51 Scientists Attack Anti-Aging Therapies

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I’m used to the conservative medical community criticizing my practice. I don’t promote prescription drugs. I use many alternatives in my practice. I’m an easy target, but usually it doesn’t get under my skin. Yet when one of my patients brought in AARP’s magazine with the title “51 Top Scientists Blast Anti-Aging Idea” I took it personally.

In a nutshell, the article states that anti-aging is not possible and anyone who says anti-aging is possible is a quack.1 The problem is that anti-aging is clearly possible. In fact, it’s happening now.

Today I’ll tell you how I know anti-aging is possible and give you some simple do-it-yourself anti-aging tips.

* Misguided Scientists Unite*

Anti-aging is happening all around you. Until very recently, centenarians were few in number. According to FSU Professor, Gladye Whitney, “Today, about 50,000 Americans are 100 or older, up from almost none at the turn of the previous century. By 2050, as many as 800,000 to one million Americans may still be alive at 100 or older.” 2

The most important discovery in anti-aging medicine is that of the telomerase. Geron is leading the research on the use of telomerase as an anti-aging therapy. So far, the results on telomerase for anti-aging are extremely encouraging.

By inserting a gene for telomerase into aging human cells Geron has restores them to look and behave like young cells. Michael Fossel, PhD, MD, of Michigan State University observed that the rejuvenated cells then “display all of the other identifiable characteristics of young, healthy cells.” 3 I look forward to sharing more of Geron’s upcoming research with you.

But one thing is very clear. Anti-aging is certainly possible.

* Anti-Aging Therapies that Work *

There are simple anti-aging measures you can do on your own. These habits will help you stay younger while living longer:

Exercise – Physical activity can prevent or delay many of the features of aging including hypertension, obesity, heart disease, falls, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Eat Less – I’m not suggesting you employ a strict calorie counting diet. But make every meal count. Eliminate the junk. Make sure each meal provides the nutrients you need, especially protein.

Watch Your Sugar – Diabetes II is one disease that is completely preventable through proper nutrition. Don’t over indulge on refined carbs. Remember: it’s the starches that hurt.

Prevent Glycation – Minimize your exposure to carcinogens by avoiding over cooked food. Bake or poach your meat.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – According to Dr. Perls’ study of 1500 centenarians, diet, activity and smoking varied, but they all possessed a good sense of humor towards life and didn’t worry.4

Al Sears MD

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