CoQ10 – I Knew I Was on to Something…

Dear Health Conscious Reader,
I knew I was on to something important. My patients were already telling me, “This stuff is amazing…” and now I have the scientific evidence I was looking for.
It’s going to change the way you think about “vitality” forever.
A new study has shown that you can take a simple action to double your level of energy.
My patients are already doing it.
What does this mean?
It means you get more power, energy and endurance. It improves your mood and makes you feel more positive – more optimistic about life.*
I call it your “feel good factor.”
Check out this Accel CoQ10 graph:

Courtesy Kaneka Nutrients L.P. Unpublished Study, 2008
This graph shows you can “turn up” the feeling of strength, happiness and optimism. You can feel really good about life again. People just like you are already doing it.*
How does it work? It feeds your cells massive amounts of fresh energy… and this supply of energy keeps your cells younger. You go “back in time” and feel the way you did years ago.*
Feeling good is not all in your head.
There’s a biological connection…
Here’s what happened: Men and women living in a nursing home were studied for 9 months. They were all between the ages of 69 and 87.
Before they started, they filled out a “SF-36 questionnaire.” SF-36 is the best-known questionnaire for measuring your health status. It’s been used in over 2,000 published research studies. It was so carefully developed; the results it produces are agreed to be statistically reliable and valid.
When these folks filled out the SF-36 a second time the results were amazing: Mental health scores went up by over 30%… and vitality scores went up by over 100%!*
But this new study is only the latest development in a remarkable story that started three years ago.
In 2006 I had a private meeting with Dr. Tatsumasa Mae, the best-known and most highly regarded CoQ10 researcher in the world. He was visiting from Japan. We met in my Florida office to talk about his latest breakthrough:
A new form of CoQ10 that’s 8 times more powerful than conventional CoQ10.
Being 8 times more powerful doesn’t mean it’s just 8 times better. The truth is more remarkable. This new type of CoQ10 will give you the opportunity to make gains on a scale that defies comparison.

World Renowned Inventor Dr. Mae from Japan and Dr. Sears.

Conventional CoQ10 works wonders but the problem I’ve had is keeping my patients’ blood levels high enough. They often require high doses, and that sometimes means taking 4 to 6
capsules a day of at least 200 mg. That’s troublesome and expensive.
But this new form lets me give a single 50 mg capsule to those same patients who were taking 6 at 200 mg. That’s great but it’s just the beginning… The fact that it stays in the blood stream
so much longer means its affect is much more powerful.
I couldn’t say it before, but I can say it now: With this powerful new natural stimulant you can turn back your aging clock – and with a much smaller dose!*
You get all the benefits you’ve been getting with the regular CoQ10, but much bigger and much better!
The increase in endurance is simply stunning:

“I am a 70-year-old man and I have been taking Dr. Sears’ formula for 2 1/2 months. On a recent treadmill stress test, I was told that I did as well as several patients tested that were in their 20s.” **
— John H., Bradenton, FL

And that’s only the beginning. A few years down the road, we may find that Accel CoQ10 makes age-related memory loss and other conditions associated with aging a thing of the past!*
I am confident of this: This breakthrough will change the face of anti-aging medicine forever. Some of the laboratory videos Dr. Mae showed me and my staff were absolutely amazing!
One video of their research showed 3 groups of mice and how they aged. One group was given the new high-powered form of CoQ10. The second took conventional CoQ10. The third group was given no CoQ10 at all.
The mice were all the same age and allowed to age normally. After several months the mice taking no CoQ10 died of natural causes. They showed typical signs of aging and oxidative stress.
The second group, taking conventional CoQ10, was still alive but showed signs of aging. They lasted longer but when they died they had similar conditions to the first group.
The third group, which took the high-powered form, was not just still alive; they looked like strong, young mice. They were running around in their cages with all the vigor of mice half their age!
And in spite of being old, they showed no signs of aging!
We were all amazed. I sent bottles of to all my family. And my employees did too.
I see similar changes in my patients too.

“Once I started, I felt incredibly better; my mind was sharp throughout the day and my energy was boundless. Thank you, Dr. Sears!” **
— Patty Newfane, VT

“My hands don’t ache, my vision is much sharper and my memory is sharper. I feel better and my mood is much calmer. I believe this can be attributed to Accel. Now I would not be without it.”
— Susan D., Junction City, KS

And that’s why I’m writing you today…
I don’t want you to be without this critical power boost. I designed my own formula around Dr. Mae’s high-powered CoQ10. I call it Accel.
In the next few pages I will explain exactly how Accel works, and why it is so much better than conventional CoQ10. I will also tell you how you can use it to treat yourself and your family.
The high concentration is the key to Accel’s amazing potential. Let me explain…
Unless you take action, CoQ10 starts to disappear.
You’ll find CoQ10 in high concentrations in your heart, brain and all your major organs. As you know, it helps to generate much needed energy and has an effect on the cardiovascular system. But levels start dropping at the age of 20.
This graph tells the whole story:
Percentage of CoQ10 Loss by Age 80
By the time you’re 80, most of your CoQ10 has disappeared. And that’s bad news…
In addition to supplying energy, CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant. The “slow burn” we use for fuel damages tissues like fire burns everything it contacts. The action of CoQ10’s antioxidant power puts out this fire and protects your organs and tissues from damage.*
Aside from giving your heart and brain the extra fuel it needs to keep working, it preserves them and keeps them in working order for much longer.*
Think of a sandwich. If you leave it lying on your kitchen counter, the bread gets stale and the meat starts to rot. But put it in a zip-loc bag and throw it in the fridge and it stays fresh for weeks. This is a simple example of the type of anti-aging power that CoQ10 gives you.
The new form of CoQ10 in Accel makes these protective benefits even greater and more reliable. And it makes the cost of getting a therapeutic dose much lower.
New research is opening up a new world of CoQ10 benefits. These include:

  • Blood Sugar: An Australian study showed that patients who took CoQ10 were able to maintain healthy blood sugar levels that were already within the normal range.*1
  • Vision and Eye Health: A recent clinical trial showed adults who supplemented with a combination of CoQ10, acetyl-L-carnitine, and omega-3 fatty acids for one year improved their visual function.*2
  • Easier Breathing: Researchers in Texas found a correlation between CoQ10 levels and respiratory health.*3
  • Gum Health: CoQ10 improves gum health and also supports tissue healing.*4

Back to that study I talked about earlier. Over a 15-month period it demonstrated the amazing power of this new form of CoQ10.
At 12 months of age, the point that equals late middle age for humans, the mice taking the new form were aging 22% slower than mice taking conventional CoQ10 and 51% slower than those taking none at all.
In other words, the mice taking Accel lived 51% longer than the mice that didn’t. Think of it… instead of living to age 80, you make it all the way to 121.
If you are taking CoQ10, this is great news. If you are not taking it, this is amazing news!
Those mice taking Accel looked responsive and energetic. They had no physical deformities, no lesions and showed no signs of aging. They had a bright, glossy coat – typical of youth.
They were running around like children. Imagine Accel having that affect on you.
But there’s more to the story…
Now Accel CoQ10 is new and improved.
We’ve added a vital new ingredient to Accel: tocotrienols, the most effective form of Vitamin E. This is great news! Tocotrienols are remarkable antioxidants. They have powerful heart benefits that:

  • Promote normal cholesterol levels
  • Encourage healthy triglyceride levels
  • Achieve normal blood pressure

And it doesn’t stop there. You’ll receive all the extra benefits of the new and improved Accel at no additional cost. In other words, you’ll get a more powerful supplement for the same money-saving price.
By combining the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 – the kind found in Accel – with tocotrienols, you’ll keep the tocotrienols active in your system for a longer period than just taking them alone.5 So the benefits to your heart are that much greater.
This is hands down the most powerful form of Accel ever formulated. And the benefits to your heart are unprecedented.
I take Accel every morning without fail. It’s the one supplement I plan to take for the rest of my life.
I recommend you do the same.
To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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