The Supreme Court Decides

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law that many of you know as “Obamacare” yesterday.

I wrote to you about this issue last month. Many accused me of inappropriately becoming involved in politics.

I think many of those criticisms were really not directed at me, but are a product of politics getting in the way of my practicing medicine.

Truth is, I have little interest in politics, but I do care a great deal about medicine.

In any case, I thought I would reprint some of the comments here and let you decide. I know it’s something you care a lot about. I can’t reprint all of the responses, because if I did they would go on for 17 pages. But here are some of the ones that stood out to me:

THANK YOU Doctor! I wish I lived where you practice. While you are continually expanding your knowledge for the benefit of human beings most other doctors are trying to suck in more patients. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

I am required by law to contribute to Social Security and Medicare. How is that any different than requiring you to have health insurance? Not too many people had a problem with requiring me to buy that every pay day? We have state government’s such as Virginia mandating that women pay for their own unwanted ultrasounds before a legal and constitutionally protected abortion. They took the it to the Supreme Court claiming mandates are unconstitutional but then hypocritically imposed them with glee in their own states. So while I agree it was a give away to Big Pharma, I consider this to be the first step towards Universal Health Care and even if it isn’t perfect I am not going to let it be the enemy of good enough for now. Instead of vilifying the first step to getting healthcare to people why not use your bucks to make it better? You’re a rich guy, I hope you support President Obama to do just that.

Good for you, Dr. Sears! Thank you for informing your readers about so many important topics – including the truth about Obamacare. We need more people of influence to speak out against Obamacare. Keep fighting the good fight!

Your position on Obamacare is not well thought out. It is a less than perfect product but what are the alternatives? The status quo? What is the difference between forcing me to pay for your health care or forcing you to get health insurance? You and I also benefit from Obamacare, not only the health insurers and big pharma. If you believe that there is a better option you need to present it. It is easy to tear down, much harder to build up.

While I appreciate the information I receive regarding my health from your daily newsletter, I deplore the use of your column to denigrate President Obama, the best president we’ve had in decades. The health insurance law passed under his administration is far from perfect, but it was the best he could do given the ridiculous, partisan obstructionism in Congress. Republicans opposed the bill, not because they want a better one, but because they oppose anything Obama tries to do to improve the lot of the American people. If you continue to add your voice to the witless chorus against him, I will cancel my subscription to Doctor’s House Call and never purchase another of your products.

For the past 50 years , I have practiced medicine for the poor , uninsured , underinsured, unemployed and homeless .These are the citizens whose sons and daughters supply the meat for military machine . What solution do you and other Republicans recommend to remedy this very unfortunate situation ?

I fully agree with you that having to chose and carry insurance is not a choice, but again Republicans negotiated "single-payer" or universal healthcare right off the table at the beginning.

I don’t like the fact that no controls were placed on the insurance companies to limit what they can charge for premiums. I don’t like the fact that the drug companies and the insurance companies are deciding what I can prescribe for my patients. I don’t like the fact that health care in this country is killing people who don’t have money and those who do(because being a doctor has become so close to being a drug pusher). I also do not like receiving political opinions from a medical newsletter that I joined for information about the latest a more holistic way. I get my information on political matters from MSNBC, Mother Jones, etc. Please do not send me anymore political opinions, you sound like a republican and I am not too pleased with the Republicans at this time. Where were you when Bush shoved Medicare Part D down our throats?

Thank you for the information. I will be writing my government officials regarding the relationship between the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies.

I love your newsletter (usually), and I love your alternative medicine perspective. But in this case I beg to differ. Obamacare may be lacking in its ability to really reform this disgusting state of affairs, but it is already better, in terms of costs, than what we had before. My bills are better! One thing is clear, we as a country cannot afford the costs of medical procedures and drugs as they are now. Obama (and Romney before him) have tried to address this. Let’s look for ways to improve upon the changes they have brought about, instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Let’s all work together to solve this problem! Be part of the solution Dr Sears !

I have always liked and respected your work. This piece moves you higher on my “Respected people poll.” My wife is a physician as are several of my closest friends. They all are looking at early retirement as opposed to submitting to what amounts to a tyrannical control over the manner in which they asses and treat their patients.

I completely agree with everything you state, plus a whole lot more. I will turn 66 in July. Most people are not aware of the horrible state of the US government and how many crooked things are going on beyond the public’s awareness. Our news media is very restricted on what can be reported here. I am pleased that you are speaking out. Because of what you describe, plus a whole lot more, I will be retiring in August and relocating to another country in September. I know that everything will not be a bed of roses, but it am hopeful that it will be better than this country. I am sure that you know exactly what I am referring to, as you are a world traveler. There are so many exciting discoveries and I wish to thank you for bringing some of them to us, your readers.

I read your “House Call” email regarding the Affordable Care Act (aka. Obamacare). I respect you very much and admire your commitment to helping people improve their lives. But I wholeheartedly disagree with your point of view on Obamacare. You are omitting many key facts, distorting others, and just plain ignoring the reasons why health insurance reform in this country is so necessary right now. While full implementation of reform is being phased in over several years, health care reform has already helped millions of Americans access the health care they need. People without public or private insurance coverage are costly to all of us. As a medical doctor, wouldn’t you agree that health care should be a basic human right and not a privilege? Under the leadership of President Obama, we are boldly moving in that direction and it needs to happen as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for this article. I’ve been opposed to universal healthcare long before Obamacare passed. When portions of the Bill were online, I read many that sent chills down my spine. This Obamacare truly has no intent to help/care for people but rather to enslave them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this information. We hope that somehow these drug companies can be controlled. But money surely talks! And thank you for your regular e-mails. I appreciate not having to go to a video to "check this out.” I can "peruse" the written information much faster.

I am sad and disappointed that you are using this wonderful health promotion Internet tool as an obvious political tool. This is the USA and you have the right to do it. But, it destroys people’s trust and confidence in their physicians.

I appreciate and look forward to your newsletters on a daily basis. Your commitment to expanding the conversation of access to true "health" information is commendable and makes a difference. However, you were irresponsible in how you addressed this important topic (Obamacare Who Wins?). First off calling the Healthcare Reform Act "Obamacare" and just putting the blame on Obama is ridiculous. Be responsible, call it what it is "Health Care Reform" and we should hold the feet to the fire of all individuals who influenced this piece of legislation — and in most cases by back-room deals by both parties to ensure that the true notion- – that all folks should have access to healthcare, be diminished.

I’m with you Dr. Sears! I am a 73 yr. old woman who spent less than $40.00 on drugs thus far, [and take] supplements. I try and try to sell my family and friends but they feel safer with drugs? I am boring, my internist tells me, and he says that’s a good thing! Keep up your good work Dr.

How dare you use your newsletter for your Tea Party based views. We the American people need "Obamacare." You are trying to stop something that many don’t have but desperately need. Take your right wing bull and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Thank you for writing your most recent Doctor’s House Call note pertaining to Obamacare. Your well written article provides the insight as to why the wealthiest nation in the world has also become the unhealthiest nation in the world. Thank you for your courage and insight.

Thank you, Dr. Sears, for all you do! I always read your newsletter. This one regarding Obamacare shows your courage, as well as your real concern for the health of people everywhere. I have not had medical insurance coverage for many years. I have taken charge of my health and well-being. You inspire me to learn and do more to heal – myself and others, so that we can be free of Big Pharma, and medical insurance. Thank you!