Florida Man Turns 24
on His 60th Birthday

Revolutionary Discovery Lets You “Grow Younger” As You Age

Dear Friend,

Turning 24 on your 60th birthday may sound like a science-fiction fantasy ... but there’s real truth to this remarkable transformation.

My patient Michael recently turned 60 but has the clinically documented “pulmonary age” of a 24-year-old.

In other words, he has the lung capacity and lung power of a man less than half his age.

And there’s more... I measured markers to find the age of other organ systems and found similar results.

For example, Michael’s “neurological age,” the measure of his ability to concentrate, remember and process information is only 44, a sign that he has the brainpower of a much younger man.

Michael had other remarkable changes including better eyesight, lower cholesterol and dramatically higher testosterone.

All this extra energy helped him win at the recent North American Grappling Association Championship. In the space of one hour, Michael won two first-place titles against men in the 40-and-over category, some of whom were 20 years his junior.

In Michael’s own words:

“I lost 20 pounds, increased my muscle mass and flexibility, eliminated joint pain I’ve had for years and miraculously made the inside of my body younger.”

Being “Biologically Younger” Than Your True Age
Is Not Only Possible, It’s A Reality

My name is Dr. Al Sears, MD.

What I’m about to show you is based on a discovery that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009. It’s easy to get started. And you can do it right from your own home.

It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in right now. When Michael first came to me, he didn’t have the kind of strength he does today. In fact, he had trouble lifting himself out of the pool when he went for a swim. He was just a regular guy.

But like Michael, you can regain the physical strength and energy of someone in their 20s, and it doesn’t require any “heavy lifting,” crazy diets or exercise fads.

Just follow a few simple steps and you’ll regain the strength, vitality and enthusiasm of someone decades younger.

Let me explain a little further...

For the First Time in Medical History
We Now Understand the Mechanism of Aging

What I gave Michael is based on the telomere.

Telomeres are the “time keepers” attached to every strand of your DNA. Each time your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter. When your telomeres run down, cell division stops and your life ends.

“Dr. Sears has an amazing knack for sorting the winners from the losers in the very rapidly developing technology of anti-aging medicine.

He’s distilled the essence of anti-aging therapy, and delivered it in a practical guide with Reset Your Biological Clock.”

-- Dr. Ron Klatz, MD
President and Founder of the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M)

By slowing down the loss of your telomeres, you not only extend your lifespan, you stay younger, longer.

That’s what I do for my patients. And it’s important you know how this works.

As the telomere gets shorter, your body produces cells that are older, weaker and more decrepit.

This speeding up of telomere loss actually causes your body to create older, more dysfunctional cells. That means your body becomes weaker, more frail and open to all the pitfalls of aging.

But if you take action now you can turn that dial to “slow burn,” and enjoy a younger body for years … maybe decades longer.

Slowing the loss of the telomere, and in some cases making the telomere longer, is how Michael is able to grow “biologically younger.” Even at 60 years old, he can enjoy the energy and lung power of a 24-year-old.

Now for the first time, I put the core telomere-saving strategies I use with my patients in one, easy-to-follow book called Reset Your Biological Clock.

This is by far the easiest way to get started. Many of these health-extending, energy-generating therapies are simple to do. You don’t need a doctor’s visit or a prescription.

And they go far beyond bigger lungs and youthful energy.

By unlocking the power of your telomeres, you can even avoid chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

The Discovery of the Telomere Will
Change Human History Forever

Even a decade ago, we knew very little about this. As I mentioned, the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to three doctors who were researching the telomere and how to slow its loss.

Your generation is the first to know the secrets of aging.

And researchers continue to discover compelling evidence that the length of your telomeres determines your risk for life-threatening diseases:

• A team at Harvard discovered that having short telomeres nearly doubled the risk for bladder cancer.1

• The journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment published findings that breast cancer cells had shorter telomeres than normal cells.2

• Japanese researchers found cancers of the mouth begin in cells with short telomeres.3

• The British Journal of Cancer reported that colon cancer cells have shorter telomeres.4

The good news is that it’s possible to add more time to your “genetic fuse” and extend your life by years or even decades.

People Who Live Past 100 Have Longer Telomeres

When you have longer telomeres, your cells don’t age as quickly, which means that not only do you avoid diseases like cancer, you live younger, longer.

Have a look at these study results:

• 100-year-olds in good health had “significantly longer” telomeres than those with health problems.5

• Your risk of heart attack increases the faster your telomeres break down. When researchers looked at people in perfect health who later died from heart disease, they found the death rate from heart attack was three times higher for men whose telomeres got short the fastest. The death rate for women was 2.3 times higher.6 Simply stated, the shorter your telomere, the higher your risk of death from heart attack.

• In a similar study, people with shorter telomeres in their immune cells had twice the risk of death from heart failure as patients with the longest telomeres. The study, published by the American Heart Association, found the highest-risk group had telomeres half the length of the lowest-risk group.7

The message here is clear. When you preserve telomere length, you live younger, longer.

It means we now understand the very mechanism by which you age. And we’ve found a simple system that helps you preserve your telomeres and extend your lifespan.

In Reset Your Biological Clock, I’ll show you exactly how it works.

You’ll find simple, easy-to-understand solutions that help you grow “biologically younger,” and feel years younger with maximum energy and performance.

I’ll even show you how to get a younger-looking face with a telomere secret that rolls back the age of your skin.

And of course, you’ll discover how to live disease-free for the rest of your life.

“Dr. Sears’ Reset Your Biological Clock can change the way you age with powerful facts and simple solutions compiled from secrets across the globe. This concise guide is a wonderful resource full of natural ways to a longer life and ageless beauty. The best part is the strategies he uses to educate and enable the reader to choose the best solutions for his/her lifestyle and goals.”

-- Dr. Jeffry S. Life, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer of Cenegenics

Here Are Just a Few of the Age-Reversing Strategies
You’ll Find in Reset Your Biological Clock

Keep This in Check for a Healthier Life: There’s a natural byproduct of metabolism that’s safe at normal levels. But blood levels of it tend to increase with age. And when you have too much of it in your system, it wreaks havoc.

Researchers found that people with high levels of this amino acid tripled the amount of telomere length that was lost during cell division. That means a build-up can force you to age 300 percent faster.

I can tell you this condition is extremely common. Every patient who comes through my door gets tested for this acid build-up, and more times than not I detect high levels.

Surprisingly, the solution is simple.

There’s a blend of nutrients that act as “methylating factors,” that recycle this amino acid and get it out of your blood. I’ll show you the same formula I’ve used successfully with my patients for over 20 years.

You’ll find the answer on page 15 of Reset Your Biological Clock.

Nutrients that Preserve Telomeres and Switch On Longevity Genes: The latest discoveries in genetics show us that what you inherited from your family is not set in stone.

Specific nutrients you can take as supplements turn on your “longevity genes,” while switching off genes that lead to health problems. In addition to supporting telomere length, these high-powered antioxidants help put you in control of which genes get turned on, promoting longer cell life and extended youth.

Some of the good anti-aging genes you can “switch on” are genes that:

• Prevent damaged cells from multiplying
• Stimulate DNA repair
• Normalize blood sugar
• Ramp up your good cholesterol

Give your cells the right antioxidant protection and your body will last years – even decades – longer.

One antioxidant in particular has consistently been associated with longer telomeres in dozens of studies. Raising your level of this vitamin in your cells could slow down the loss of telomeres up to 62 percent.

I’ll show you a more bio-available form of this nutrient and how much to take. Here’s a hint: It’s 1,011 percent more than the FDA recommends. Not only does it slow telomere loss, it supports heart health, immune system strength and blood vessel integrity.

Turn to page 25 and you’ll get the whole story...

The Right Kind of Physical Activity Keeps Telomeres Longer: A certain type of exercise affects your telomeres, making them longer and stronger. And anything you can do to lengthen your telomeres serves to protect your DNA and restore your vitality.

Recently a study of 2,401 twins found that physical activity was related to telomere length. Those who exercised using these principles for just three hours a week had telomeres that looked nine years younger.

I’ll show you the winning strategy that makes an exciting, vigorous workout accessible to anyone, regardless of your current condition. You can start out walking if that’s all you can do!

This program is proven to support long telomeres and slow their loss. And you don’t even have to leave your house to do it.

This takes just 12 minutes a day! Check out the details starting on page 64...

Show a Younger Face to the World: By repairing your skin’s DNA and protecting its telomeres, you can plump up your skin and erase wrinkles, tighten up your sagging jaw line, make your crow’s feet disappear, and reverse sun and aging spots.

I’ll show you a telomere-protecting face cream that actively delays the shortening of your skin’s telomeres and protects the DNA of your skin, so you can avoid the ravaging effects that come with age.

In clinical studies, the results were astonishing. Over a period of 30 days:

• 100% of the participants saw an improvement in sun spots and skin moisture.

• Redness and pore size were reduced in over 90% of participants.

• 75% of them noticed an improvement in fine lines, skin firmness, tone, and elasticity.

• It increased resistance to harmful UV rays by as much as 100%.

In fact, studies show that it can extend the lifespan of your skin cells by 30 percent.

Look at least a decade younger (if not more)… get started on page 47...

Reset Your Biological Clock is Packed Full of
Practical Advice You Can Use RIGHT AWAY

I’ve only scratched the surface here... there’s so much more you’ll discover when you have Reset Your Biological Clock in your own hands.

I’ll show you how to:

• Unlock an energizing wave of mental energy with a brain booster that’s better than coffee... with no crash, no jitters and no addiction. Page 22.

• Hit and maintain your ideal weight with a simple rule of thumb I call, Fat Loss By the Numbers. Page 76.

• Boost your levels of growth hormone, your body’s natural “fountain of youth,” without injections, doctor’s visits or prescriptions. Page 31.

• See beyond the skincare industry’s billion-dollar lie, and discover the 10 chemicals you should NEVER put on your face. Page 56.

• Stay on target with a fat-busting diet while eating chocolate and ice cream. Page 82.

• The “super enzyme” that ramps up your immune system and protects your skin from the sun... I call this one “sunscreen in a pill.” Page 60.

• And so much MORE...

Reset Your Biological Clock RISK FREE
And Claim 4 FREE GIFTS Today!

The secrets I reveal in Reset Your Biological Clock are the same ones that transform the lives of my patients. People like Michael, who enjoys the stamina and energy of a 24-year-old at the age of 60.

You can do the same.

And it won’t break the bank, either.

As Michael said:

Reset Your Biological Clock gives away all of Dr. Sears’ best secrets. It would be a bargain if it cost $5,000... At $24.97, it’s a steal!”

And there you have it.

You can have everything in Reset Your Biological Clock for just $24.97.

Even if you only used one strategy and made just one improvement in your life that helped you grow “biologically younger,” it would be something to write home about.

But there’s so much more. Reset Your Biological Clock gives you the opportunity to make not just one, but many changes, all of which result in more energy, more stamina, better skin, a younger-looking face, stronger sexual performance, and the list goes on...

And with a special offer for new readers, you’ll get four BONUS gifts absolutely FREE.

Telomere DVD: (Retail Value: $69.97)
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Watching this video is like being at the conference yourself, as I tell you in easy-to-follow language how to add decades to your life using the insights from the doctors who won a Nobel Prize in Medicine for their work on the telomere.

You’ll discover the latest breakthroughs and how to apply them to your daily life. You’ll also find out about the benefits of longer telomeres you won’t hear anywhere else.

These stories come from the researchers themselves, who are actively experimenting with the latest techniques.

You’ll discover how some people are using telomere protection strategies to double and triple their energy and performance levels... even throw away their reading glasses. Not to be missed.

Repair Your Aging Brain in Just 15 Minutes a Day: (Retail Value: $19.97)
In this report, I give you dozens of strategies that can sharpen your thinking and prevent you from losing your memory and power of concentration as you age. You’ll discover the number-one thing you can do right now to preserve and promote your mental clarity.

You’ll also learn:

• How to beat the brain-destroying effects of cortisol (your stress hormone)
• Tools you can use to reverse cognitive decline
• The best way to protect yourself from age-related memory loss

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Join Me Today and Grow “Biologically Younger” As You Age

We live in exciting times. For the first time in medical history you can control the mechanism of aging... and use it to grow younger as you get older.

You can rewind yourself to younger, more youthful levels of energy, stamina and performance. You can recharge your heart, lungs and brain... build new muscle, burn away fat... you can even recapture a younger-looking face and skin.

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You won’t risk a penny, either.

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And you can keep all the FREE gifts with my compliments!

Getting started is easy.

Just choose your package and click the link below.

Your results are guaranteed!

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

[ ] YES, Dr. Sears! I want to grow “biologically younger” as I age and revive all the power, energy and performance of my youth. I understand I can receive a FULL refund, no questions asked, at any time.

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1 McGrath, M., et al, “Telomere length, cigarette smoking, and bladder cancer risk in men and women,” Cancer Epidemiol. Biomarkers Prev. April 2007;16(4):815-9
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