This Ancient “Pain Key” Was More Valuable Than Gold

Yesterday we talked about the hundreds of thousands of Americans killed and many more families torn apart by the $12 trillion painkiller industry.

But as depressing and outrageous as that is, there is good news for anyone who suffers from debilitating chronic pain.

Because new hope has surfaced in an underreported story.

One that could finally throw a wrench in the pain pill machine, and end their scam once and for all.

Researchers have confirmed that a sacred Jerusalem “pain key” is 158% better than opioids.1 They’ve shown how a 2000-year-old treatment succeeds where man has failed:

solving the underlying cause of pain – blocking inflammatory pathways – and without dangerous side effects.

This pain reliever is called “ancient anesthesia.” It was once consumed in massive quantities all over the ancient world. In fact, because it was so powerful at relieving joint pain, it was more valuable than gold.

The best part, not a single person has died from it. There were never addicts from it.

It’s completely side effect free. And the solution was hiding in plain sight all along: right in the manger story of the Gospel, one we see every Christmas.

Now, modern research shows this ancient arthritis cure did more than mask pain: it treats the underlying problems of inflammation at a cellular level. It actually repairs damaged cartilage and generates NEW joint tissue. This rejuvenates and de-ages joints.

That’s why it’s 158% better than opiates. It’s a real pain miracle!

One hundred million Americans suffer from chronic pain.2 So the reality is, nothing will change until real alternatives replace Big Pharma – alternatives that are safe, non-addictive, and natural. This is what the billion-dollar pain industry is REALLY afraid of. This is why you haven’t heard of this Biblical substance.

If you’re suffering with pain, or know someone who is (and who doesn’t?), please stay tuned for tomorrow’s piece. In it you’ll the full scoop on this 2,000 year old Jerusalem “pain key”… and how to get your hands on the substance.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD, CNS