Men are from Venus?


One of the most talked about speakers at my recent 2015 Palm Beach Anti-Aging Summit was New York Times bestselling author Dr. John Gray, who wrote the groundbreaking book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.”

Dr. Gray is an expert in understanding the differences between the sexes and teaching men and women to live in harmony by acknowledging them.

During his speech, Dr. Gray revealed that those differences even extend to how environmental factors (including stress) can impact men and women differently.

I’ve seen this phenomenon in my own research. The most obvious example is how our modern environment has increased estrogen levels in men, which wreaks havoc on their bodies.

When I started testing my male patients’ estrogen levels 20 years ago, people thought I was nuts.

Back then most doctors considered the “female hormone” relevant only to women. But my research showed that our modern environment was causing dangerous estrogen imbalances in men.

You see, men naturally have small amounts of estrogen in their bodies. But those levels have increased dramatically as more and more endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) have entered our environment.

At the center of the problem are EDCs that mimic estrogen…

Industries dump tons of pharmaceutical and synthetic estrogens that eventually seep into our drinking water.

And it doesn’t stop there. Ranchers in the meat and poultry industries inject their cattle and chickens with estrogen to “fatten them up,” and speed up the time it takes them to reach maturity.


And every time you eat a burger or chicken sandwich made from these animals, you’re likely getting the estrogen that animal had when it was slaughtered.

Manufacturers also line food cans with estrogen-like compounds that blend with the food we eat.

Manmade compounds used to manufacture plastics and even dental sealants can mimic estrogen. So can the chemicals found on store receipts.

The molecular structure of these chemicals look almost identical to the hormone estrogen. And when they get in our bloodstream, our bodies can’t tell the difference.

The estrogen that bombards us from outside sources contributes to imbalanced hormone levels. And these higher relative levels of estrogen cause serious health problems.

As the imposter estrogens move through your body, they connect with receptors in your organs and other tissues. Once they get in, the cells in your body start to carry out the messages delivered by the fake hormones.

Nightmarish Health Problems

All of this spells big trouble for men…

The flood of fake estrogen promotes a nightmarish list of health problems, including infertility, inflammation, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, liver damage, brain damage, metabolic disruptions and reproductive cancers.iiiiii

Unwanted effects also include prostate swelling and declining memory, mental clarity and energy.


And excess estrogen creates an extra layer of fat under the skin. This subcutaneous fat hides muscle definition and makes men’s bodies appear “doughy.” Excess estrogen can cause gradual enlargement of pectorals until they resemble a woman’s breasts.

I’ve been tracking this feminizing force in my male patients for over two decades. And I’ve found that with the right supplement, the human body can metabolize excess estrogen naturally

How to Lower Your Estrogen Levels

I recommend that my patients take Ocimum sanctum linn, more commonly known as holy basil to naturally eliminate excess estrogen from a man’s body.


This herb contains an oil called eugenol, which makes estrogen more soluble, so men can flush out the female hormone more easily.ivv

I tested the blood of a group of my patients, aged 52 to 70, before and after taking a course of holy basil.

The average woman has anywhere from 200 to 500 pc/ml of estrogen in her blood. The unit “pc/ml” refers to picograms per milliliter. For men, that number should only be about 50 to 100 pc/ml.

Here are some of the results from my study:

  • David J., age 52: Estrogen levels dropped over 60% (from 191 to 74).
  • Gerard Z., age 52: Estrogen levels dropped over 80% (from 171 to 30).
  • Scott G., age 64: Saw his levels drop a remarkable 80% (from 173 to 34).

Overall, the average estrogen level in the sample group dropped an amazing 44% to 94 points after taking holy basil.

You can purchase holy basil via the Internet and from health food stores. I recommend taking at least 450 mg a day (up to 800 mg a day) to get the same powerful effect seen in my patients.

To Your Good Health,


Al Sears, MD, CNS

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