“Forbidden cures” now yours for the taking

20 Years From Now These Little-Known
Cures and Age-Reversing Technologies
Will Be Standard Practice…

But YOU Can Be One of the Few
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There were only 46 invitations to the private conference room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at the Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach.

Once word got out, my office turned away dozens of people willing to pay up to TEN TIMES the $500-per-person ticket price.

Why would anyone throw money around like that?

Because somehow I managed to get all of the leading alternative and anti-aging MD’s in one room on the same day. Not all at the same time, mind you… some are so in demand and strapped for time they arrived minutes before their lecture and disappeared minutes after… but you get the idea.

Together these doctors hold the most exciting, leading-edge discoveries in the palms of their hands. If mainstream medicine and the fat cats behind the Big Pharma monopoly knew this was going on, they’d lobby the FDA to lock these docs up and keep these secrets from you for good.

But most of these discoveries are so new and innovative, the bumbling bureaucrats and greedy corporate goons are still in the dark. It’s not even on their radar yet.

These are not “theories” where you’re left to imagine what it will be like when it’s available. I’m talking about unheard of cures and technologies in use right now… in many cases therapies the doctors are using to treat themselves.

And it’s not just about living longer and disease free… we had MD’s revealing their techniques for making you LOOK younger and more attractive.

Jaws Dropped When The
“Before And After” Pictures Went Up…

Like my dermatologist colleague, “Dr. L.S.” who uses innovative non-surgical techniques to make splotches, liver spots, even severe stretch marks from multiple pregnancies disappear without a trace. And those were her “basic” techniques.

Later, she showed how she turns the “turkey necks” of women in their 60s and 70s into skin so smooth and firm it looked a good 20 to 30 years younger. The room fell silent as she put up dozens of before and after pictures of women getting rid of gobs of fat, cellulite, and what you might call “old hags” who suddenly looked like they were in their early 40s.

Every dramatic make over came from non-surgical techniques using lasers, ultrasound technologies and cutting-edge nutrients. The privilege of looking this good at such an advanced age would be worth the price of admission alone.

Anti-Aging Dentistry Promises Perfect Teeth And…
Protection Against Heart Attack?

“Dr. P.L.” started by showing how he transformed even the most hideous teeth into proud, gleaming smiles and how specific strains of bacteria can set up shop in your mouth and destroy even the best-looking teeth.

Dr. P.L. uses a special instrument that instantly checks for the presence of these “bad-guy” strains of bacteria and can even figure out your risk for heart attack by testing for a specific gene (IL-1) that releases inflammation-causing cytokines into your mouth.

One of his novel solutions was a “protein paste” that automatically remineralizes your teeth, balances acidity and actually rebuilds the surface of your teeth.

And he has a saliva test that looks for the presence of another gene called Lp-PLA that tells you how “hot” the lining of your blood vessels are and can tell you with precision how likely you are to die of heart disease.

These Discoveries Will Take 20 Years To Hit
The “Mainstream” Of Alternative Medicine

Keep in mind… these are all techniques you’ll discover how to use right away. And that’s a miracle in itself. Because they simply don’t exist outside the tiny world of elite MD’s and top researchers who work on the front line of new alternative discoveries.

But today, you get the chance to put them to work in your own life today… not in the year 2033. I’ll show you how in just a moment.

First, let me give you a run down of who else left our 46-member audience permanently awestruck.

Completely Healed: New Hope for
Outrageous Joint Pain

If you’re suffering through a condition that ignites chronic, hell-raising pain in your muscles or joints, “Dr. J.P.” revealed how his “platelet infusion” and “stem cell therapies” can return “hopeless” cases of injured, swollen and pain-ridden joints back to normal.

And when I say “normal” I mean muscles and joints that show NO SIGN of ever having been bruised, torn or injured.

The stem cells Dr. J.P. uses are NOT the controversial “embryonic” stem cells you hear about in the news. He developed a technology to activate “mesenchymal” stem cells that specialize in repairing and regenerating muscle, bone, cartilage, tendons and surrounding tissue to the point of being like new.

Dr. J.P. was a hard man to track down and he was kind enough to jet into Palm Beach between lectures in Dubai and Las Vegas. He literally ran into the Ritz-Carlton and was whisked away by limousine seconds after he finished. We were lucky to have him.

Teach Your Body To Kill Cancer Cells… On Demand

Same goes for “Dr. M.R.” who squeezed us in between his thriving practice and multiple research projects to give us insight into some of the most successful alternative cancer therapies available.

One of Dr. M.R.’s breakthroughs is a new technology that uses a specific strain of bacteria to train your own immune system to kill cancer cells. He also uses a macrophage activating factor that is normally inhibited by cancer cells. Called GcMAF, it activates macrophages to kill cancer cells.

Dr. M.R. sent the small, invitation-only audience into a frenzy when he announced what may be the easiest, most affordable AND most effective way of PREVENTING cancer ever discovered.

This is something that Dr. M.R. does himself every day. You’ll be amazed at how well this works to prevent cancer… and how simple it is to do.

Secret Of A Disease-Free Life Hiding In Your Cells

Of course, I invited my dear colleague “Dr. B.A.” who was one of the principal discoverers of both the RNA and protein components of the human “telomerase” enzyme. And if you’re a regular reader, you know switching on telomerase is the ONLY way to lengthen your telomeres… the bits of DNA in each of your cells that controls not only how LONG, but how WELL you’ll live.

Dr. B.A. is one of the brightest minds I know, and founded his own company to do extensive research on telomeres and pioneered the clinical trials and testing on many of the nutrients that we now know activate telomerase.

He’s one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to showing you how to reverse the human aging process… and he didn’t disappoint.

As a molecular biologist, he delivered the very latest on the groundbreaking science of telomere biology and how you can delay physiological aging, extend your “health span” and live disease free.

How “Smart” Is Your Own Body?

I opened and finished the event with two of my own lectures, starting with how I can help you reverse 12 different biomarkers of aging and build a younger body. Through patient stories and the novel concept of Age Quotient, I explain how you can reverse your biological age.

I display the recent results on how my P.A.C.E. program changes biomarkers, and on telomerase therapy and how it also changes biomarkers.

Age Quotient is the first comprehensive system for measuring the biomarkers of aging, and I’ll reveal the details to you first, before I show the results to the anti-aging community at my upcoming overseas lectures.

The Easiest, Most Affordable Way To
Support And Lengthen Your Telomeres

For the last presentation of the day, I told all about “Unlocking the Power of Your Telomeres” and show you how to avoid chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

You’ll see real-life test results, examples, and sample protocols. PLUS… and this is the BIG ONE… I show you the specific nutrients you can use to power up your telomeres right now.

The formula for living younger is easy, inexpensive, and proven effective. And you’ll have FULL access to the DNA therapy that lets you extend the life of your telomeres.

You know this therapy used to cost tens of thousands of dollars, right? Not anymore. The list of nutrients I give you lets you get the same results for pennies on the dollar!

This Was A RARE Event… And For A LIMITED TIME
You Can Get The Whole Experience…
In Your Own Home!

In the 12 weeks since my much-talked-about “State of Art Anti-Aging” conference I’ve been approached on the street… fielded countless calls at my clinic… and had my staff wade through hundreds of emails… all from folks clamoring for access to the conference DVDs.

Honestly, I don’t think anything like this will happen again. The odds of reproducing that event are astronomical. So if you weren’t one of the lucky 46, it’s not going to happen.

But today you have one more chance to witness what went on… and one more chance to apply these therapies to your own life. Today.

If you’re a regular reader, you may remember I offered you a “heads up” to get the DVDs before anyone else did. That was back in December before the discs were even produced.

Those sold out immediately and I promised my readers who ordered but didn’t receive them right away I would do another run so they wouldn’t miss out.

And that’s why I’m writing you today.

I decided to do a limited run of the DVDs… just for loyal readers like yourself.

When those are gone, that’s all we can print for now.

Your only other option is waiting 15 or 20 years until these techniques make their way into the mainstream. (If the phones start ringing off the hook, my staff may beg and plead for another printing, but there are no guarantees.)

Click here NOW to get YOURS. Availability is first come, first serve. The clock is ticking…

To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD
Al Sears, MD

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