Natural Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

Last winter, I was trekking the countryside of Uganda. I was there to study their local healing traditions, and to learn more about the natural cures they use for disease.


What I wasn’t expecting to find was a powerful aphrodisiac.

It’s an extract from the roots of the eriosema kraussianum plant called bangalala.

I learned about it from Dr. Josiah Kizito. He’s an expert in natural healing and the use of African healing plants. He’s based in South Africa. My good friend in Uganda, Prince Dr. David Mawanda, introduced us.

I’m so glad he did.

What is bangalala used for?

Dr. Kizito told me that bangalala has been used for centuries in Africa to provide superior strength, agility and prowess.

He encouraged me to talk to local people who have used it.

The men I spoke to insisted bangalala works wonders for their sex lives. And their wives were quick to agree!

I was excited at the thought of having a new, natural treatment for my patients with sexual dysfunction. But before I could bring this potent plant to my patients, I needed proof that it works.

So I did a little research.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. Once again, the research confirmed what traditional African healers have known for centuries.

Bangalala works.

A University of Pretoria study found that bangalala can boost blood flow to penal tissue for reliable erections. It was 75% as effective as “the little blue pill” so popular with most doctors. But without the side effects.1

Another study found that small doses of brewed bangalala resulted in erections within 60 minutes that lasted for several hours.2

Research suggests that 31% of men in the U.S. have some degree of sexual dysfunction.3 It’s a common medical condition in men with heart disease, hypertension and problems with circulation.

A study in the Journal of Natural Medicines found that bangalala caused longer-lasting and higher relaxation of veins. This boosted blood flow to the genital area, enabling erections.4

If your sex life isn’t as satisfying as you’d like, now there’s hope.

Ed natural treatment


A natural game changer.

A lot of men don’t even like to talk about this problem. Even with their doctor.

And when they do bring it up, they usually get a quick checkup and a prescription.

Sure, synthetic drugs can help with the mechanics.

But they’re just a quick fix.

Effects of ED drugs

You’ll get an erection for a few hours. But you may get a lot more than that. The side effects of the most popular ED drug include:

  • headaches and body aches
  • indigestion
  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • blurred vision and vision loss

Besides, sex is about more than erections. It’s about passion, desire, stamina, confidence, intimacy…

Bangalala gives you the ability to perform


And that’s the great thing about bangalala. It does more than just give you the ability to perform. Its aphrodisiac properties affect all those parts of your libido that no ED drug can.

Bring home this erectile dysfunction remedy.

Your doctor won’t tell you about this African wonder plant. I guarantee he or she has never even heard of it.

The truth is, bangalala is not easy to get. Even in Africa.

There are only a few places to order it online right now.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about how YOU can recharge your sex life with bangalala.

I promise, the wait won’t be long.

Treat erectile dysfunction the natural way

In the meantime, if you do manage to get your hands on this incredible, natural way to treat sexual dysfunction, try this:

Place one heaping teaspoon of bangalala in a cup. Add enough boiling water to fill half of the cup. Allow the water to cool while stirring occasionally. Strain and add the mixture to a glass of raw, organic milk or yogurt.

The fats in the dairy will slow the rate of absorption. That means you’ll “last longer.” I’m so convinced that it will help my patients that I arranged to import as much as I could into the U.S.

It wasn’t easy. But I believe it’s going to be worth it.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS

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