Dr. Al Sears: Anti-aging Medical Breakthrough Can Extend People’s Lives By Decades

Dr. Al Sears: Medical breakthrough can extend people’s lives by decades

Dr. Al Sears has developed a powerful anti-aging supplement called Omega Rejuvenol. Based upon scientific discoveries that won the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine, it has the ability to give people extra decades of useful, enjoyable life.

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL., March 27, 2015 – Anti-aging pioneer Dr. Al Sears announces the release of a breakthrough treatment based upon a Nobel Prize-winning discovery with the power to extend life by decades.

Dr. Sears’ famous clients have included a number of A-list Hollywood celebrities, supermodels and professional athletes.

This innovation, called Primal Force: Omega Rejuvenol, contains a unique mixture of potent natural ingredients with the power to turn back the clock in your body – cell by cell.

People who use Omega Rejuvenol can expect smoother skin, better vision from healthier corneas, and more-flexible discomfort-free joints. The natural supplement can also give them more energy by powering up their heart and boosting lung capacity. And it can give them more confidence, too, by rejuvenating their brains so they can learn and remember as well as someone half their age.
Numerous scientific studies – conducted at the world-renowned universities Yale, Harvard and USC – have shown how each component of Omega Rejuvenol can help stop or slow the cell damage that leads to aging.

Omega Rejuvenol’s ingredients become even more effective together, helping those who take it live longer while keeping their bodies physically active and their minds mentally sharp.

“You may have to grow older but you don’t have to look or feel your age,” says Dr. Sears, founder of the Center for Health and Wellness. “This breakthrough treatment has already had an extraordinary effect on many of my patients.”

Omega Rejuvenol lowers LDL “bad” cholesterol, elevates HDL “good” cholesterol, supports healthy blood pressure, promotes healthy blood sugar, and maintains healthy triglyceride levels. So it can prevent, halt and even reverse many serious illnesses.

The secret of Omega Rejuvenol’s success goes back to 2009 when Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak won the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

The trio of researchers had discovered “telomeres,” the “time clocks” that countdown how long each of our cells will live. The trio also discovered an enzyme called “telomerase,” which stimulates the growth of telomeres.

Telomeres are the endcaps of our chromosomes. They prevent our DNA from unraveling. But every time a cell replicates to replace itself, its telomeres become just a little shorter – like a degrading photocopy. When the telomeres become too short, the DNA unravels, the cell dies and the body becomes a little bit older.

Over the past six years, more than a 1,000 scientific studies have shown that we can control how fast or how slowly our telomeres degrade. We can even help them grow longer. We can do this by avoiding stress, environmental toxins and unhealthy foods. We can also preserve or enhance our telomeres by exercising, eating properly and taking the right supplements.

Every supplement in Omega Rejuvenol has been scientifically shown to either protect telomeres from shortening or to encourage them to grow longer.

“If you can lengthen your telomeres, your cells can keep dividing,” says Dr. Sears. “And you’ll look and feel younger, even decades younger.”

For more information about Dr. Al Sears, M.D., or Primal Force: Omega Rejuvenol either call 1-561-784-7852 or visit www.alsearsmd.com.

About Al Sears, MD
Dr. Al Sears, M.D. currently owns and operates the Dr. Sears’ Center for Health and Wellness in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. It’s a successful integrative medical and anti-aging clinic with over 25,000 patients.

His cutting-edge therapies and reputation for solving some of the most difficult-to-diagnose cases attract patients from around the world. Dr. Sears was one of the first to be board-certified in anti-aging medicine.

As a pioneer in this new field of medicine and in the paleo lifestyle, he is an avid researcher, published author, and enthusiastic lecturer. Dr. Sears currently writes and publishes several monthly newsletters, including the monthly e-Newsletter, Confidential Cures, and daily email broadcasts, Doctor’s House Call and Ageless Beauty Secrets.

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