Ultra Omeganol Purity Certified


Dr. Sears’ Ultra Omeganol Certified for Purity By Independent Team

Dr. Al Sears announced that in an independent evaluation of his Omega 3 supplement, Ultra Omeganol, earned a Certificate Of Analysis that verifies it delivers 115% of the Omega 3 fats noted on the label, and had no traces of mercury, heavy metals, chemicals, or solvents.

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL., April 15, 2014 – Taking fish oil used to be the most recommended way to get essential fatty acids, Omega 3’s. In recent years, the ubiquitous pollution in U.S. rivers, streams, and even the ocean has contaminated this essential oil with industrial compounds, PCB’s, heavy metals, and mercury. In response, Dr. Al Sears developed a pure and totally new Omega 3 formula, Ultra Omeganol. It specifically uses alternate sources of Omega 3’s from unspoiled, uncontaminated waters.

He revealed Ultra Omeganol’s stellar Certificate of Analysis. This is a certified copy of the results after and independent evaluator tested the supplement. The report documented that the formula delivers 115% of the Omega 3 fatty acids listed on the label. It also showed that Ultra Omeganol had no traces of mercury, heavy metals, chemicals or solvents.

“I used to recommend fish oil to my patients, but after EPA reports of contamination, several lawsuits, and unsafe amounts of toxic metals found in many different fish oil supplements, I traveled from the North Pole to the South Pole to find pure sources of Omega 3’s.”, Dr. Sears, renowned anti-aging pioneer and creator of Ultra Omeganol, program explained. “Ultra Omeganol passed every EPA test with flying colors. It’s a combination of squid oil from the deepest, unpolluted waters off of Argentina, krill oil from the pristine Antarctic, Pollock oil from the Bering Sea in Alaska, and I even added the world’s most powerful antioxidant, Astaxanthin.”

The Omega 3 essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are necessary for almost every system in your body. The human body needs them to power a healthy heart and cardiovascular system; support agile, pain-free joints; enhance sharp, high definition eyesight; and renew a fast, laser-focused brain and sharp memory.

Dr. Sears said, “Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to everyone because our body needs them but cannot produce them. It used to be you could get them in food, but the over-engineered processed foods we eat today simply do not give us enough of them. Most of my patients need a supplement to fill in the gaps, but it is important that the Omega 3’s they get do not come with a lot of pollutants that do more harm than good.”

Recently, it was shown that of the two most essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA, DHA is your body’s most needed nutrient. It is the one that supports brain health, eyesight, and even your heart. Since Ultra Omeganol includes squid oil which is very rich in DHA, it delivers much more of this essential nutrient than mere fish oil ever could.

“I am very proud of my Ultra Omeganol formula. It took many years of research to find these unspoiled, uncontaminated sources of Omega 3’s, and the recent Certificate of Analysis proves that I have developed a rich, abundant, pure Omega 3 formula.”, Dr. Sears stated. “My patients have already noticed the difference it makes. They tell me how it has helped sharpen their memory, improved their cholesterol numbers, and helped their vision. For me, I used to wake up with a limp from an old Achilles tendon injury. The other day, I hiked 6 miles over steep mountain trails, and I had no pain at all.”

Dr. Sears recently added Ultra Omeganol to his catalog of natural supplements under his Primal Force brand. Every year he travels over 20,000 miles to the most remote regions of the world searching for natural healing secrets unknown to mainstream medicine. The ingredients in Ultra Omeganol come from both ends of the earth where the pollution from today’s industrialized world has not yet reached. The Certificate of Analysis from an independent evaluator verifies that this formulation was successful.

For more information about Dr. Al Sears M.D. or Ultra Omeganol, please call: 1-888-795-4005 or visit: www.Primalforce.net.

About Ultra Omeganol
Ultra Omeganol, developed by integrative medicine pioneer and board certified anti-aging physician, Al Sears, MD, delivers a high dose of DHA and EPA in a single capsule you take daily. The secret is the combination of squid oil, a rich, potent source of DHA; krill oil, a highly efficient, super absorbing and quickly penetrating source of both EFA and DHA; wild-caught Pollock oil from the most pristine waters in the world; and the world’s most powerful anti-oxidant, astaxanthin. It is 6,000 times more effective than vitamin C, and it helps transport your essential DHA across the blood-brain barrier. That helps carry and deliver the vital DHA to support the cells in your brain and your eyes where fish oil cannot reach.

For more information about Ultra Omeganol, visit www.Primalforce.net or call toll free at 888.795.4005.

About Al Sears MD
Dr. Al Sears, MD currently owns and operates a successful integrative medicine and anti-aging clinic in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, with over 25,000 patients. His cutting-edge therapies and reputation for solving some of the most difficult-to-diagnose cases attract patients from around the world. Dr. Sears was one of the first to be *board-certified in anti-aging medicine. As a pioneer in this new field of medicine, he is an avid researcher, published author, and enthusiastic lecturer.

Dr. Sears currently writes and publishes several monthly newsletters, including Ageless Beauty Secrets, the monthly e-Newsletter, Confidential Cures, and daily email broadcast, Doctor’s House Call, and contributes to a host of other publications in the field. He has appeared on over 50 national radio programs, ABC News, CNN, and ESPN.

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