Nutritional Power of 1,000 Pounds of Vegetables

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

Nature provided you with something that outperforms even the most powerful fruits and vegetables.

They’re stronger than popular health foods like broccoli, spinach, blueberries, and pomegranate.

They change the way you feel… the way you heal… and maybe even how long you’ll live.

I call them “super foods.”

They do three things essential for superior strength and survival:

  • Detoxify
  • Energize
  • Modulate

Super foods are a must for modern living. For one, you’ve been building up and storing toxins every day since you were in the womb.

Two, these toxins put a severe burden on your immune system and your cell’s ability to create energy.

Three, the systemic stress you’re coping with around the clock throws off the production of hormones throughout your body.

Super foods heal and restore balance.

They detoxify by binding to toxins and dragging them out of your body. They energize by providing specific nutrients that support cellular energy production. And they modulate by influencing and “resetting” the flow of hormones.

Super foods may be the best – and easiest – way to cleanse and heal your body. They’re simple to use, and they go to work fast.

There are 5 super foods I believe are the most effective. What’s interesting is that two of them are so small you need a microscope to see them.

One is spirulina, the other chlorella.

Spirulina and chlorella may be the oldest foods on earth, arriving on this planet over 3.5 billion years ago. They are microscopic plants and the world’s richest source of vitamins, minerals, iron, protein, and dozens of energizing and detoxifying nutrients.

Spirulina is so powerful; scientists at NASA consider it the perfect food for astronauts when they travel into space. In fact, one pound of spirulina has the nutritional power of 1,000 pounds of assorted vegetables.

My third super food is barley grass.

Barley grass is so well balanced, it has the exact blend of amino acids, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that you need for strength and vigor. Its track record goes back so far, its health-promoting powers are mentioned in the Bible.

Barley grass is also one of the best natural sources of your body’s “master guardian,” SOD (superoxide dismutase). This powerful antioxidant is 3,000 times stronger than vitamin E and protects your cells from free radical attacks.

When I was in Brazil, I discovered a super food being sold on the side of the road at a small fruit stand. “Acerola fruit drink” is more popular in Brazil than orange juice is here in the U.S. Acerola is a type of cherry, and it’s a powerful antioxidant.

The acerola cherry is a pure, natural source of vitamin C. And it’s far more potent than the synthetic kind you find at your local vitamin store. In fact, acerola cherry has 30 times more vitamin C than oranges.

Real vitamin C from a natural source is a complex of different factors. And that means your standard, synthetic dime-store vitamin C probably isn’t supporting your immune system, fighting free radicals, or helping to eliminate toxins like the real thing.

The last one I call a super food is bee pollen.

Bee pollen is mostly overlooked today, but it has a long history of extending life and fighting the effects of aging. Almost 5,000 years ago, the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung compiled a medical encyclopedia highlighting the power of bee pollen.

Pollen is the “seed” of flowering plants that allows them to reproduce. But it’s also full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, unsaturated fats, enzymes, and more.

Taken in combination, these super foods are more than just the sum of their parts. They have a cumulative effect over time.

These super foods invigorate every cell, every tissue, and every organ in your body. Over time, their rejuvenating power can help balance and reset all your major systems – creating a brand-new body, and a whole new outlook on life.

You can feel this for yourself. It’s easy. I put all of these super foods in one place. I call it Ultra Greens.

It’s like you push a button and release the buildup of sludge, toxins, and heavy metals that have been collecting for decades. At the same time, your body starts to re-energize and rejuvenate.

The feeling you get is both uplifting and inspiring.

Patients tell me they feel “clean, focused, and content.” They say they think more clearly, and feel more energetic and optimistic than they have in years.

Letting go feels good. Especially when you’re able to release the gunk that’s been making you feel run down.

I’ll make this easy.

I’ll send you Ultra Greens, and if it doesn’t give you that feeling of clarity and energy I’ve been telling you about, I’ll pay for the whole thing.

Ultra Greens is a powerful way to clean out and feel energized. I’d like you to experience it for yourself. I have no problem taking all the risk.

Get your Ultra Greens TODAY…

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD