What’s A Man to Do?

Let’s face it: Not all of us men have super strength. Not all have the sex drive of Adonis. Not all men have the energy to propel us through the day. Not all men age well.

The truth is, a lot of men over 40 feel drained, lack sex drive or suffer from depression and general complaints they know are related to aging. Many men lose their masculinity because their bodies are producing less testosterone.

I have had considerable success treated these problems in men. My miracle ingredient is androstenedione, a natural male hormone. It serves as a direct precursor in the bio-synthesis of testosterone. As of April 2004, you can no longer buy androstenedione at your health food store because the FDA has banned its sale.

Once again, the FDA has used its power for the wrong reasons. In banning andro, the most natural of all testosterone precursors, they have sentenced many men to the loss of the qualities that make them men. Today, I’m going to tell you about the FDA ban and how you can still preserve your virility despite the FDA’s interference.

Androgen Means “Make Man-Like”

Androstenedione is the substance baseball slugger Mark McGuire took when he broke the homerun record held by Roger Maris. McGuire credited “andro” for preventing injuries during his race for the record. Natural testosterone boosts have allowed many athletes to improve their performance, but the real therapeutic benefit comes in older men who are losing their testosterone.

Androstenedione, andro for short, is the very same substance your body uses to produce testosterone naturally. It enables your body to produce all the testosterone you need to make you feel younger, stronger, sexier, more confident, and happier, without the risks typically associated with taking testosterone injections or using testosterone gels or patches.

East German scientists first used Andro as a performance enhancing supplement in the 1970s. Athletes took it through a nasal spray to enhance their performance. The Germans patented andro in the U.S. in the 1990s, but only for nasal usage. At about the same time, American chemist Patrick Arnold developed andro into a pill. 1

The FDA Flexes its Muscle 2

Amazingly, the reason the FDA states for banning andro is that it works to boost testosterone! The FDA’s “White Paper” detailing their case against andro in March 2004 cites the very same studies that I’ve been quoting showing that andro is effective at boosting testosterone. 3

For instance, in one study cited, an andro capsule by mouth produced significantly more testosterone than either a placebo or the prohormone supplement, DHEA. In another, athletes had increases in testosterone levels of 140% to 183% with lower doses and incredibly 211% to 237% with higher doses of andro! 4

The FDA used these studies to support their ban. But, they also used the old magic trick called the “bait and switch”. Their argument went like this: these studies prove andro boosts testosterone and boosting testosterone is dangerous. Yet, their evidence that boosting testosterone is dangerous all comes from studies of testosterone injections. None used andro. Testosterone injections are not what the FDA has banned!

This once again reveals a troubling double standard regarding natural compounds like andro. It must now have a doctor’s prescription. To make a natural supplement available by prescription only is a near death sentence. With no one promoting it, doctors will not be aware. Few doctors know they can prescribe it and if they knew they could, they wouldn’t know how. Yet, there are ways around this FDA action.

Dr. Sears’s Testosterone Boosting Plan 5

Use other testosterone precursors


This is a close relative of androstenedione. It also occurs in the body naturally, but in much lower concentrations. It was first introduced in 1998 and is even newer that androstenedione. Like its close relative, it is taken orally and is naturally converted to testosterone in a one-step process; however, there is one major difference. Unlike androstenedione, androstenediol can not be directly converted to estrogen. This may translate to an even more masculine effect.

Norandrostenedione and norandrostenediol

These are almost exactly like their “little brother” androstenedione, but have the advantage of staying in your blood longer than testosterone itself. These testosterone precursors are powerful. You should only take in small amounts-5 to 10 mg each. The combined dose of all three andro compounds should not exceed 25 mg per day.

Take testosterone boosting herbs

Tribulus Terrestris

Tests confirm Tribulus Terrestris to be an incredibly powerful aphrodisiac. In a clinical study, healthy men have safely increased their blood levels of testosterone with just five days of treatment with this herb. Recommendation: 250 mg of Tribulus Terrestris daily.

Muira Puama

Recent scientific studies confirm the powerful aphrodisiac qualities of this herb. In 1990, Muira Puama extract was given to men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) or a loss of libido. 62 percent of those with libido loss reported improvement while more than 50 percent of those with ED reported improvement. Recommendation: 100 mg of Muira Puama extract daily.


Studies show Yohimbine is effective in restoring men’s sexual vigor. In Germany, a total of 83 men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction were given yohimbine (10 mg, 3 times a day) or placebo for 8 weeks. There was an overall response rate of 71% with yohimbine and compared to 45% with the placebo. Recommendation: 250 mg of Yohimbine extract daily.

Each of these testosterone precursors and herbs increase a man’s testosterone but they’ll work best for you when taken in combination. Try to find supplements that combine as many of these beneficial supplements as possible. It is possible to find a good quality supplement that includes every one of the recommended testosterone boosters. That way you’ll simplify your daily regimen.

Al Sears, MD

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