The Newest – and Oldest – Cure

It’s the newest — and oldest — cure for aging.

Its discovery is recent, but what lies at the heart of it — stem cells and telomerase activators — have always been within us.

Our ancestors thrived by supporting and nurturing their stem cells through a primal diet, a pristine natural environment and physical exertion. But today’s unhealthy eating habits, toxic environment and sedentary lifestyle have upended that balance.

Nobel Prize-winning molecular biologists have discovered a way to activate a “sleeping gene” inside your cells. Activating this gene — what I call the “hTERT code” — is the key to halting and reversing biological aging.

“hTERT” is shorthand for “telomerase gene therapy.” As you know, telomerase is the enzyme that extends telomeres and resets cell aging. Shortened telomeres change gene expression — for the worse. Think of cellular aging as the “controller” responsible for everything we associate with aging, from wrinkles to Alzheimer’s.

But once turned back on, the hTERT code makes it virtually impossible for the chronic diseases of aging to exist in your body. And diseased cells can be made to disappear, as if they never existed at all.

I was just on the phone with my friend Dr. Bill Andrews, a world-renowned molecular biologist. We were talking about his upcoming presentation at my 2019 Confidential Cures Summit and how different our views of anti-aging are than most of our colleagues in the field.

You see, Bill and my shared telomere theory of aging is a minority viewpoint. We’re up against the forces of aging researchers who believe that focusing on stopping the “downstream” effects of aging, like chronic disease, is the answer.

But this is just plain wrong. Because aging is not a mistake… it’s a perfect plan designed by nature. By simply focusing on the consequences of disease, nature finds new ways to incite nature. So, this narrow view will have very minimal effects on aging.

The only way to avoid this is to affect the shortening of the telomere. To stop the shortening, or activate telomerase to reverse previously shortened telomeres.

I can’t wait to hear about Bill’s latest telomere research at my 2019 Confidential Cures Summit on December 8th — 9th in Palm Beach, Florida.

I hope you can join us in December for this incredible two-day event.

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To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS