Primal Biotic Is Here!


The End of Digestion Concerns Starts with a Gene Discovery
Never Before Seen

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL (April 23, 2019) – Exciting new research in the field of epigenetics has led Dr. Al Sears to discover a new way that you can switch on thousands of good intestinal genes and deactivate undesirable ones. These new discoveries in digestive and GI science from Stanford, Harvard and other leading medical schools are changing the way patients treat occasional constipation, abdominal discomfort and digestive distress. “When I first see these patients, they tell me they’re frustrated because typical laxatives, probiotics, digestive enzymes and colon cleanses are just not working,” said Dr. Sears. “My patients don’t want to depend on conventional solutions with harmful side effects.” That’s why the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine is excited to announce that it has found a better way to alleviate and overcome these problems. Primal Biotic boosts your gut’s micro-diversity and restores your digestive, GI and elimination systems to primal health in a far different and superior way to anything you’ve ever seen or tried before. It has unique ingredients that have worked wonders for patients and now the same powerful yet safe nutrients are available to you. “After reviewing all this new research, I knew increasing the diversity of gut microbes, not just adding more good bacteria, is the key to helping my patients ease their digestive, GI and elimination problems,” said Dr. Sears. “So, I decided to formulate Primal Biotic. The unique primal probiotics and pre-biotics in my new Primal Biotic have made a remarkable difference in the digestive, GI and elimination health of my patients and myself — and now, you can take the exact same nutrients… without risk. That’s because your order is backed by a money-back triple guarantee.

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