Bust Through the “Cardio” Myth!

 Ditch this Misconceived Notion of Exercise...
And TRANSFORM your Body –
In 12 Minutes a Day!

Look at any rack of fitness magazines and you’ll see glossy covers loaded with headlines telling you to do “cardio.” Go to the gym and your trainer will devote plenty of your time to ... you guessed it ... cardio!

 You probably don’t like it, but you do it anyway. After all, who doesn’t want a healthy heart?  

The problem is, without a true understanding of how the heart works and how it responds to different activities, pundits have advocated the wrong solution.

 We have come to accept the term “cardio” as synonymous for exercise for your heart. But shouldn’t ”heart exercise” make your heart stronger?

 A closer look at “cardio” from your heart’s perspective reveals exactly the opposite! 

“Cardio” creates a continuous challenge to your heart, usually without rest. This mimics prolonged stress in a native environment. In effect, your heart feels like it’s under constant attack.

 As a result, your heart adapts and responds with what are intended to be short-term survival strategies. But if you routinely perpetuate that signal of stress and attack, instead of building strength, “cardio” becomes destructive.

 And weight training isn’t any better, in fact ...

PACE® Knocks Out Cardio
in Clinical Showdown

Two of my most successful coaching students turned out to be a perfect illustration of how well PACE® works – because they are twin sisters.

When they arrived for their initial assessment, both twins – age 18 – had almost identical body composition measurements. (Body composition measures the amount of body fat and lean body mass, or muscle.) By the end of the 16-week study, the twin doing PACE® was sprinting for 6 sets. Each set had a 50-yard interval followed by a rest period of 30 seconds. The twin doing traditional cardio was jogging 10 miles with no breaks.

The results? The PACE® twin went from 24.5% body fat all the way down to 10% for a total fat loss of 18 pounds. What’s more, she gained 9 pounds of pure muscle.

The cardio twin also started at 24.5% body fat but went down to only 19.5% body fat for a total fat loss of 8 pounds. And instead of gaining valuable muscle, the cardio twin actually lost muscle.

Overall, the PACE® twin lost 125% more fat than the cardio twin, and gained 9 pounds of muscle, where the cardio twin lost muscle. After this experiment, I put the cardio twin onto the same program. Within weeks, she reversed her losses and soon slimmed down to match here sister’s progress.

There’s nothing unusual about this kind of achievement. I’ve reproduced it again and again. The twins did so well because I told them exactly what to do at each step in their program. All they had to do was follow along.

Weight Training is Unnatural and Ineffective

Far from “training” anything, lifting weights actually “untrains” your muscles.

Your body was NOT designed to perform the mechanics of weight lifting. Nature designed your body to build and maintain muscle in response to the demands of your own body weight.

Instead of producing real strength you can use in real situations, weight training ...

  • Produces bloated muscle fibers that become dysfunctional and injury prone. 
  • Creates size imbalances, tension unnatural patterns of movements, and sets you up for injuries down the road. 
  • And aside from causing frequent joint, muscle and tendon injuries, research shows weight lifting can lead to high blood pressure, aneurysms and strokes ... especially in older folks.  

So what does it take to build a strong, healthy heart ... more powerful lungs ... physical strength you can use in your everyday life ... and sculpt a lean, muscular body at the same time?


Exercise Smarter ... Not Harder!

My name is Dr. Al Sears, and for the past 15 years, I've helped thousands of patients lose weight, boost their lungpower and build vibrant health.

When I started developing my program 20 years ago, everyone was rushing off to aerobics class. Little did they know that aerobics is as ineffective as cardio and weight training. In fact, aerobics actually works against your heart – and keeps you fat around the middle!

Now, I’m going to show you what no other physician, personal trainer or fitness “guru” will tell you ...

PACE® is the Only Program Designed to
Activate Your Body’s Built-In Fat Burner

PACE is the first and ONLY program conceived, designed, tested and proven specifically to achieve the most important of all fitness goals.

Mike’s Amazing
PACE® Transformation ...

107 Pounds of Fat

When Mike first came to my clinic, he weighed 324 pounds. When I measured his body composition, he was 44% fat! To top it off he was diabetic, had high blood pressure and heart disease.

His cardiologist told him he would have to take medications for the rest of his life ... and prepare his family for the worst.

When I told him about PACE®, he was interested but skeptical. He had tried everything. But faced with the alternative, he decided to give it a try.

Mike got results almost immediately. Within the first week, the fat started coming off. In the first 6 weeks, he lost 37 pounds. Before he knew it, he had lost 107 pounds. His body fat went from 44% down to an amazing 6%.

That was 3 years ago. Today, he still looks and feels great. The fat never returned. Even better, Mike is no longer diabetic and has no trace of heart disease.*

*Results Not Typical

This is crucial if you want to boost your fat-fighting, energizing and anti-aging capabilities. And it’s amazing no popular exercise program has ever specifically addressed these issues.

In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can: 

  • Develop the functional strength you need to carry out life’s daily tasks ... without pain and with energy to burn! 
  • Build a strong, healthy heart ... and more powerful lungs ... keeping you mobile, agile and independent for the rest of your life! 
  • Strengthen your immune system and reverse the effects of aging ... making excess body fat, sagging skin and low energy a thing of the past. 
  • Turbo-charge your metabolism and build a lean, muscular physique twice as fast as the average person! 
  • Tap into your body’s “High-Energy Output System” safely and effectively ... and build the body of a warrior.  

PACE® can help you develop true physical strength, the kind of that enables you to climb flights of stairs while you’re carrying four bags of groceries without injuring yourself ... propels you out of bed in the morning, helping you carry out life’s daily tasks ... and keeps you mobile, independent and out of the nursing home ...

So Ditch Those Grueling Exercise Sessions
 and Build Strength the Old-Fashioned Way!

 Practicing PACE® will transform your life and your body. In just minutes a day, you’ll begin to see improvements in your stamina and your appearance.

You’ll regain the energy and the vitality you had years ago. You’ll develop super-sized lungpower that fights infections faster ... keeping you out of the doctor’s office and free to enjoy life’s greatest pleasures! 

You’ll burn fat faster ... develop stronger, leaner muscles ... and build a durable, longer-lasting body capable of taking on life’s daily challenges with energy to burn! 

Best of all, PACE® is a flexible plan that works equally well for conditioned athletes, joggers, outdoorsmen, couch potatoes, golfers, elders ... even heart patients in recovery! 

No matter what your current level of fitness or lifestyle may be, I guarantee you’ll find my PACE program to be the most useful, most comprehensive and life-changing program you’ve ever seen.  

PACE is My
Cardio Program

"As a former long distance runner, I am thrilled with the PACE program.

The sprinting workouts have allowed me to keep running and injury free. The definition in my muscles and the fact that I am not muscle wasting anymore has contributed to an increase in fitness.

I now have a better understanding of what it means to be fit. The PACE program is my cardio program. It requires less time and really delivers. Thank you for sharing this wonderful training program. "*

~ Linda O., East Greenwich, RI

Tap Into the Power of
PACE® Today and Discover the
REAL Secrets to a Stronger, Leaner, Longer-Lasting Body

After testing and researching the most effective” ways to build strength and sculpt a lean, muscular body I’ve narrowed ONLY the “best of the best” into the single most effective, strength-training program ever created!

My PACE® program shows you, step-by-step, the REAL secrets to rediscovering your native fitness, including ...

  • The #1 way to burn the most calories in the shortest period of time ... Page 83 
  • The 4 best floor exercises for building lean, rock-hard abs ... proven to alleviate lower back pain and improve your breath and posture at the same time! Page 71 
  • The ONLY way I know to strengthen your muscle capacity and create positive muscle adaptation, safely and effectively ... making everyday activities far less challenging. Page 67 
  • The three biggest muscles in your body ... and the four exercises you should focus on first to maximize your total body strength. Page 68 – 70 
  • 6 ways to pump up your upper-body strength without going to the gym! Page 72 
  • A truly “old-school” training secret designed by a former Soviet Special Forces instructor, trainer for the US Marines and the US Secret Service. It’s not for everyone, but the results it produces are nothing short of electrifying! Page 91 
  • The perfect  “anytime, anywhere” exercise ... builds multiple muscle groups with a few simple movements. No equipment necessary! Page 66 
  • A gentle “activity” that build coordination and lower leg strength, reduces stress on your joints by 80%, and is fun and easy to do ... perfect for older adults and those with physical limitations. Page 88 
  • My top 12 list of exercises designed to raise your metabolism and push you to a higher fitness level. Page 75 
  • The secret to performing a “Hindu Squat” correctly ... the ONE exercise I do five hundred of every other day. Page 68

Give Your Body the RIGHT Kind of Challenge

I Owe it to PACE

"I am now completing my 'rookie year' as a cop and at 60, I am fully able to handle the daily rigors of the job. I owe most of that to my PACE program. "*

~ Mark P., Missouri


More Lung Capacity
and Strength

"I love what you have taught me with PACE. After just a few weeks, I built up my lung capacity again, and my strength. "*

~ Jane M., California

Remember ... jogging and other long-duration exercises like aerobics create changes in your body that weaken your heart and lungs. They tell your body to make and store more fat. This way, your body makes sure it has something to burn during your next aerobics class. And to cope with long-duration stresses, your body will actually shrink your heart and lungs.

PACE® gives your body the right kind of challenge. And it only takes 10 minutes to get started! Not hours of grueling – not to mention boring – jogging and jumping around that most fitness “experts” tell you is the way to go.

By giving yourself the right challenge, with the right level of intensity, you get an adaptive response that tells your body that you don’t need fat. And instead of shrinking your heart and lungs, your body will start to build vital reserve capacity – the kind that prevents heart attack and heart failure.

My Promise to You ...

My PACE® Program will show you everything you need to know to transform your entire body – inside and out – in just 12 minutes a day.  

And you can get started right away with our special limited time internet offer. Instead of paying the regular price of $27.95, you can now download the entire PACE® Program for just $19.95. Just follow the link below and download the entire 150-page PACE® Program in a matter of seconds.  

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If, for any reason, you feel PACE® isn’t for you, simply call me or drop me an e-mail and I’ll immediately refund your money. No questions asked.  

So don’t delay. Everything you need to put the power of PACE® to work for you is at your fingertips.  

To Your Good Health, 

Al Sears, MD

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