Romeo On A Motorcycle

We had very nice seats, right at center stage.

The curtain opens and right away I’m watching a gang fight…

Suddenly there’s a loud roar and a motorcycle rumbles out right into the middle of the action.

The rider takes off his helmet and it’s Orlando Bloom. The crowd went crazy.

I was at the grand opening of the new production of Romeo and Juliet. My friend Miranda Kerr invited me to come to New York to talk about some promotions she wants to do with us.

With my very gracious host Miranda Kerr at her New York residence.

She loves doing P.A.C.E. and wants to develop her own P.A.C.E. program.

While I was there she invited my fiancée Barbara and I to come see the premiere where Miranda’s husband, Orlando Bloom, plays Romeo.

The play is spoken in Old English, but set in modern times. Romeo’s family is white and Juliet’s family is black. The family feud is based on racial tensions, and when they clash, instead of sword fighting it’s more like a gang fight.

After the show, Miranda invited us backstage to Orlando’s dressing room. We waited outside while he changed, and then sat comfortably watching as Hollywood stars, one after another, showed up to shake his hand and tell him how much they enjoyed his performance.

They all came by, were ushered in and ushered back out, but we got to stay there the entire time. Eventually it was just me and Barbara and Orlando and Miranda.

Orlando also told me he’s a big fan of P.A.C.E. He said “You’ve got me bouncing around in my living room doing that P.A.C.E. of yours.” And he looks very fit. I mean, he’s playing Romeo, who I think is supposed to be 17. And he’s maybe 40.

His performance was really exceptional. I told Orlando that even though I’ve read the play, I felt like I know Romeo better for having seen him play the part.

He said, “Wow, that means a great deal to me, thank you.” He was so sincere and friendly and couldn’t have been nicer.

And Miranda is about as sweet and gracious as it gets. She invited us up to their apartment three different times and took us to dinner. One the one hand, she is a superstar model and she’s beautiful and radiates health and attracts a lot of attention. But she’s so genuine that she makes it all feel normal when you’re around her.

She also has a degree in nutrition. I’ve had many conversations with her and I find her very well informed and right-minded about it. My fiancée and I even had a steak and avocado salad she recommended and it was very good.

Miranda is also very excited about the potential that she could represent the P.A.C.E. fitness program. I’m pleased both she and Orlando find P.A.C.E. so fun and effective. I spent over 25 years researching the science behind it, and more than 10 years working with thousands of patients at my wellness center to put together the concepts of P.A.C.E.

I can promise you that when you realize how little time it takes, and how fun you can make it, you’ll be hooked too. You’ll have on-demand energy and be full of enthusiasm. Even if you have to act in seven Romeo and Juliet productions a week.

In fact, here’s a P.A.C.E. workout Miranda likes that you can try right now. It’s called a Starting Gate Lunge.

Before you begin, measure your resting heart rate. Just count the number of beats in 6 seconds and multiply it by 10. You can feel it by pressing your fingertip against the pulse in your wrist or neck.

  1. To begin, stand with feet hip-width apart.
  1. Step your right foot back, and lower into a lunge so both knees are at 90 degrees.
  1. Keep your chest lifted, bend forward at the hips and touch your hands to the ground on either side of your front foot.
  1. As if you were about to sprint, spring forward and take a long stride, but then stop.
  1. Return to the starting gate position stepping your left foot back this time, and repeat.
  1. Do as many lunges as you can until you are slightly out of breath.
  1. Stop and rest until your heart rate goes back down to about 10 beats above your resting rate, then start another set.

You can make it slightly easier to begin by rising from starting gate position without catching air, then sinking back down.

With each P.A.C.E. workout, try to progressively increase the challenge to your body. Increase the height of each jump, or try to do more jumps with each set. Then rest until your heart rate returns to normal, and begin again.

Also, remember to accelerate – to shorten your rest periods or get to that higher intensity faster. This will strengthen your heart and make your workouts true P.A.C.E. workouts. It will give you more energy that’s available faster, and you’ll feel the difference.