Busting 3 Fat-Loss Myths

Dear Health Consious Reader,
One of the worst myths I hear is that eating “health food” will help you stay lean.
The truth is you can eat nothing but tofu and rice cakes all day, and live the life of a monk, and still gain weight in today’s world. That’s because the key to high-speed fat burning has nothing to do with what modern “nutritionists” are talking about.
Let me explain…
Myth #1: Cutting calories will make you drop weight. Cutting calories doesn’t work because your body has a built-in intelligence. For example, if you drop your calories too low and grow hungry, your body reacts as if it’s starving and does everything it can to preserve fat. And whether you eat 500 calories or 5,000 calories a day, you’ll gain weight if you don’t eat the right kinds of calories.
For example, a starchy carb calorie is not the same as a protein calorie or a fat calorie. Your body “counts” them in completely different ways. Take a French fry, for example. That’s almost the same as eating table sugar. And the excess sugar of starches and carbs is what spikes your blood sugar and eventually gets stored as fat.
But a burger, on the other hand, is filled with protein – an essential form of fuel. So when you eat protein your body uses this energy source to function at its best – and actually melt fat. That’s why it’s not about eating fewer calories, it’s about eating the right stuff.
Two patients of mine demonstrated this better than any study I’ve ever read. One patient, S.T., was trying to gain weight. He ate from 4,500-5,000 calories a day of mainly high-protein foods. And you know what? He dropped six pounds.
But L.S. on the other hand was trying to drop weight. He cut more than 600 calories a day from his diet, exercised five days a week, and still ended up gaining four pounds.
Myth #2: Cutting back on fat will make you drop weight. Eating fat doesn’t make you fat. But eating the wrong kinds of fat will. Our bodies need fat to absorb vitamins. In fact, vitamins A, D, E, K and CoQ10 can’t even be absorbed without fat. And when you deprive yourself of fat, you eat more carbs. And that’s what really makes you fat.
One study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that people who ate low-fat diets showed no improvement in body composition, blood sugar, insulin levels, or blood pressure.1

The key to fat loss is NOT to deprive yourself of the fatty foods you were born to eat. You just need to make sure you eat the right kinds of fats in the right ratios.
Myth #3: Long cardio workouts lead to fat loss. The exercise industry has been spoon-feeding this lie to you for years. They tell you that spending long hours pounding away at the treadmill at the gym is what you need to do to melt fat. But they’ve got it all wrong. Melting fat while you exercise tells your body to make more fat to melt the next time you exercise. And after a while, your body gets very good at doing just that. And before you know it, you’ve hit a plateau. No matter how many hours you spend at the gym or how grueling your workouts are … you can’t drop the pounds. That’s why the key to lasting fat-loss exercise is to melt fat after you exercise – not while you work out.
At my Center for Health & Wellness in Florida, I’ve used a seven-step plan that has worked wonders for my patients. It’s from my book, High Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps. Here are the steps in a nutshell:
Fat-Loss Step #1: There’s one powerful nutrient that instantly boosts your metabolism, so your body burns your food for calories instead of storing it as body fat. Pg. 47
Fat-Loss Step #2: Foods containing these compounds spike your blood sugar and undermine your fat-loss goals. Pg. 63
Fat-Loss Step #3: Eliminate from your diet those fats your body stores, and eat more of the fats your body oxidizes, to stay lean. Pg. 73
Fat-Loss Step #4: Nature’s fat-loss nutrients help your body metabolize fat more rapidly. Pg. 87
Fat-Loss Step #5: A unique exercise program stops your body from storing fat and helps you drop weight quickly. It doesn’t require endless hours in the gym. And anyone can do it! Pg. 97
Fat-Loss Step #6: Control your metabolism so you attain – and maintain – your ideal weight and body-fat levels. Pg. 109
Fat-Loss Step #7: Eat delicious foods that help you drop pounds while walking away from every meal satisfied and satiated. Pg. 119
These are the steps my patient Gert followed. When he came to me, he was struggling to keep up with daily activities, like playing golf, because he was 20 pounds overweight. But after following my fat-loss tips, he lost all his excess weight. And these days, playing golf is a breeze.
He recently told me: “I’ve learned self-control. I have much more energy … When I go on my knees, I can pick myself up easily … I feel healthier.”
But he’s not the only one. Hundreds of my patients have had the same success. Just take a look at some of their comments:

“Before I came to Dr. Sears … feeling tired was a huge problem for me. I also couldn’t drop weight. My body-fat percentage was very high. I didn’t have the energy to do anything, and I lost energy quickly. Within about a month of seeing Dr. Sears, I got my energy back … I’ve lost 17 percent of my body fat and I feel much better, both mentally and physically … When I go to the gym, I lift as much as kids half my age.”-Louis Dunham
“I went from 25% body fat to 12% body fat using Dr. Sears’ diet plan. I actually gained weight with other diets. Dr. Sears’ approach really makes sense. Now, I have more of a sex drive, I feel better about the way I look, and I’m more confident. I’m very satisfied with the results.” -Chris Beres

My High Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps will tell you all the dietary supplements, foods and exercises that you need to:

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To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

1 Knopp, R. H., et al, “Long Term Cholesterol Lowering Effects of 4 fat-restricted diets in hypercholesteroemic and combined hyperlipidemic men,” The Diet Alternatives Study, Journal of the American Medical Association. Nov. 12, 1997; 278(18): 1509-1515