Does Your Formula Contain This?

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

Recently, I’ve seen some new male patients who showed me the supplements they’re taking.

They include herbs and nutrients for prostate support everyone knows about, like zinc, lycopene, and saw palmetto. But most of them are missing the three ingredients that make a difference you can actually feel.

Read below to find out more…

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Before Your Time Bomb Goes Off…

If you have a prostate, you were born with a ticking time bomb.

Get this: Your chance of keeping good urine flow and healthy prostate function by the time you’re 80 years old is just 1 in 10.

Are those the odds you’re willing to live with?

With odds like that, who knows where it could lead. And I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Of course, you can do something to improve your chances of keeping your prostate in good shape. But most guys don’t. They just wait and hope for the best.

Not a wise move.

Even the men who take herbal supplements for their prostate don’t see the whole picture. Their formulas may be outdated and don’t always give them the kind of support you need.

I know what works. I’ve seen more guys come though my office than I can count.

There are three ingredients I believe your prostate formula must have to work. Unfortunately, many don’t have them.

Here’s the problem: Most store-bought formulas are all the same. Even the ones with the doctors’ pictures on them. Most of these guys just slap their label on a pre-fab formula put together by the manufacturer.

The danger is they don’t keep up with the latest discoveries.

Sure, ingredients like saw palmetto work. And pumpkin seed is helpful. I use them myself. But there are three prostate nutrients most doctors either don’t know about or overlook.

These are the ones that make a difference you can actually feel.

The first is bee pollen.

Studies show bee pollen reduces DHT, the hormone that starts to ramp up as you get older. Low levels of DHT are critical for a healthy-sized prostate.

Researchers in England gave it to men who were going to the bathroom a little too often and had a hard time peeing.

After six months, 79% of them showed real improvement… and 36% felt fully satisfied with the results.1

Bee pollen also helps relax the smooth muscles lining your urinary tract. That means when you have to pee, you can relax and let it rip.

When Japanese researchers ran studies, they found these remarkable results:2

  • Residual urine decreased by 92%
  • Urine force and flow improved by 86%
  • Need to urinate at night dropped by 85%
  • The feeling of strain during urination dropped by 56%

How do you like them apples?

I mean really… what other option could ever get you those numbers?

The second nutrient you need for a healthy prostate is the mineral boron.

This is one rock every man needs. It’s one of your best chances for keeping your prostate in its natural, walnut-sized shape.

Boron used to be in the fruits and vegetables you eat. But commercial farming has depleted our soil from many of the minerals you need to stay healthy. And boron is a big player. Your prostate needs it to stay happy and healthy.

The third nutrient is something called 5-Loxin.

This powerful extract supports your prostate on a cellular level. It goes above and beyond the traditional herbs used for prostate health.

5-Loxin is one of the best ways to FULLY support your prostate.

Keeping good urinary flow and a picture-perfect prostate starts at the most basic level: the prostate cell. And 5-Loxin has a remarkable way of nourishing the cells in your prostate.

5-Loxin is one of the most promising advances in prostate health I’ve seen in 15 years. I recommend it to any man who will listen.

But please keep something in mind… and this is important.

Don’t wait around thinking this won’t happen to you. It will.

Every man needs prostate support.

That includes you.

If your prostate formula doesn’t have these three ingredients, throw it in the trash.

If you have a hard time finding them, I urge you to click HERE now.

All three are in my new and improved Prosta-Vive.

Don’t wait until you can’t pee, or can’t stop peeing… or worse.

Get started now.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

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1 Rugendorff et al, “Results of Treatment with Pollen Extract (Cernilton) in Chronic Prostatitis and Prostatodynia,” British Journal of Urology, 1993.71.
2 Hayashi J, et al. “Clinical evaluation of Cenilton in BPH.” Hinyokika Kiyo. 1986 Jan; 32(1):135-41.

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