Potency – Drugs vs. Herbs

Health Alert 195

The new drugs to boost a man’s sexual performance are a boon to the drug industry. And maybe, to your sex life. These drugs do often work. They can assist in achieving and maintaining an erection, which truly is good news. They don’t always work, however. They can also produce side effects. And, they are not your only option.

There are natural supplements available, which may not only help your sexual performance, but also have other benefits the drugs lack. They may even be crucial in the maintenance of your overall good health.

In this Health Alert, will see when the drugs may be helpful. And, how to improve sexual vigor at a fraction of the cost the drugs. These therapies often come with secondary benefits instead of side effects.

* How the New Drugs Work *

Viagra and its newer counterparts Cialis and Levitra all work the same way. They block the normal breakdown of an enzyme called phosphodiesterase or PDE-5. This directly increases the blood flow to your penis.

These drugs will not permantly correct your erectile defiencey, but if you are willing to pay the $1000 a pill, they may assist you in achieving an erection. All three drugs require about a half hour to have their effects. You have from four to eight hours after ingestion for Viagra and up to thirty-six hours for Cialis to make use of their effect.

The side effects reported with these drugs have so far been minimal and are acceptable to many of my patients. You may experience headaches, nausea or blurred vision. Some users have experienced an inability to distinguish between the colors blue and green.

These drugs may interact with other medications. Since these drugs are only available by prescription, you and your doctor should

review any drugs you are presently taking before considering adding one of these drugs.

Now, let’s look at some natural alternatives to these drugs, which may give you similar benefits plus a whole lot more.

* Natural Alternatives *

Your natural regulator of sexual performance is testosterone. I rarely consider a Viagra-like drug without first measuring testosterone. One reason – Men with decreased sexual performance often also have decreased desire for sex. Viagra, Levitra or Cialis do not affect this deficient libido. There are herbs however, that boost performance, testosterone and libido. After using and experimenting with many herbs for 20 years, here are my most favorite three.

Tribulus Terrestris

This is my favorite men’s herb. Also known as the puncture vine, it increases testosterone. The normal decrease in your testosterone level as you age is the most prevalent reason why you may not be able to perform as you did when you were in your twenties. Testosterone is what gives you your desire to be sexual and provides you with strength and energy. By supporting your testosterone levels, Tribulus terrestris can assist to maintain male metabolism and physique as well.


This herb is from the inner bark of a tree, which grows in Africa. At one time, the drug made from yohimbe, yohimbine was the only medication approved by the FDA for the treatment of impotence. Both men and women use the herb for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and it is a most valuable aphrodisiac.

Korean Red Ginseng

This supplement is widely taken to help your body deal with stress. Ginseng, also increases stamina and energy and has even shown to increase testosterone levels. When you consider it also has a positive effect on blood flow, its easy to see why ginseng would have a valuable effect to maintain an erection.

With these more cost effective natural alternatives available to you, you should consider all of your options before utilizing Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. These alternatives may provide what you are looking for plus, a whole lot more.

Al Sears MD