Dream Team Fixes Faulty Fish Oil

Omega-3s have been a big part of my medical practice right from the start. They give you a unique edge … the upper hand against age and disease. The real life benefits of this are endless, especially for your heart and brain.

But today I want to show you something that changed my view of these essential nutrients.

Back when I first started doing blood tests for nutrient levels, the results revealed to me very early on that we were seeing deficiencies that didn’t used to exist.

The biggest one I saw was a lack of omega-3s … and too many omega-6s, which causes inflammation.

Why is this so important? Omega-3s are a family of healthy fats that you can’t make, so you must take in so they can:

  • help maintain normal inflammatory response
  • facilitate healthy brain communication
  • maintain healthy heart rhythm
  • stabilize blood sugar levels
  • maintain your immune system
  • help you keep healthy lung function
  • keep your brain sharp and accurate

Nature gave us the two best sources of omega-3s, meat and fish, and for thousands of years this worked perfectly. Until modern food production practices stripped omega-3s from our food. Meat and fish are now farmed … and raised on an unnatural diet. As a consequence, they have little omega-3 and way too much inflammatory omega-6.

I knew I had to figure out a way to change the equation… to replace the essential nutrients my patients needed and the modern diet no longer provided.

But I couldn’t exactly tell my patients to go catch wild ocean fish and raise free-range animals to get these benefits.

So I turned to fish oil. But there were problems. Some people don’t like to take it because of the fishy burps.

Fish oil tends to regurgitate … you taste fish and smell like fish. That’s because oil doesn’t mix with the water in your stomach. So the oil stays on top and produces gas and the gas has the smell of the fish.

And toxins can wipe out omega-3’s benefits. So we had to go to the ends of the earth to find an unpolluted source. We finally found a pure source from Peru, and we’ve had the best fish oil on the market for the last eight years. But still some people wouldn’t take it no matter what I did.

That’s why I was also a big believer in cod liver oil. Partly for the omega-3s but also because it’s an incredible source of vitamin D.

But even there, the pollution in the oceans tended to collect in the liver of the fish. So we had to search the earth for a pristine source. We finally found one in the cold waters off Scandinavia, and I’ve used it for years. But even though it has a fresh taste, I could only take it with meals.

Then I discovered Sacha Inchi oil, a purely a vegetable source of the “parent” fatty acid, ALA.

EPA and DHA are the most powerful and the most critical omega-3s. These are the primary nutrients that support your vital organs, especially your heart and brain. But ALA is also beneficial. ALA is raw material your body can use to create EPA and DHA.

I was the first one to bring Sacha Inchi into the United States. But there were problems there, too. Not everyone will convert enough ALA to EPA and DHA, and you need those to survive.

Then, along came krill oil. You’ve been hearing about things krill oil can do that fish oil can’t, and you know what? There is some advantage to krill oil because the omega-3s are stored in phospholipid form instead of triglyceride. So the DHA can get across cell membranes better.

People with higher levels of DHA learn faster and retain memories more easily.1

But I didn’t produce krill oil myself because I felt it was still important to use cod liver oil for the vitamin D, and Sacha Inchi for the vegetable source of ALA, and combine them with fish oil.

When I first heard about squid oil, I was excited because it has the highest ratio of DHA to EPA at 2:1.2 That means even more benefit for heart health and brain function than ever before.

That’s when I decided a combination would be best. So I became the first one to put squid oil with its high DHA together with the astaxanthin and phospholipid form of DHA from krill oil, and add the purest fish oil from wild Alaskan pollock. It’s the best omega-3 product in the world. You could think of it as kind of a dream team.

When you use them together they have the unique power to penetrate. This gets the DHA into more spaces in your body, including penetrating the heart tissue and through the blood brain barrier. And it gets into your joints and other places it wouldn’t get to otherwise.

Plus, krill and squid oil are heavier and mix much better with water. They go to the bottom of your stomach and you don’t get that fishy aftertaste.

I’ve been waiting many years for the technology to finally catch up to the needs of my patients, and I’m happy to be able to provide you with a replacement for your old fish oil. I call it Ultra-Omeganol. Considering this advanced source of omega-3s is a full three generations ahead of anything out there.

The squid oil gave us the highest concentration of DHA in nature. DHA is the most important of all the omega-3s because it gives you most of the benefits from what we normally think of as “omega-3s.” Brain health, joint health and particularly heart health. We have very compelling, even miraculous evidence of DHA’s benefits.

The problem was getting the DHA where you need it. That’s why I combined the squid with the krill. It allows the DHA to get into the tissues where you need it most. Why Pollock over other kinds of fish oil? Because it comes from cold, pristine Alaskan waters and it’s among the least polluted of all fish oil on the planet.

Then when you add astaxanthin to these other oils, it keeps them from oxidizing. Because it’s such a powerful antioxidant means you get these oils kept in their native state. Astaxanthin also helps the oils permeate your tissues where it’s needed, including crossing the blood brain barrier where the DHA can benefit you.

You’ll notice more energy because of the fast-absorbing DHA omega-3s in your body. And your stomach won’t get upset.

I firmly believe supplementing with omega-3s is a necessity for a healthy heart, mind, and body as you age and I guarantee you’ll feel a difference almost immediately.

1. Kuratko C, Barrett E, Nelson E, Salem N. “The relationship of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) with learning and behavior in healthy children: a review.” Nutrients. 2013;5(7):2777-810.
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