Everybody’s Got a Hungry Heart

Yesterday, we talked about how Big Pharma’s trillion-dollar cholesterol-lowering statin drugs block your body from being able to produce its own CoQ10 in levels necessary for vigor and heart health.

Fortunately, there is some CoQ10 in your diet.

But the second thing the bureaucratic takeover of health care accomplished was the insane advice they gave us to avoid every natural food that has CoQ10 in it.

You know them as beef, pork, eggs, buffalo, mutton, deer and more.

It started 66 years ago… That’s when a representative from the American Heart Association appeared on all three television networks and declared war on cholesterol. They spread the lie that cholesterol caused heart disease and warned the public of the “dangers” of eating beef, butter, lard and eggs.

The best way to protect your heart, they declared, was to switch to a low-fat diet of chicken, corn oil, margarine and cereal.

Most people trusted these health care officials enough to follow this dangerous advice. As a result, heart disease – which used to be a rare and uncommon event – skyrocketed to become the number-one cause of death in America.

It makes sense… Not only do Big Pharma’s cholesterol-lowering statin drugs deplete your body’s store of CoQ10 by as much as 40%, the disappearance of traditional foods from our dinner plates eradicated the best dietary sources of CoQ10 – red meat.

As you know, CoQ10 fuels your energy-hungry heart. But maybe you didn’t know that CoQ10 is a deep red pigment. (Don’t worry if you didn’t know that. Neither do 99% of doctors…)

Organ meats are the richest source of CoQ10, especially heart and liver. Every culture, no matter where you’re from, ate liver once or twice a week until just a generation ago. But liver is high in cholesterol – so it was one of the first food casualties of the anti-cholesterol war.

If you don’t like dining on hearts and liver, you can get almost the same level of this important coenzyme by eating a juicy steak a few times a week.

But here’s the key… It has to be grass-fed beef. Modern cows eat grains. This is dramatically different from their wild ancestors. The food industry chooses grains because they’re cheap and fattening. But grain lacks the essential nutrients that help the animal produce CoQ10.

And your health pays a price. Because grass-fed meat has 10 times more CoQ10 than grain-fed animals.

Another good CoQ10 source that became a casualty of the cholesterol myth are eggs.

First they told us not to eat them at all. Then they said to toss the yolk. But the bright reddish-orange yolk of a pasture-raised chicken is full of CoQ10.

You’ll also find high levels in wild-caught salmon, buffalo, oxtail and ostrich.

But unless you eat these foods every day, it’s difficult to maintain proper levels of CoQ10 from food alone.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you why fixing this problem isn’t as easy as going down to your local drug store and picking up a bottle of CoQ10. As you can guess, the Big Supplement manufacturers got this wrong as well…

Stay tuned. And I’ll tell you the most powerful and cost-effective way to get the CoQ10 you need.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD, CNS