Miracle Cure for Boy Shot Through the Heart

A couple of days ago I told you about the new “Right to Try” law passed by Congress. It gives patients access to life-saving treatments before they’re FDA approved.

These include game-changing cures like stem cell therapy. Cures that are still being kept out of the hands of doctors and patients all across America…

But not the rest of the world.

I promised you a real-life example of how stem cell therapy has proved to be a miracle. Here’s one child’s story.

Braden Heckendorn was enjoying Christmas break with his friends and family. On December 28th, he was spending the day at a relative’s house. He and his brother set up a target practice in the backyard and brought out the pellet guns they got as gifts three days before.

Then tragedy struck.

The gun malfunctioned and a pellet went through the 7-year-old’s armpit, shooting him right in the heart.

Braden went into cardiac arrest and was officially dead for 22 minutes. He was rushed to the hospital where his parents, Bruce and Kristy, were told he had a 1% chance of survival.

Doctors fixed the hole in his heart. But five days later, he had a stroke and suffered severe brain damage along with seizures. Braden was given 24 hours to live…

Miraculously, Braden lived. But because the accident robbed his brain of oxygen, he was left unable to walk, talk or see.

While he made minor improvements over the next couple years, his progress hit a wall. Doctors told Bruce and Kristy this was the best they could expect.

But they refused that diagnosis. And turned to the Internet to research their options.

That’s when they learned about stem cell therapy.

The Heckendorns took Braden to Mexico for treatment because this life-changing therapy was illegal in the U.S. Blocked by the big arm of the FDA…

Today, Braden can talk, walk, see and play like any other 11-year-old boy. His family says they can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Braden’s just one of many stem cell recoveries. And stories like his are the reason I keep bucking the medical establishment.

I can’t wait for FDA bureaucrats to tell me what to do. When I find a therapy that’s proven by science, I offer it to my patients who need it.

I think it would be unethical NOT to. I don’t wait until they’re at death’s door.

So I’ve been offering stem cell therapy for years and my patients get great results. But even if you can’t come to South Florida, you can still take advantage of this cutting-edge science.

You see, scientists used to think stem cells could only be harvested from embryos. But now we know your body has its own treasure trove of these regenerating cells.

One special kind of these cells are called mesenchymal stem cells. And they’re the kind that helped Braden recover.

Adult mesenchymal stem cells are found in your bone marrow, blood, lungs and fat cells. These cells repair and replace damaged tissue. They also have a powerful influence on your immune system. And they inhibit inflammation — the root cause of all modern chronic diseases.

Treatment with mesenchymal stem cells can reduce disease progression in many conditions, including:

• Alzheimer’s

• Erectile dysfunction

• Arthritis

• Osteoporosis

• Diabetes

• Parkinson’s

• Stroke

• Kidney disease

• Heart disease

• Vision loss

• Spinal cord injuries


There are more than 65 conditions that can be treated or cured with this mesenchymal stem cell therapy. But these stem cells go beyond curing disease. They can also help you reverse aging…

In fact, studies now make clear that a reduction in the number and function of your mesenchymal stem cells is one of the chief causes of aging.1 Your immune system gets slower and less effective as you age because you have fewer of these active stem cells to regulate it or handle regeneration and repair.2

These adult stem cells can remain in their “sleeping” state for years, even decades. But no matter what your age, you can access them and activate them.

And you don’t need permission from the FDA.

2 Easy Ways to Naturally Increase Stem Cells

A couple days ago, I gave you three nutrients that wake up your sleeping stem cells. Today, I want to share two more easy tips that naturally boost your body’s stem cells.

  1. Get eight hours of sleep each night. In 2013, Swiss researchers discovered that a disruption of normal sleep rhythms disrupted stem cell functioning.3 And recently, German researchers found that a good night’s sleep protects stem cells from DNA damage, which keeps them “young.”
  2. Get sunshine. Getting 15-20 minutes of unprotected sun each day is safe and will provide roughly 5,000 IU of vitamin D. If that’s not an option for you, take a vitamin D3 supplement of at least 5,000 IU. This “super nutrient” has been shown to stimulate stem cell production and activity — and it also fights cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and a host of other illnesses.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS

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