Stroke patient walks, talks after THIS...

Stroke patient walks, talks after THIS…

My patient G.D. suffered a devastating stroke six months ago.

The first time I met her, she couldn’t walk, or even stand up. Her speech consisted of jumbled, random, and made-up words. She had trouble using her hands, and couldn’t hold a spoon, let alone the paintbrush that until now had rarely left this artist’s hand.

And in addition to her physical problems, her mental wellbeing was deteriorating rapidly.

But this fiercely independent – her family would say stubborn – 89-year-old woman refused to accept her limitations. By the time she came to see me, she’d had a hip replacement and sprained her ankle trying to take care of herself.

Fortunately, a cutting-edge treatment I offer at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine is helping to turn her life around – and increasing her chances of a full recovery.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Helps G.D. Walk Again…

A mere two months – and 20 HBOT treatments – later, G.D. is able to walk without help and can speak in short, clear  sentences. Most importantly, she’s enjoying her life again. She’s even started to get back to her landscape painting.

As a regular reader, you know HBOT is the delivery of high-pressure oxygen. At my clinic, I treat patients with 100% oxygen at two times the normal atmospheric pressure.

You see, HBOT works because it infuses your body with oxygen. It increases oxygen levels in your red blood cells, encouraging the healing and regeneration of tissues, blood vessels and nerves.

The combination of pressure and oxygen physically dissolves more oxygen into your red blood cells, boosting oxygen levels and encouraging healing and regeneration. Studies show breathing pressurized oxygen also stimulates the release of growth factors and stem cells. This also promotes healing and gets the cells working again.

Not long ago, I told you about a breakthrough study that found HBOT therapy could reverse human aging at the cellular level by 25 years…

Amazing HBOT Research Continues To Come Out Of Israel

Now this same team of Israeli researchers published their findings after following almost 200 stroke patients who underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

According to the team from the Samir Medical Center, HBOT induced significant improvement in most cognitive domains of patients who suffered stroke – even months to years after the event.

The study, published in the journal Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience evaluated all aspects of cognitive function including speech, memory, executive function, attention, information processing, and motor skills.

After 12 weeks, the study found that  86% of the stroke patients were able to achieve significant improvement in their cognitive function. The biggest area of improvement was in their ability to recall memories.[i]

This backs up earlier studies on HBOT and stroke…

Doctors used HBOT on 74 patients suffering from paralysis years after a stroke. Two months later, every patient reported significant improvement… They recovered from paralysis, were able to speak again and had an increase in sensation. Brain scans showed increased neuronal activity.[ii]

Another study showed that HBOT boosts brain neuroplasticity after a stroke. That’s your brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new white matter connections that bypass and find their way through the roadblocks created by the lesions. And these connections can still be re-formed and activated even years after a stroke has taken place.[iii]

How Will HBOT Change Your Life?

I’ve seen how HBOT changes the lives of patients not only with stroke, but with Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s.

If you want to learn how HBOT can help you or your loved one — or just have questions about this life-changing therapy — please call the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine at 561-410-7854. My staff is more than happy to take your call.

Or, if you are in the South Florida area or plan to visit in the future, consider scheduling a consultation.

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