“Ultra” Testosterone

I’ve been telling you about how you can reclaim your optimal health with Primal nutrition.

My 4-tiered Nutrition Pyramid is designed to give your body exactly what it needs to thrive.

And the third level of my pyramid is what I call Ultra.

Ultra means above or beyond. Ultra-Nutrition means building upon your natural or primal level of nutrition with the levels of nutrients you would not be expected to get in your native environment. But when you get them they give you superior features or performance than what you would get naturally.

So it means taking natural supplements and herbs that can ratchet your body and mind up the next level.

I’m talking about performance enhancers. Things like caffeine-rich coffee, which increases energy and memory.1 And creatine, which improves strength and can add five miles per hour to the pitch of professional baseball players. And one of the most important — testosterone boosters.

Almost every week I hear the same complaints from my male patients… No energy, trouble sleeping, a sagging sex drive, weight gain and the dreaded “man boobs.”

Many have tried the little blue pill or testosterone injections — without success.

Others say these help in the bedroom, but don’t do anything for their energy or weight gain.

Most men will do just about anything to get back in the saddle. So no surprise that the testosterone drug market is a near-$4 billion a year cash cow for Big Pharma.2

But these drugs come with some serious problems. Shrinking testicles, weight gain, swollen ankles and blood clots, to name a few.

And not only are these treatments risky and unnatural — they just mask your real problem. I don’t prescribe these drugs. I help my patients increase their testosterone naturally with ultra-nutrition.

One of the best ultra-micronutrient for raising testosterone levels is boron.

In the past, your ancestors got the boron they needed through their diet. But as you know, today it’s almost impossible to get what you need from our nutrient-poor food. Most men today only get about 10% of what they need. To overcome this basic deficiency, I recommend you supplement with at least 3 mg a day.

But, here’s what a lot of people don’t know…

Higher-than-normal levels of boron increase your testosterone.

I’ve observed this in my own practice when I’ve increased levels of my patients from 3 mg to 6 mg or more. And the latest research backs up what I’ve seen.

A recent study gave 13 men 6 mg of boron for two months. And at the end of the trial, their free testosterone levels had increased by 29.5%.3

Another study found after only one week of boron supplementation, men in the study group saw their:4

  • Free testosterone levels increase by 28%
  • Free estrogen levels decrease by 39%

Foods high in boron include avocados, apples, kidney beans, almonds and raisins. Your ancestors got the Primal level they needed from their diet. Today, you’d have to eat six apples to get the levels they got from their food.

But to get the amount of boron you need to reach the Ultra level of testosterone boosting, you’d have to eat 12 apples a day. That’s why I suggest you take 6 mg of a boron supplement daily.

Get a Testosterone-Boost with These Ultra-Nutrients

Boron isn’t the only nutrient that boosts your testosterone. Here are three more supplements I recommend to my patients.

  1. Use the herb traditional African healers swear by. Bulbine natalensis boosts testosterone naturally. It works by turning up the volume of a testosterone-boosting hormone (GnRH) from the hypothalamus in the brain… kind of like turning your car radio to full volume. This stimulates the testes to produce testosterone.
    A South African study showed that it produced a stunning 347% increase in testosterone.5 I suggest taking 100 mg a day.

  2. Try the Ayurvedic way to boost your manhood. Tribulus terrestris is an Indian herb that’s developed a reputation for its sexual enhancement abilities. Tribulus works by raising levels of luteinizing hormone in the body. The luteinizing hormone in turn raises testosterone levels.
    One study analyzed the effect of Tribulus on healthy men. The men experienced an average 30% increase in testosterone levels after just five days of oral supplementation. This is about the average rise in testosterone that I’ve experienced in my clinic. A good starting dose is 250 mg once a day.

  3. Take the herb Tongkat Ali. This herb has been used for hundreds of years throughout Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Clinical studies support what Malaysians have known all along: Tongkat Ali boosts your libido and naturally stimulates the production of testosterone.
    One group of researchers gave a Tongkat Ali supplement to 13 active men between the ages of 57 and 72 every day for only five weeks. They all had significant increases in total testosterone.6

    To maintain free testosterone levels, I suggest 25 mg a day. But taking up to 400 mg a day will bring you to the Ultra Nutrition level.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS


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