How I Treat Male Osteoporosis

It used to be that whenever osteoporosis was mentioned, it immediately evoked the image of an elderly woman, stooped and fragile.

But as the years go by, I’ve observed that an increasing number of my male patients have developed this dreadful disease that causes shrinkage of bone tissue – and they are often shocked by the diagnosis.

Most of my male patients believed osteoporosis was a “women’s disease.” But these days, men account for around two million of the 10 million osteoporosis sufferers in America.1

Mainstream medicine now recognizes the increasing number of male osteoporosis sufferers – but they have jumped on the idea that it must be caused by genetics, aging or a shortage of dietary calcium.

As usual, the “respected” medical establishment is wide of the mark. And worse, it has ignored the real major cause of this fast-growing modern epidemic.

At my wellness clinic, male patients are often shocked to learn their bones are breaking down cell-by-cell, because their bodies have too much of the female hormone, estrogen.

For a long time, I have been listening to 50-something males tell me about the classic symptoms of estrogen dominance:

  • Weight gain and pudginess;
  • Loss of confidence;
  • Loss of ambition and competitive spirit;
  • Loss of libido.

They always blame it on age – but growing older is not the problem.

Essentially, they have been chemically castrated by Big Agra and Big Pharma.

These days, estrogen is pushed at us from every direction. Farmers pump up meat and poultry with estrogens – all with FDA approval. Government tests have found American water contained “… at least 11 compounds linked to birth control and hormone supplements.” 2

Estrogen is found in commonly used food additives.

And we absorb estrogen-mimicking pesticides from both air and food.

Even prescription medications, including drugs used to treat some cancers, contain estrogen.

Mainstream medicine already knows that too little estrogen can cause osteoporosis in both women and men – but it has ignored the fact that men develop osteoporosis from having TOO MUCH estrogen.

Excess estrogen interferes with body’s levels of the male hormone testosterone – which, apart from promoting male masculinity, also stimulates bone growth. This is one reason women also need small amounts of it to stay healthy

But when men have too much estrogen, they release proteins that force testosterone to be excreted from their bodies. The shortage of the male hormone not only lowers libido, but spurs the production of too much cortisol, the stress hormone, which promoting bone breakdown.

That’s why one in five men over the age of 50 suffers fractures in frail bones. And after 60, the figure rises to one in three.3

But osteoporosis doesn’t have to be a permanent condition. I recommend a number of ways my male patients can reverse this condition by lowering their estrogen levels…

The first is to stop eating Big Agra’s hormone-packed meats, poultry and processed foods. They can easily be replaced with foods labeled “USDA Organic.”

I also recommend avoiding – or at least seriously cutting back on – cereals, breads and pastas. These starchy foods promote estrogen-producing belly fat.

 Simply put: Belly fat is a testosterone-buster.

And steer clear of estrogen-mimicking pesticides by drinking filtered water.

But if men really want to cleanse their bodies of excess estrogen, they need to take a supplement to counteract the toxins of our modern environment.

I always recommend one particular exotic, Far Eastern spice that’s been a favorite of natural healers for thousands of years.

I’m talking about Ocimum sanctum linn, more commonly known as holy basil. I ‘ve also seen it referred to as Thai basil or tusli in India.

Holy basil can actually eliminate excess estrogen from a man’s body. This herb contains an oil called eugenol, which makes estrogen more soluble, so men can flush out the female hormone more easily.4,5

At my Wellness Center, I have been conducting a small-sample study to determine how well holy basil treats estrogen dominance. And it was a big success.

A group of my patients, aged 52 to 70, agreed to have their blood tested before and after they took a course of holy basil. We were aiming to get their estrogen levels below 100, as measured in picograms-per-deciliter. So we asked them to take 450 mg. of holy basil extract twice a day.

Before taking holy basil, the average estrogen level for all participants stood at 167 points.

But after the holy basil treatment, the average estrogen level dropped a whopping 44% to 94 points.

Overall, these patients lowered their estrogen levels by an average of 78 points. And the largest drop was 141 points and the smallest was 53 points.

You can purchase holy basil via the Internet, from health food stores or from specialty grocers that carry Oriental or Indian products.

I recommend taking at least 420 mg. a day, but you can take up to 800 mg. to bring back your manliness and beat this modern scourge of male osteoporosis.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS

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