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The World’s Leading Anti-Aging Physician, Al Sears, MD, Debuts his First-Ever Coffee Table Book: HEALING HERBS OF PARADISE

In Healing Herbs of Paradise, Dr. Sears reveals ancient cures and remedies discovered on the remote tropical island of Bali and shares them with the Western world for the first time.

Royal Palm Beach, FL., APRIL 14, 2016 – Al Sears, MD, ( America’s leading pioneer in anti-aging medicine and published author of over 15 books, released his much-anticipated book, Healing Herbs of Paradise on April 14, 2016. (Hardcover, 325 pages, $59.95, available on This beautiful coffee table book is full of striking photography and previously unknown knowledge about the curative and anti-aging qualities found in the exotic herbs and plants of Bali. Read more…

Anti-aging Medical Breakthrough Can Extend People’s Lives By Decades

Dr. Al Sears has developed a powerful anti-aging supplement called Omega Rejuvenol. Based upon scientific discoveries that won the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine, it has the ability to give people extra decades of useful, enjoyable life.

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL., March 27, 2015 – Anti-aging pioneer Dr. Al Sears announces the release of a breakthrough treatment based upon a Nobel Prize-winning discovery with the power to extend life by decades. Read more…

America’s #1 Paleo Physician, Dr. Al Sears MD Makes Paleo Easy With Paleo Pill

Dr. Al Sears, introduced the nutritional supplement, Ultra Primal Lean. He calls it “The Paleo Pill” because it helps restore the Paleo fat burning signals that allow individuals to naturally burn off fat and develop a leaner, stronger body even if they do not strictly follow a Paleo diet.

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL., May 22, 2014 – Millions of people have recently embraced the “Paleo Lifestyle” and follow a Paleo diet program. This nutritional plan goes back to foods our ancestors ate during their hunter-gatherer period. The Paleo diet signals the body to burn off fat and naturally grow leaner.

For over 20 years, anti-aging specialist and Paleo lifestyle pioneer, Dr. Al Sears, M.D., advocated this way of eating to his patients and readers. The low-carb, high protein Paleo diet helps a person reprogram their fat burning signals to burn fat for energy and eliminate the excess. Strictly following a Paleo diet, however, can be difficult because it virtually eliminates carbs. Read more…

Dr. Sears’ Ultra Omeganol Certified for Purity By Independent Team

Dr. Al Sears announced that in an independent evaluation of his Omega 3 supplement, Ultra Omeganol, earned a Certificate Of Analysis that verifies it delivers 115% of the Omega 3 fats noted on the label, and had no traces of mercury, heavy metals, chemicals, or solvents.

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL., April 15, 2014 – Taking fish oil used to be the most recommended way to get essential fatty acids, Omega 3’s. In recent years, the ubiquitous pollution in U.S. rivers, streams, and even the ocean has contaminated this essential oil with industrial compounds, PCB’s, heavy metals, and mercury. In response, Dr. Al Sears developed a pure and totally new Omega 3 formula, Ultra Omeganol. It specifically uses alternate sources of Omega 3’s from unspoiled, uncontaminated waters. Read more…

In 12 Minutes, Miranda Kerr Stays In Model Shape With Dr. Sears’ PACE Express

In an interview in SELF Magazine and on FOX News, Miranda Kerr credited Dr. Al Sears’ PACE Express program with helping her keep her model figure and look her best in just 12 minutes a day.

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL., January 14, 2014 – “Star Jumps” help Victoria Secret model and actress, Miranda Kerr, maintain her model body and look the best she can. She revealed this as part of the 12-minute, Dr. Al Sears’ PACE Express program she follows to keep in shape. Miranda described the Dr. Sears’ PACE Express Fitness Program during an appearance on FOX News and in an interview in SELF Magazine. Read more…


Dr. Al Sears, M.D. announces the discovery that leads you
to the Fountain of Youth.

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla., November 9, 2012 – Dr. Al Sears, MD is releasing the newest addition to his Primal Force’s Anti-aging line-up. It’s called Chalice. This remarkable nutritional supplement, based on Dr. Sear’s understanding of telomeres and how they effectively control your genetic sequencing, is the first of its kind. Read more…