What’s Better Than an Orgasm?

You might say the “Big O” is at the center of everything…

And of course, that sudden release or wave of pleasure is what most of us crave most about sex.

But is there something better?

Something that’s even MORE satisfying?

Truth is, nature provided us with a way of extending and prolonging the pleasure you get from sex, long after the night of romance has passed.

And even when you’re not in the arms of your spouse or lover, you can easily get more of the confidence builder almost all of us could use more of…

Restore the TRUST That Makes
You Feel SAFE and SECURE

Imagine for a moment that you were able to FULLY trust in yourself, in others, and in the world around you. Imagine forming deep bonds with your family and the people you love. Imagine having that “aura” that magnetically draws people into your space.

What if you could always feel comfortable in your own skin and easily make new friends and social connections?

What if you had the power to attract women… the power to influence men… confidence in difficult situations… and were always in a clear space of feeling open, giving and generous, no matter how much money you make or how much you have in the bank?

What if you had a painkiller so effective, you could wipe out the chronic pain that causes conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia?

It may be hard to believe that you could feel that good in our stressful, modern world.

But you can.

In my practice, I started tracking a “messenger” inside your body that is largely overlooked or ignored by mainstream medicine.

And I noticed that people with high levels of this messenger tend to be happier, more at peace, and have

more loving, stable relationships than those with low levels.

It’s a little-known messenger your body makes on its own. You release it during sex, and new mothers release it as a way of bonding with their babies.

But because of stress, conflict and the general worries of our everyday lives, this messenger is usually in short supply.

And the less we have, the more lonely, depressed and anxious we become.

Today, I’ll show you how this mysterious messenger works and how it can make you feel completely at peace with your spouse, family, friends and your work… and with life in general.

Let me explain.

“Trust Factor X” Repairs Relationships and
Builds Confidence in Social Situations

This messenger is actually a brain chemical that works with your body’s other sex hormones. Back in the early 1990s when I first started tracking its effects, I called it “trust factor X,” or TFX, because there was so little information available.

Today, there’s a lot more research, but mainstream medicine STILL ignores this potent healer and energizer.

And that’s too bad. Higher levels mean you can stay deeply in love, have more satisfying sex, stay close with your friends and family, and possibly even live longer.

Studies show that its effect on how we relate to each other is so powerful it can cut through autistic disorders like Asperger syndrome and help those people who have trouble dealing with social situations.

TFX enhances their trust and cooperation, and can improve their ability to relate to people in a personal way.

And a study published in Biological Psychiatry does show that TFX may help you get along better with your significant other.

Swiss researchers gave 47 couples a TFX or a placebo. The couples then participated in a videotaped “conflict” discussion. Those who got TFX showed more positive and less negative behavior than those given the placebo.

It also counteracts stress.

TFX is linked to lower secretion of cortisol, the “stress” hormone. The release of TFX also frequently accompanies the release of melatonin, the primary hormone that regulates our body clocks.

Some researchers are even showing that TFX silences the chronic pain common with conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

It’s so effective against pain, it makes women “forget” the pain of child birth… and in many cases completely relieves chronic pain for as long as TFX is in your system.

Crash Victim Gets a Break From Her Constant Pain

Leading researchers are discovering that TFX is not just a way to extend the pleasurable feelings of sex… but plays a major role in pain management.

As you’ve already discovered, TFX is released after sex and produces the feeling of warmth, “cuddling,” relaxation and mild euphoria. It also has the curious ability to make women “forget” the pain of child birth.

By isolating the experience in the brain, TFX blocks the full recollection of the pain, which helps women gear up for having more children.

This pain-killing, or pain-suppressing, benefit led to TFX being tested on people coping with all forms of chronic pain, both physical and mental.

The latest research shows TFX is effective for treating soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder.

Because high levels of stress can deplete TFX, it’s common for people who experienced intense physical or emotional pain to benefit from taking TFX as a supplement.

TFX helps people with anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder by restoring feelings of hope, calm and trust. And, as we’re discovering with more research, doctors can use TFX to ease physical pain.

In one case, a leading TFX researcher and MD treated a patient who survived an airplane crash. The trauma of the accident triggered a relapse of her fibromyalgia, a condition where overactive nerves cause severe physical pain.

When her doctor gave her a dose of TFX in his clinic, she was pain-free within one hour.

Before coming to his office, she had said that her energy levels were always so low, she couldn’t do much of anything for more than 20 minutes. But after leaving his office, she went shopping for 4 hours without pain or fatigue.

What’s more, she was able to have sex with her husband that same night… and had the most pleasurable orgasm she could remember in 5 years!

This remarkable “trust factor X” may be one of the most important resources you’ve NEVER heard of… it’s involved in almost everything we do when it comes to interacting with other people.

From social memory to recognition, attachment, sexual behavior, parental nurturing, human bonding, trust and so much more.

Here’s just a partial list:

  • Responsible for optimism, self-esteem and “mastery,” the belief that you’re in control of your own life.
  • Fosters our sense of attachment to others and in many people also enhances positive memories of close relationships.
  • Low levels are associated with major depression.
  • Increases your pain threshold and lowers your perception of pain.
  • Lowers blood pressure and protects your heart from stress.
  • Makes you 50% more generous, no matter how much money you make.
  • Boosts sexual arousal and pleasure from sex.
  • Helps ease the fear of public speaking.
  • Can block the “deer in the headlights” response.
  • Expands your mind, literally: It stimulates brain cell growth and protects against stress.
  • Can help you win friends and influence people.
  • Makes you a social butterfly…

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Discover the Secret Behind “Trust Factor X”…
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What I call “trust factor X” is so ignored by modern medicine, there’s not even a reliable blood test that can measure your levels.

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Isn’t It Time You Tapped the Inner Calm
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Or an inner feeling of peace and certainty that made everything right with the world?

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