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Today, I’ll share new research on a supplement to improve your energy level, lower your chances of a heart attack and improve brain function. You may have heard of it but unless you’re an exercise enthusiast, it’s probably not at the top of your list.

In athletes, I use this supplement called creatine. They often report having more energy. It also increases their muscle strength, their endurance, and helps them improve their body fat to muscle ratio.1

New evidence shows that not just athletes, but healthy adults and people suffering with chronic disease can benefit from supplementing creatine.

* Creatine = More Energy *

Creatine is one of the primary chemicals used during muscle contraction. It is also an important ingredient for memory and the brain’s other functions.

During its movement through the body, creatine delivers nutrients and energy to the body’s cells. And as it moves away, it carries waste in the form of hydrogen away from the working muscles and cells. This process improves cell respiration rates, which improves the body’s ability to handle oxygen and carbon monoxide.2

I and other doctors have used creatine in the fight against some diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).3 Recent evidence shows that creatine supplements lower homocysteine – one of the leading causes of heart disease.4

Possibly because creatine supplements speed up delivery of vital nutrients and minerals to your body – minerals and nutrients that your body needs to regulate homocysteine levels.

* Your Personal Power Program *

To start a supplement program, look for 100% pure creatine monohydrate. In contrast to the marketing efforts of various creatine drinks, you do not need to take it with sugars added to the formula. You also don’t need to take it with a carbohydrate load. Pure creatine

is all you need and the gels are no better than the inexpensive powder.

I have found the best time to take it is 30 to 60 minutes before exercise. But, you will still benefit from other dosing times.

The following chart will assist you in determining your personal loading dose and maintenance dose of creatine:

Creatine Loading and Maintenance Doses
Lean Body Mass in lbs. Loading Dose in Grams Maintenance in Grams
100 10 5
120 10 5
140 12.5 5
160 15 7.5
180 17.5 7.5
200 20 10
Modified by Dr. Sears from The Colgan Institute, San Diego.

Notice that the doses are in grams not milligrams. This means capsules are ineffective. Buy creatine as 100% pure powder, mix it with water and drink immediately. One teaspoon is 5 grams and one tablespoon is 15 grams.

Here is my most successful course: Take a loading dose for 10 days. Then switch to your maintenance dose for 3 months. After a 3 month cycle stop for one month and use exercise to maintain your gains in performance and lean muscle. Then if you like, you can switch back to the loading dose for 10 days and repeat the cycle.

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Al Sears MD


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