Bali Natural Herbs and Their Uses

It’s here, and it’s beautiful! The first printing of my newest book, Healing Herbs of Paradise, just arrived. I haven’t felt this proud since I opened my Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine.

The vibrant colors and authentic photography set this book apart.

How can a book measure up to an entire wellness clinic, you ask? Well, it’s the end result of a lifelong challenge I’ve given myself… to bring ancient healing knowledge to people like you all over the world.

As modern medicine continues to make “advances,” I cringe as more and more knowledge is left by the wayside.

Trampled by Big Pharma and laid to waste by our modern agrarian society, thousands of years of simple, effective cures are quietly going extinct.

That’s why I’ve made it my life’s mission to preserve this incredible knowledge and bring it to my patients and readers around the globe.

Because if I don’t, I’m afraid no one else will.

That’s why I’ve written my newest book, Healing Herbs of Paradise.


As I’ve hiked through humid jungles and traipsed down sandy beaches in far-off countries, I’ve often wished you could be there with me.

Sitting with my friends like Ivey in Jamaica or Lelir and Westi in Bali. Hearing them speak about simple cures that prevent disease and change lives.

Cures that might be gone, lost to history in another generation or two as modern society continues to creep.

But now, the secrets to Bali’s “jamu medicine” are all together in one book… five years in the making.

I took five trips to Bali, and countless writers, photographers and designers worked togethe

r to create this one-of-a-kind book.

“I am so proud of my latest book, I signed a copy for each of my employees. And the first copy went to Randall H., the lead designer who worked tirelessly to make sure it was perfect.”

It’s both practical and beautiful, filled with useful recipes and my personal research and recommendations that you can begin using right away.

To celebrate the book’s arrival, my employees and I enjoyed a feast that included coconut water (see Chapter 1!), fresh mango and food seasoned with countless herbs found in the book.

The coconuts and mangoes came right from my own backyard! That’s how strongly I feel about how powerful these herbs and cures can be.

Because natural herbs — and natural health — isn’t just about treating disease or fixing a problem. It’s about incorporating the bounty of nature into your everyday routine to ensure a healthy, happy life.

I look forward to the next time I go back to Bali. But until then, I have the Healing Herbs of Paradise to remind me of how incredible nature really is.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS