FDA Colluding with Big Pharma for Your DNA… Will Trump Fire Back?

The FDA is coming for your DNA… They want to package it and put it in a pill.

And then prescribe it back to you.

Let me explain…

On January 28 of this year, the FDA declared that natural gene therapies will be covered under the “orphan drug designation.”

If you’ve never heard of an orphan drug, you’re not alone. Basically, it means a pharmaceutical medication that was developed to treat a disease so rare that Big Pharma can’t turn a profit without relying on this government label.

They’re given huge tax credits – and allowed to hold the patent for 20 years. That’s three times longer than the patent for the average drug. With a monopoly like that, you can easily understand why drug makers are desperate for this status.

The pharmaceutical giants that develop orphan drugs don’t help a lot of patients. In fact, the disease has to be so rare that fewer than 200,000 people have even been diagnosed.

But these drug company behemoths are raking in the cash. These orphan prescriptions are priced above $400,000 a year per patient. And some are priced at $1 million per treatment.

The FDA is controlled by bureaucrats who were hired from Big Pharma and the medical establishment. And now, the FDA is rewarding their Big Pharma friends by labeling natural gene therapies as orphan drugs.

Do you get why I am so outraged?

The basic definition of gene therapy is “using genes to treat or prevent disease…”

It’s pretty simple and straightforward.

Genes come from our own bodies. And we as individuals own them… Not the government. And not Big Pharma! But today, these gene therapies – or biologics as they’re often called – make up 60% of orphan drugs. And 75% of the biggest drug revenues come from biologics.

Big Pharma is profiting from your living cells – including your DNA.

We’ve talked before about how the FDA has declared war on your stem cells by reclassifying them as drugs.

Now they want to do the same thing for gene therapy.

In fact, traditional pharmaceutical companies are buying up biotech labs in record numbers. Big Pharma has been on a massive buying spree – spending $195 billion on these BioPharma labs in the last year.

With the hopes of selling you back your own gene therapy.

Maybe President Trump will be able to stop them in their tracks before this comes to pass. He proved he’s up for the fight when he signed the “Right to Try” bill into law.

But in the meantime, there is something you can do…

For almost 30 years, I’ve been helping my patients activate their own gene therapy. Tune in tomorrow and I’ll tell you how…

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD, CNS