So Easy a Caveman Could Do It…

Dear Reader,

Why would you want to learn about the caveman?

We’re getting fat and diseased like never before with diabetes rising even faster. Yet the typical approach recommended – eat lessmeat and fat, and more grains, vegetables, and fruits – has done nothing tocurb this trend. In fact, it’s made it worse.

I’ve been writing for years about benefits from the dietof our pre-historic ancestors. This includes building up lean muscle, burningfat, and reducing your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Now finally others are chiming in…

Scientists in Sweden tested a typical prehistoricdiet on people with diabetes. They avoided cereals, dairy products, refinedfat, and sugar, which provide most of the calories of the modern diet.1

Over 12 weeks, the researchers compared the “Stone Age”volunteers with people given a Mediterranean diet of whole grain cereals, lowfat dairy products, fruit, vegetables and unsaturated fats.

After 12 weeks, the blood sugar peaks dropped 26 percentwith the Stone Age diet but only 7 percent with the Mediterranean diet.

And…at the end of the study, all the patients in theprehistoric group had normal blood sugar.

The bottom line is that diabetes is not a lifelong condition you have tolive with. You can reverse it by changing your diet. And the focus on bloodsugar levels is actually misguided.

Don’t believe that diabetes is a problem of blood sugarlevel. In fact, high blood sugar levels are a symptom of diabetes, not the root cause. Excess insulincauses diabetes when you eat too much carbohydrate.

Here’s where the “Stone Age” diet comes in. It reliesmainly on lean meat, nuts, vegetables, and fish – with minimal carbs. Thisstudy showed that, by returning to the basic foods our ancestors relied on tosurvive, the symptoms of diabetes disappeared – in every case.

This proves what I’ve been saying for years: the USDA foodpyramid is worthless. Its focus on grains, carbs, and starchy foods is makingus sick. It’s not what we were born to eat.

Farming and grain-based agriculture – the staple of ourmodern diet – were developed about 10,000 years ago. That’s not a very longtime from an evolutionary standpoint.

For millions of years before that, our hunter-gathererancestors lived on a diet of meat, wild vegetables, nuts, and berries. Theywere either predator or prey. They needed the kind of lean muscle that wouldgive them sudden, explosive power.

Their bodies evolved around a diet that gave them thestrength, stamina and muscle growth for the hunt. And genetically speaking,your body is 99.998% identical.

So to stay lean and strong – and to avoid obesity anddiabetes – all you have to do is adjust your diet to its “caveman” roots. Thiscan be summed up in two simple steps: step up the protein and kick out thecarbs.

Eat grass-fed meat, wild fish, and cage-free eggs (toavoid the environmental toxins of modern agriculture and animal husbandry).Instead of potato chips, snack on nuts and berries and skip all cereal andprocessed foods with added sugar.

So easy a caveman could do it…

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

1Lindeberg, S. Palaeolithic diet. ScandinavianJournal of Food & Nutrition, 49.2 (2005): 75–77.