Whole-grain hoax making you sick?

Whole-grain hoax making you sick?

If you were to ask me what is the most important advice I give my patients, my reply today would be the same answer I’ve given for almost 30 years.

And for nearly three decades, so-called “experts” in the healthcare field ridiculed me for offering this advice. They even went so far as to call me a quack.

But today, conventional medicine is finally beginning to see the light. And a brand-new study confirms it. More on this in a moment.

You see, the most important advice I give my patients and readers is to ignore the dietary recommendations based on the “Healthy Eating Plate” from the Harvard School of Public Health or the USDA’s “MyPlate.”

Sadly, both meal plans provide dangerous advice. If you actually followed either of these grain-heavy diet plans you’d be diseased, overweight, and prematurely old in no time at all.

In other words…

You Would Have What I Call “Syndrome Zero”

This health crisis is the underlying cause of almost every chronic disease we face today – like heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. And it’s a direct result of a grain-heavy diet.

Over the past century, our food supply has become focused solely on profit. Food manufacturers pad their pockets by packing our modern diet with cheap grains, carbohydrates, refined sugars, and starch.

Your body wasn’t designed to handle all those carbs. When you eat a food containing carbohydrates, your pancreas reacts by massively overproducing insulin to push the sugars from these overly processed, starchy foods into your cells to make energy.

The more carbs you eat, the more insulin builds up in your bloodstream. It overwhelms the insulin receptors in your cells. Insulin becomes less effective at pushing glucose into your cells.

Your pancreas produces too much insulin. The energy from your food can’t get into your cells. The result: Your blood sugar levels soar.

Instead of glucose traveling to your cells for energy, it stays in your blood – leading to chronic disease.

Like I mentioned earlier, mainstream medicine is finally starting to catch on…

In a recent study published in BMJ, researchers followed 137,130 participants with no history of heart disease.

For nine years, volunteers aged 35 to 70 years old answered detailed questionnaires about what foods they consumed.

By the end of the study, researchers determined that those who ate refined grains – including cereal, bread, and pasta – had:1

  • 47% greater risk for stroke
  • 33% higher risk of heart disease, and
  • 27% increased risk of death

But the researchers got a lot wrong…

While they do recommend eating fewer high-sugar cereal grains and refined wheat products, they don’t advise against ALL grain consumption.

And they continue to promote what I call the Whole Grain Hoax.

The idea behind eating a grain “whole” is this:

If a grain is eaten whole – as opposed to refined – your body won’t break it down as fast. Therefore, it won’t raise your blood sugar. It sounds good. But it’s a lie.

You see, pure glucose has a glycemic index rating of 100.

The glycemic index measures how quickly food breaks down into glucose in your bloodstream. And the higher a food’s rating is on the glycemic index, the more it raises your blood-sugar level.

Take a look at the glycemic index rating for one serving of whole-grain breads:

Whole barley kernel bread – 55

Cracked wheat kernel bread – 58

Whole rye kernel bread – 66

Oat bran bread – 68

Studies confirm what I’ve seen with my own patients. A very low-carb diet – without whole grains – combined with protein and fat improves insulin sensitivity and REVERSES Syndrome Zero.

In one study, a diet with less than 10% of calories from carbs improved insulin sensitivity. And a low-fat, high-carb diet made insulin sensitivity worse.2

I’ve written to you before about following my Syndrome Zero diet.

We Are Seeing Great Success At The Sears Institute

Here at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, we are having great success treating patients with Syndrome Zero.

The good news is that Syndrome Zero is completely reversible. We’ve developed a unique protocol to beat this epidemic and return your body to a balanced and natural state.

You can’t ignore Syndrome Zero. Unless you take back control of your body, this condition will overwhelm your health.


1 Swaminathan S, et al. “Associations of cereal grains intake with cardiovascular disease and mortality across 21 countries in Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiology study: prospective cohort study.” BMJ. 2021;372:4948.
2 Volek JS, et al. “Comparison of a very low-carbohydrate and low-fat diet on fasting lipids, LDL subclasses, insulin resistance and postprandial lipemic responses in overweight women.” J Am Coll Nutr. 2004 Apr;23(2):177-84.