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“Join Me in this Healing Garden of Eden”

Hidden Inside Are 403 Natural Cures for Alzheimer's, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and more...


Bali is about as far away as you can get from Big Pharma's constant barrage of aggressive and deceptive marketing.

There's no FDA here enforcing a law protecting giant drug companies to make it illegal for the Balinese to know they have natural cures for all disease.

There's no gag order here threatening traditional herbalists from curing their patients.

But I came to Bali to fulfill a childhood dream. Not to escape the harassment of Big Pharma.

It began with my father's stories from World War II. He was enchanted by this place of endless beaches… impenetrable jungles… and the warm, generous people who live here.

Once I got here I discovered a culture so rich in traditional healing methods I had to return. And I did again and again.

It's hard to describe the beauty of this island. I've been to jungles before… in India, Jamaica and the Amazon. But none of them compare with Bali.

The island is layer upon layer of green. Plants on top of plants. The thickest, densest green I have ever seen. When you're in it, it's easy to imagine you're in the Garden of Eden.

I journeyed deep into the interior. To the foot of Bali's mountain, far away from the beaches of my father's stories.

And it was there, in the city of Ubud, I first met Westi and Lelir. A young couple devoted to preserving Bali's rich and unique herbal traditions.

Westi is the son of traditional rice farmers. But he grows herbs instead of rice. Westi has been to college. And he sees that modern farming methods are destroying the island he loves.

So Westi has dedicated his life to preserving the herbal knowledge of Bali for future generations.

His wife Lelir's family reaches back through five generations of healers. And she's following in the family footsteps. Lelir even studied traditional Ayurvedic medicine at a nearby university.

“Balian” is the local word for the healers in Bali. The island is actually named after these healers.

And I soon discovered Westi and Lelir know more about cultivating, preparing and using Bali's traditional herbs than anyone else on Earth.

It wasn't long before I convinced Westi and Lelir that we had to write a book. About the generations of wisdom and knowledge they had about growing and using herbal cures.

Some of these plants and cures are unique to Bali. But I could use them in my practice. And share with my family and friends back home.

Most Balinese don't go to Western-style “doctors” because they don't want to take chemical medicines.

Western medicine seems stuck on “one problem, one solution.” Chances are, if you visit a clinic with six different complaints, you'll wind up taking six different pills.

But in Bali, traditional herbalists often suggest one multi-purpose herb for several different problems. For me, this is the best way to approach overall health. I prefer natural remedies that support multiple health goals.

So many plants here, each with so many healing properties, I could probably write a book about each one.

But I just couldn't keep these to myself any longer. Now I invite you to…

Join Me in the Garden of Eden

Imagine stepping out your back door. And finding a whole drugstore in just one incredible plant.

It will boost your immune system, treat flu and colds, and reduce fever. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anticancer.

You can use it as an insecticide, to beat malaria, for pain relief, prevent Alzheimer's and treat tuberculosis.

And that's just one plant!

I've traveled the world for 30 years in search of herbal cures and traditional remedies. This is my passion. And once I find something that works, I bring it back home to share with my patients and friends.

But I've never seen anything like this.

I've been back to this Eden 5 times, and so far have discovered:

  • 22 natural cancer fighters
  • 9 ways to defeat diabetes
  • 9 effective solutions for prostate health
  • 3 ways to prevent Alzheimer's and other brain disorders
  • 2 natural cures for heart disease

Some of these plants are virtually unknown in the West. And others that I discovered while exploring Africa, Jamaica and South America… now revealed dozens of new ways to conquer everyday health problems. From asthma to weight loss and even snake bites!

And I'll show you where you can get all of these herbal remedies right at home.

But here you'll discover more than just a new herbal pharmacy. You are about to experience the life and exotic culture of one of my favorite places on earth. This is Bali.

Here's a taste of what I discovered…

10 Minutes. Zero Pain.

  • Brain-Boosting Bali Fruit Also Busts Cancer — a delicious way to kill off colon and breast cancer cells, stabilize healthy blood sugar, block carbs, relieve skin rashes, detoxify brain cells, cure ulcers and cure bad breath. Get it in your local supermarket.
  • Bali's Sacred Herb — conquers anxiety and depression, stops arthritis and chronic pain, boosts learning and memory, detox heavy metals, reduce inflammation, and repel mosquitos naturally. Grow it in your garden or on the windowsill.
  • Heavenly Perfume Tree10-minute shingle pain cure, deletes the herpes virus, seals a cut closed, antibacterial and antifungal, stop and shrink tumors, and makes a beautifully fragrant natural laxative tea. Get it at your local flower shop.
  • Bali's Fiber-Filled Health Treasure — an anti-inflammatory, protects against lung, pancreatic, ovarian, endocrine and cervical cancers, blocks prostate cancer, fuels mitochondria, reduces fever, and a natural insect repellant. Get it in your local market.
  • Bali's Prostate-Protecting Cancer-Killing Super Leaves — blocks brain, prostate, skin, pancreatic, ovarian, cervical, liver and gastric cancers, inhibits leukemia, protects from BHP, use it as an antivenom for snake bite, and a glass of this tea is a natural body deodorant. Grow it in your garden.

A Cancer Breakthrough from the Garden of Eden?

That last one is just one of the herbs and plants I found in Bali that no one in the West knows about. I discovered so many that I knew I had to put them in a book so you could use them yourself.

Simple plant formulas to promote health in this way goes back to the beginning of civilization. It's called Phytotherapy (“phyto” is the Greek word for plant). And that's what you get with each one of these plants.

Westi's herb garden is outside the city of Ubud. It sits among seemingly endless fields of rice lining the hills. To the north, the forested mountains of central Bali rise like giants above us.

One day while we were out walking along rows upon rows of herbs, Westi went under a soursop tree and past the lemon basil, and dug up the root of a tall plant with his knife. And here was…

  • Bali's Most Impressive Healing Root — it fights inflammation everywhere in your body, is anticancer, a natural antiseptic, antibacterial, fights asthma and arthritis, promotes memory, prevents obesity, prostate cancer, nerve damage, skin conditions, and protects against brain diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and even defeats brain tumors. Get it in your local supermarket.

The “Tree of Life” Grows in this Island Paradise

Everywhere I went in Bali was the gloriously tall “tree of life.”

That's what they call coconut palms in India. Kalpavriksha which means “the tree which provides all the necessities of life.” What a great name. “The tree of life.

Coconuts are a life-saving, fat-filled tropical miracle food. Studies show they may help get rid of fats in the blood. Which is why the

Balinese rarely suffer from heart disease. It seems to act like an “anti-fat” fat.

Coconut water can be used for upset stomach and diarrhea. The water is so pure I've sometimes seen it used as an emergency IV fluid in surgery.

The Spice of Life

This Garden of Eden not only has the “Tree of Life,” it also has the “Spice of Life.”

  • Bali's “Big” Root is a Miniature Drug Store — it boosts the immune system, treats flu and colds, reduces fever, is anticancer and antibacterial against E. coli, salmonella, staph and strep. It's anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal and an antioxidant. You can use it as a natural pesticide. It kills malaria, is a pain reliever, stops Alzheimer's, protects against prostate, lung, skin, throat and colon cancer. And cures tuberculosis. Get it at an Asian specialty store or as a supplement.

World's Best Mosquito Repellant

I live in Wellington, Florida. Right next door to the Everglades. Twenty years ago, this community was built right on top of a swamp!

Seems no one told the mosquitos.

But I've been lucky not to have many problems with mosquitos, even when I travel. For some reason they don't bite me much.

Mosquitos have been the bearers of some nasty diseases over the years. Lately, we have the Zika virus dominating the news.

Every culture I've visited has its own way of dealing with pests. The most common mosquito repellent in the West is a chemical called DEET. All of the popular brands use it. It was developed by the U.S. Army in the 40's.

And the EPA says it doesn't cause any “unreasonable risk to human health.” It turns out DEET is a neurotoxin to insects and mammals. That means it attacks the central nervous system. Just like nerve gas.

One study published in the Archives of Neurology found anyone who used at least one of eight different kinds of pesticides was more than twice as likely to get Parkinson's. Another insecticide named permethrin meant you are three times as likely to get Parkinson's.

And then research at the University of California at Berkeley found people exposed to maneb, commonly used in gardens, were 75% likelier to develop Parkinson's.

I recommend natural bug repellents instead. And I found in Bali, they had one of the best natural repellants I'd ever come across.

This herbal secret works as a natural mosquito repellant, kills mosquito larvae, is antibacterial against “gram positive” bacteria like staph and strep, is anti-inflammatory, speeds the healing of wounds, and kills many different kinds of cancer cells.

But this herb isn't well known in the West. It grows across much of Asia, Polynesia and I even found it in parts of Africa. It's probably the world's original mosquito oil.

You can rub the leaves of this herb on your skin to repel mosquitos. Use the dried leaves to burn as incense. Fresh leaves can even chase mosquitos out of a room.

And you can put the leaves of this herb in your cabinets and pantry to keep bugs out of the kitchen. It works at my house.

It's completely safe and natural. You can get it in specialty nurseries, and often see it in Asian stores.

You'll Discover More than Herbs —
You'll Discover Bali's Healing Secrets.

Now you don't have to make the 30-hour journey like I do every time I visit Bali. I've spent the last few years working with Westi and Lelir. And documented all of this herbal and healing wisdom in a book called Healing Herbs of Paradise.

When Westi and I first talked about publishing a book, he envisioned a “materia medica” — a what, where and how of Bali's herbs.

But as our discussions went on, it became clear this book would become much more than that.

Westi and Lelir have so much experience that it puts these herbs within reach of anyone. Practical advice you can use. And not some out-of-touch research locked behind the closed doors of a top secret research facility.

Westi's family has farmed traditionally for countless generations. Lelir is an herbalist — the fifth generation in her family to practice herbal medicine.

Both come from families that kept many of the old ways that are now all but forgotten. In these pages, they share many of these traditions, and how they relate to the various herbs.

You'll also travel with us to some of Bali's most beautiful and unusual places. Places like the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, an ancient forest temple complex that's now home to hundreds of monkeys.

In these 36 chapters you'll discover more than herbs. Many chapters include recipes for herbal teas and other healing preparations. I can speak from personal experience that some of them are remarkably effective.

I've also added my own comment and observations to each chapter. I'll share some of my experiences, personal research, understanding and recommendations with you.

These natural health miracles aren't out of reach in a Paradise on the other side of the World —
they're in your supermarket right now!

You can read this book from cover to cover, just as you would a novel. Westi and Lelir have written an engaging and interesting book. Believe me, this isn't your high school botany text.

You can also use the book as a reference. You can read each chapter individually. You don't need to read any particular chapter before any other. Each one stands on its own.

Chapters like…

  • A Tropical Vine That Stops Cancer Cold
  • An Estrogen-Zapping Herb To Knock Out Pain and Prevent Cancer
  • A Healing Perfume
  • A Grain That Has Huge Heart Benefits
  • A Balinese Secret For Better Mood and Memory
  • A Sacred Flower That Prevents Body Fat
  • Join Me in this Garden of Eden and Discover 403 Practical Cures for Alzheimer's, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and more...

    I've been talking about my Healing Herbs of Paradise book for years. And it's finally here.

    Normally a book of this quality would sell for nearly $200.00 – but I want you to have this book today for only $59.95!

    Up to now, only my patients, staff and closest friends have had access to my discoveries from these many excursions to Bali.

    They've seen the pictures, and witnessed, first-hand, what is working for the patients who come to my clinic.

    But I want you to be able to experience this for yourself.

    It is a hardbound volume full of glossy photos. And looks more like a “coffee table book” than a reference book. But I assure you it won't stay on your coffee table. You'll be referring to it often.

    Healing Herbs of Paradise is an amazing book. One that I'm particularly proud of, and give much of the credit to my dearest friends Westi and Lelir.

    It is 36 chapters, with at least 403 real, practical cures to help you and your family live a more active, healthy and vibrant life.

    And you can get this travel and healing adventure for just $59.95 and free shipping!

    Please don't wait. You have a limited opportunity to be one of the fortunate first adventurers into this Garden of Eden. It's just a matter of time before word gets out and everyone will want a copy. And the price goes up.

    As always, if you aren't completely satisfied with the contents of the book, just return it for a full refund of your purchase price.

    Don't wait another minute.

    I urge you to experience the Healing Herbs of Paradise today.

    And join me in the Garden of Eden.

    Al Sears, MD, CNS

    P.S. — Even if you feel like you did when you were a kid, and don’t have any of the health issues mentioned in this letter, these herbal techniques can easily ensure you and your family NEVER get one of these diseases to begin with. And even if you or a loved one is in any stage of one of these modern-day health issues, these little-known treatments can help wipe out, and eliminate the symptoms of many of these diseases before they take hold and overwhelm your body. Click here to get started.

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