Detect Cancer Before It Turns Deadly

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Conventional tests to detect cancer are becoming outdated. Many traditional methods can only detect cancer once it has grown enough to provoke physical symptoms. Once a patient begins to feel symptoms, the cancer is probably becoming more difficult to treat.

New technology can provide accurate cancer detection earlier than ever before. Early detection is one of the most important cancer-fighting tools. Patients who detect their cancers early have a higher rate of full recovery.

* The Future is Here *

Modern expertise has provided us with an arsenal of detection tools.

AMAS: The Anti-Malignin Antibody screen test picks up the presence of cancer in advance of symptoms. The test measures the level of a specific antibody that fights antigens released in cancer patients. The level of AMA rises when cancer is present.

According to Oncolab, this test has an accuracy of 95-99%. This test is especially good for detecting breast cancer. The AMAS is a blood test.

BTA: The Biological Terraine Assessment is a device that measures the pH balance, electrons, and minerals present in your blood, saliva, and urine. These measurements show how healthy your cells are.

More specifically, this test shows if the environment around your cells is too acidic. Too much acid can promote cancer. Fewer electrons mean less protection against free radicals.

CA 125: Many more doctors are now using CA 125. It is a tumor marker, which shows cancers of the reproductive system. Cancer causes the levels of CA 125 to become elevated. Rising levels are associated with tumor growth. CA 125 can also indicate if a patient is responding to cancer treatment.

CEA: The Carcinoembryonic antigen test detects colon cancer. This test indicates abnormal levels of this antigen. Digestive tract cancers cause a rise in the level of carcinoembryonic antigen.

Talk to your doctor about these tests. They are widely available, although not all doctors use them. Even if your doctor does not routinely use these tests, he can order them for you if you ask.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, M.D.