The Truth about HRT

Have you heard of HRT?

It’s “hormone replacement therapy” – the most natural and beneficial way to replace the hormones your body loses with age. Especially when it comes to getting rid of symptoms associated with menopause like hot flashes, mood swing and weight gain.

But what Big Pharma calls HRT isn’t the same thing.

It’s not natural to your body. And it’s not a replacement. Or a therapy.

What the drug companies are trying to pass off as hormones are just synthetic concoctions designed in a chemistry lab. And by taking them, you’re not actually replacing anything.

So they’re not hormones… it’s not replacement therapy… in fact, the drug companies should not be using a term like HRT to define it because it’s completely untrue.

We already have a word for their lab creation. The word is drug.

True hormone replacement gives you back what you’ve lost with real hormones – the same ones produced by your body.

I’m going to show you in just a minute how to do this completely naturally.

But first, let me answer the obvious question… why did the drug companies do this?

Well, if something occurs in nature, it can’t be patented. To patent something, you have to prove that you invented or created something exclusive or new.

If a drug company can’t patent a therapy, they can’t corner the market. Other companies are free to produce the same drug at a lower price. Competition drives down prices and profits far below what drug companies are accustomed to. Their solution? Make a formula that’s different enough from the real stuff, slap a brand name on it and sell it for a profit.

Drugs are synthetic molecules that have never occurred naturally in your body. Like the ingredients in HRT. Yet the drug industry decided they would try to pass these drugs off as hormones.

Unfortunately, they’ve succeeded very well.

I say unfortunately because these drugs that have been falsely sold as HRT – like Prempro – can:

  • increase your risk of cancer and strokes
  • up the risk for blood clots in your lungs
  • raise your risk for having a heart attack
  • cause irregular vaginal bleeding
  • make you gain weight
  • cause you to retain fluid
  • give you dark spots on your skin
  • cause gallstones and endometriosis

What’s worse is taking these drugs can make it harder to detect breast cancer in women. This is due to the drugs affecting the density of breast tissue. And they decrease the effectiveness of mammogram testing.1

The good news is real hormones are available. Real HRT replaces hormones in your body that were already there in the first place. And if you replace them with exact replicas of what was there originally, there are no side effects.

And the drug companies have it in for doctors like me who tell it like it is, but real hormones are very inexpensive.

However, because the drug companies have duped patients into thinking that the drugs they’re selling are actually hormones, real hormone therapy has been going under another name: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

I’ve resisted the term “bioidentical” because it’s terribly redundant. And if it wasn’t for them selling drugs and calling it HRT, that’s what I would be calling it.

Real HRT is very benign and completely natural. You’re only giving back the exact same hormone that’s in your body and you’re doing true HRT that’s completely void of side effects.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy uses exact replicas of your body’s hormones and is extremely effective and safe when you’re using it properly. They have the same structure as the hormones you create naturally. So your body will see them as something natural, not foreign.

The “drug therapy” is a “one-size-fits-all” therapy. The real hormones that I use are custom tailored to your body’s specific needs. Your doctor will measure your hormones and see exactly what quantity you need to get balanced. Then send you to the compounding pharmacy to pick up your unique blend.

I use true hormone replacement therapy here at my clinic on a daily basis. And in my experience, I’ve never seen anything but positive results. In fact, my patients tell me they start feeling more like themselves again instantly.

But bioidentical hormones only available through your doctor. Click here to view my health directory and find a doctor in your area that may be are able to help you.

If you’re in the South Florida area – or want travel here – you can make an appointment at my clinic for a consultation at 561-784-7852.

1. Florica J., “Association Between Changes in Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Density,” JAMA 2001;285(14):1839-1840.