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Dear Reader,

There is just so much misguided diet advice out there…no wonder so many people have failed at their fat loss efforts. If you are one of these people I have some advice I would like to share with you.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that counting calories is the best way to lose fat. The problem with this theory is that it just doesn’t work.

Your body is not a machine. It decides on its own how it should use the calories that it consumes. So, it’s more about what you eat, not how much or the calories.

Unfortunately, the typical American diet consists of only 16% protein, 35% fat and nearly 50% carbs! What’s wrong with this?

First, a diet high in carbs is not the way to stay lean. It spikes your blood sugar and makes you fat and diseased. Second, the amount of protein in this diet is not enough to keep you lean. Third, the amount of fat in this diet would be okay, but it’s the wrong kind of fat. The right kind of fat will actually help with your fat loss efforts.

Our ancestors had it right. Their diet consisted of 38% fats, 31% protein, and only 31% carbs. As a result there were no cases of obesity or diabetes. So, a good rule of thumb for getting the right balance in your diet to make you lean and healthy is to eat what they ate.

So, start by dumping the high-starch carbs, processed foods, and the low-fat diet now. Instead opt for whole foods consisting of natural meats and eggs, wild fish, vegetables, unmodified fruits, and nuts. This will give you the right kind of protein, fats, and carbs you need for a lean and healthy body.

You can hear me discuss more about this in an upcoming, live, online teleconference with EveryDay Qi Wellness. This is a free 12-week series that has just kicked off. You will get live in-depth interviews with some of the most well known names in the field of health, wellness and self-development.

You will get cutting edge information from some of the people I respect the most in health and wellness today. You’ll get to hear interviews with people like Dr. Susan Lark, Ron Matthews, Master Chunyi Lin, Peggy McColl, and Ellen Britt. They’ll give you information on how to:

  • Raise your happiness set-point

  • Change the nature of your relationship to abundance

  • Free yourself from goals paralysis

  • Discover your own personal hormone profile

  • Awaken your own natural healing ability

  • Tap into your body’s wisdom

  • Regain a healthy rapport with your subconscious mind

  • And much more…

You will hear me discuss some key highlights from my new book, High Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps on Thursday, July 17th at 8 pm. Some of the topics I will cover are:

  • The biggest fat loss lies today

  • How to avoid common dieting mistakes

  • The truth about low-fat/high-carb diets

  • How to teach your body to lose fat naturally

So, come and be my guest and attend this extraordinary teleconference. I am looking forward to you attending.

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To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

P.S. – If you’re not available to listen during the actual teleconference or missed lectures, don’t worry… I have made special arrangements for you to have access to them. But you have to register.