Toluene (may be listed as benzoic, benzyl, or butylated hydroxtoluene

Anemia, low blood cell count, liver and kidney damage, birth defects

8. Propylene glycol

Dermatitis, kidney and liver abnormalities, prevents skin growth, causes irritation

9. PEG, polysorbates, laureth, ethoxylated alcohol

Potent carcinogens containing dioxane

Therevolutionary ingredient I tracked down is a patented antioxidant formula made in France. It’s called GliSODin®.

The GliSODin® in Radiancetakes a highly unstable antioxidant native to your body and makes it available in supplement form for the first time. The compound is one of Nature’s most powerful free radical fighters—so powerful it’s called “the enzyme of life.” You’ll find it in almost every living thing on earth.

It’s called superoxide dismutase, or SOD. It was first discovered in 1968.

Your body starts pumping it into your system in the first few hours of life. It’s absolutely necessary for survival. In past studies, scientists discovered that mice whose bodies are genetically unable to make SOD die within a few days from massive free radical damage.1

Over time, your body stops making enough of it to ward off the harmful effects of too much sun. The problem we’ve faced for decades is finding a way to replace lost SOD. Its complex and delicate structure can’t withstand the onslaught of your digestive tract. Saliva and stomach acids destroy it before it can make its way into your system.

So there was no way to make a supplement you could take that would deliver SOD when you need it. Until now.

The scientists who formulated the GliSODin® in Radiance found a way around the problem. They took SOD and “wrapped” it up in a protective sheath made of natural vegetable protein.

Then they went to work in the laboratory to see if it was effective. The answer is a resounding “Yes.”

Check this out:

  • When dermatologists at the Center Hospital University in France finished their study of this remarkable ingredient, they were stunned… They used UV light to give sunburns on the forearms of 50 people once a week for four weeks. The volunteers took this new capsule or a placebo (dummy pill) each day.2

The people taking the “sunscreen capsule” had a dramatic increase in the minimum amount of exposure necessary to produce sunburn. Even fair-skinned people required eight times more UV exposure to produce sunburn than did the placebo group.

  • One hundred and fifty people took GliSODin® every day for two months.3 They were given a sunbathing routine to follow strictly. The researchers then split them into three groups: 75 who usually have significant flushing or reddening almost immediately during exposure; 60 who experience less severe reactions to sunlight, and 15 who suffer from other sun-related problems like irritated skin. Results after four to eight weeks: 64 in the first group of sensitive sunbathers reported excellent tolerance to continued sun exposure. In the second group, 44 had no experience of sun burn or negative reactions. And in group three, a full hundred percentof the people reported none of the usual symptoms they usually experienced with sunbathing. Overall, 82% of people judged their skin was well prepared for sun exposure.*
  • In another study, 15 people who redden easily or have hypersensitivity to the sun took the new form of SOD I use in my Radiance formula. After three to eight weeks of normal sun exposure,all of the people in the study reported a higher tolerance and significantly lower tendency to redden, flush, or have sun-induced skin irritation, when compared to previous experiences of summer sun exposure.4

These studies prove that GliSODin® works. Everyone in these studies started to see results within two or three days. Not bad when you consider that even if you have pale skin, you still get 800 percent more sun protection.

By itself, the GliSODin® in Radiance would give your skin an extraordinary defense against overexposure. But I didn’t stop there.

I also brought together a high-caliber squadron of natural antioxidant powerhouses that eliminate any threat to total skin health. Some of them might surprise you:




Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)

Vegetable oils

Promotes normal inflammatory response, immune booster, cellular building block*

Sea Buckthorn oil

Berries of a plant native to Europe and Asia

Rich in antioxidants, anti-aging power, promotes skin cell regeneration*

Mixed tocopherols (Vit. E)

Leafy greens, seeds and nuts

Promotes normal inflammatory response, antioxidant, DNA repair, immune booster, protects cell membranes*

High omega flax seed oil

Flowering plant native to Canada

Antioxidant, accelerates healing*

Hyaluronic acid

Root vegetables

Basic building block of tissue throughout the body, anti-aging, cell repair and healing, reduces wrinkles, keeps skin firm and elastic*

Raspberry seed oil


Antioxidant, healing agent*


Patented “antioxidant catalyst” from France

Ramps up your body’s production of a super powerful antioxidant enzyme; promotes normal inflammatory response, immune booster, detoxifies cell tissue*

These nutrients give your skin—and body—all it needs to stay healthy in the sun.

Natural Sunscreen: Look Young and Enjoy the Sun—Today

Now you can see why my Radiance sun capsules help protect your skin against the effects of the sun. Helen, my marketing director, tells me our customer service e-mail “Inbox” is jammed with stories from happy Radiance users.

After years of living in fear of the sun, people are getting back out on the golf course and the tennis court, relaxing by the pool, and playing with their children (and grandchildren) at the beach . . . without so much as a spot of redness.

Living in south Florida, I started taking it as soon as I could… Even in winter, Radiance slows your skin’s aging clock and zaps those deep lines and wrinkles.*

The same thing can happen for you. Preserve your youth without exposing yourself to toxic chemicals. Rediscover the joy of outdoor living. Stop worrying about burns . . . or worse.

The battery of skin guardians in Radiance is unprecedented.

Just click below… right now… to take advantage of this totally no-risk offer.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, M.D.

P.S. Helen has a special bonus for you… If you order the 6-month option today, she’ll send you a FREE copy of my latest release Your Best Health Under the Sun. In it, you’ll find the real benefits of sunshine and how to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging rays. I also expose the myths, half-truths and falsehoods about sun exposure that flood the media.

You may not have heard:

  • Why DNA–related skin mutations were virtually unheard of before 1930 – and the chilling clinical studies mainstream medicine has hidden from publication.
  • The 5 simple nutrients that actually protectyour skin – (you probably have these in your fridge right now…)
  • Why exposing yourself to the sun actually can be a good thing.
  • The truth about the “sun safety alliance” and why their backroom deals lead to the death of over 300,000 Americans every year.
  • The little-known secret about sunlight that relieves seasonal depression, strengthens bones and boosts immunity.
  • What the ancient Greeks knew about the healing power of the sun – that we don’t!
  • The 7 dangerous chemicals in sunscreen.

Or if you prefer to order a 3-month supply, she’ll send you an excerpt from Your Best Health Under the Sun called Foods to Keep Your Skin Youthful. This report reveals the foods that keep your skin soft and supple. You’ll also find the easiest ways to get more vitamin D into your diet and daily routine. Check out her packages below and choose the one you like.

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  1. Li, et al. “Dilated cardiomyopathy and neonatal lethality in mutant mice lacking manganese superoxide dismutase.” 1995. Nature Genetics. 11:376-381.
  2. M. Mac-Mary, J. Sainthillier, P. Creidi, J.P. Series, F. Vix, Ph. Humbert, “Evaluation of the Effect of Glisodin on the Intensity of Actinic Erythema,” presented at the CARD (Annual Congress of Dermatological Research) meeting in Brest, France, May 28th 2005.
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  4. “Glisodin Sun Study Pilot,” an open study conducted in France on 15 patients presenting fragile skin, hypersensitivity to the sun or even problems of sun disease, conducted by Catherine Laverdet, MD, Dermatologist, Attachee de Consultation des Hopitaux de, Paris. July-September 2003.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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