Unlock Nature’s Cancer Fighting Secrets

Health Alert 206

Say the words ‘cancer fighters’ and what do you think of? An IV bag with the latest cancer-killing drug? A team of doctors at the National Institutes of Health? There’s something else that’s just as important, though you probably wouldn’t think of it.

Today we’ll look at an often-overlooked mineral proven to protect you against the most common cancers, like cancers of the breast and prostate. What’s more, you’ll discover two simple ways to make sure you have all of the selenium you need to stay cancer-free…

* Your Essential Cancer Fighter *

Selenium may be a mineral, but when it comes to cancer, selenium is an anti-oxidant powerhouse. Selenium not only protects your cells from damage, it can block cancer causing carcinogens from wreaking havoc on your body. In fact, researchers studying people in countries around the globe discovered those with low-selenium diets just couldn’t fend off deadly cancers. Time and again these people fell victim to cancers of the breast, colon, liver, skin, lung and prostate…

In fact, the connection between selenium deficiency and prostate cancer is so strong it’s caught the attention of the National Cancer Institute. They’re beginning a 12-year study involving more than 32,000 men to look at the impact of selenium on cancer. But you don’t have to be part of this study to start benefiting from selenium…

* Adding Selenium to Your Diet *

You can start now to reverse selenium deficiency and protect against cancer. You should get at least 55 micrograms of selenium a day. It’s a small amount, but that doesn’t make it easy to achieve. You see, selenium is one of the only natural cancer fighters you won’t find in high amounts in fruits and vegetables. The best way you can get selenium is from organ meats, garlic, nuts or fish.

Ideally, you should eat fish two to three times a week. Fish is loaded with selenium. So are those organ meats like chicken livers or turkey and chicken giblets. For instance, one chicken liver will give you 140 micrograms of selenium. But if liver isn’t your speed, you can get all the selenium you need from a can of tuna or a serving of swordfish. And when fresh fish isn’t available, there’s another simple option: nuts.

In fact, there’s a variety of nut that offers a full day’s worth of selenium in just one bite. It’s the Brazil nut. Brazil nuts grow in the Brazilian jungle where the soil is rich in the anti-cancer mineral. Just one single Brazil nut eaten right out of the shell will provide you with 100 micrograms of selenium. That’s more than what you’ll find in most selenium supplements!

Supplements, of course, are another easy way to get more selenium in your diet. If you take a multi-vitamin there’s probably selenium in its formula. If not, you should switch. And if you’ve had cancer or are at risk for the disease you should talk to your doctor about adding an additional selenium supplement. You can find these at any health store.

In the coming weeks, I’ll reveal more cancer fighting foods and supplements. I’ll be sharing my experience with dozens of simple tips to keep cancers from leaving their mark on your life.

Al Sears MD