Women: Don't Believe the Big Lie

Health Alert 201

All the hormone replacement (HRT) media coverage has completely missed something. Those things they’ve labeled as HRT aren’t actually hormones at all. They’re drugs and if you take them, you’re not “replacing” anything.

The reason those supposed HRT studies seem so contradictory is because Premarin, Provera and Prempo have never been in your body. Taking them is experimental tinkering in delicate hormonal balances with an unpredictable and potentially dangerous outcome.

The studies don’t look at real hormones. Unlike the drugs, real hormones can ease the symptoms of menopause without increasing your risk of cancer blood clots and heart disease.

Suzanne Somers has recently become the most famous advocate of real hormone therapy in her new book ‘The Sexy Years’. She tells her story of surviving breast cancer and using hormones to relieve menopause symptoms despite the bad advice from conventional medicine. But you don’t have to be a wealthy celebrity to benefit from natural hormone therapy …

* News from the Department of Redundancy Department*

Since drug companies hijacked the term hormone and applied it to their drugs and everyone else seems to have bought into the lie, it’s now necessary to distinguish the term hormone from the hormone mimicking drugs. I have been resisting the term bio-identical hormone because it is literally redundant. A hormone by definition is a substance produced in your body. If it’s not bio-identical, it’s not a hormone.

Bio-identical hormones are nothing more – or less – than real hormones. These are the exact same hormones that are in your body naturally, not a synthetic substitute. The great thing about them is your body recognizes them easily so you avoid dangerous side effects.

I use bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with great success. I’ve had menopausal women tell me they feel better than they have in years. Some even tell me they’re feeling like they’re in their 30’s again. One reason they work so well is that you can get the exact amount of hormones you need to restore healthy balance. In the process you can relieve everything from hot flashes to the memory impairment and weight gain of menopause.

Hormone tinkering is tricky business, even with natural hormones. The first thing to do is consult your doctor. Ask for a blood test to look at your “hormone panel.” This is a measure of the levels of several related sex hormones. Although conventional medicine recommends a one-size-fits-all drug, hormone levels vary widely from woman to woman. For instance, not all post-menopausal women need any estrogen. To ease your symptoms successfully it’s very important to know where your levels stand.

*How to Get Bio-Identical Hormones*

Armed with this knowledge, your doctor can prescribe bio-identical hormones in the precise dosage of estrogens and yes, even testosterone you need. (This is impossible with mass-produced hormone products.) Next, a compounding pharmacist fills your prescription. He can mix just about any drug and a wide variety of other substances including natural hormones. He can make pills, creams or lotions.

Your doctor may not be familiar with compounding. It’s a bit of a lost art because of the prescription drug boom. You can find a compounding pharmacist on The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists website at www.iacprx.org. This is a non-profit organization representing more than 1300 compounding pharmacists. Use their listings to find the one nearest you. Many will even offer mail order service.

You should get your total estrogens, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA-S tested before considering any hormone therapy. Once you begin taking bio-identical hormones, you should get a hormone panel every three months until your levels are in balance. You may have to adjust your dosage one, two, three, maybe as many as five times—but the results will be worth it. You’ll feel energized and you’ll no longer suffer any of the annoying symptoms of menopause or risk the dangers of synthetic hormones.

Al Sears, M.D.