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Discover How to Look and Feel Like a Teenager… No Matter What Your Age

Breakthrough Anti-Aging Study Reveals the Possibility of Staying Young, Playful and Enthusiastic – Even as You Hit 80 and Beyond…

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

When I was in med school 25 years ago, a small group of researchers were quietly laying the groundwork for a breakthrough that, at the time, sounded like science fiction.

Today it’s reality. People like you are keeping the power of youth into old age. I’ve seen it first hand.

Being one of the first board certified doctors in anti-aging medicine, I’ve had a front row seat for this remarkable discovery. The breakthrough I’m talking about is a brand new form of CoQ10 called Accel. It’s helping my patients make unbelievable gains.

The energy Accel supplies to your major organs is so powerful; they just don’t seem to break down or get older. All the limitations we associate with aging are going out the window.*

The inventor of Accel – Dr. Mae from  Japan – showed me some test results when he stopped by for a visit. The mice taking Accel were the equivalent of 80-year old humans – and they were running around like teenagers.

Now you have the possibility of keeping the power of youth… even as you hit 80 and beyond.

Dr. Mae Showed Me a Video of the Mice During the Experiment –
What I Witnessed Made My Jaw Hit the Floor…

During his visit, Dr. Mae gave me an exclusive look at his 15-month study testing Accel on mice. The mice were split into three groups.

One group of mice received a standard lab diet with no CoQ10. The second group received the same diet with the traditional form of CoQ10. The final group received the lab diet with the new form of CoQ10 – Accel.

At 12 months of age – the point that translates into late middle age for humans – the mice who took Accel aged at a rate 22% slower than those taking the regular CoQ10 and 51% slower than the mice taking no CoQ10.

The mice who received no CoQ10 were unresponsive and immobile. They had spinal and limb deformities, lesions in and around the eye and discolored coats. Overall, they looked like dried-up corpses.

The mice who received the traditional form of CoQ10 had irritation around the eyes, bent backbones and some discoloration of their coats. But in general, they looked a lot better than the mice who received no CoQ10.

Remarkably, the mice who took the new Accel, looked responsive and energetic. They had no physical deformities, no lesions and had bright, glossy coats. They looked and acted like young, healthy mice. All of this in spite of the fact that they were actually very old – the equivalent of humans in their 80s.

Accel is So Powerful – Miracles Are Commonplace

CoQ10 has been around for years. And it’s been helpful. But there were major drawbacks to the old type of CoQ10. It was weak and expensive.

Accel makes a difference because it’s in a stronger reduced form… that is so much better absorbed. That means your blood levels stay higher, longer.*

I remember when I had to tell some patients to take 400-mg of the old CoQ10 every 8 hours to keep their blood levels high enough. It worked but it was a very expensive option. They could easily go through a couple of bottles a week.

With Accel, most people can get all the anti-aging power with just one caplet a day.* That makes the miracle of CoQ10 available to you at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s How it Works…

Traditionally, all CoQ10 supplements use the old style ingredient ubiquinone. But once this gets into your system, your body has to convert it into another substance called ubiquinol.

Ubiquinol is the form of CoQ10 that works miracles. And this is what you’ll find in Accel. But there’s a problem… Your body’s ability to convert the old style starts to decline after age 45. As a result, your body doesn’t get the full effect. And in many cases – if you’re 50 or older – traditional CoQ10 won’t give you the chance to stay young into old age.

But Japanese researchers – led by my friend and colleague Dr. Mae – recently discovered a reliable way to skip the conversion process. That means Accel gets into your blood at super high concentrations – with no effort on your body’s part.

The idea has been around for some time. But until now, no one could figure out how to make it stable enough to take in this form.

Accel gives you 8 times higher absorption and keeps your blood levels high over an extended period. High blood levels make all the difference. That’s what you need to delay the effects of aging.

Have a look at the graph below. You can see the remarkable absorption power of Accel and how it compares with the old form of CoQ10.

Just 150 mg of Accel elevates blood levels to almost 4 mcg/ml. You would need 1,200 mg of the traditional form to match that effect. And when you double the dose of Accel to 300 mg – you’d have to take a whopping 2,400 mg of the traditional CoQ10 to equal that power. (Remember: high doses of the traditional CoQ10 are inefficient and very expensive…)

What may be even more critical is how long Accel stays in your body compared to the old form. In one study using mice, the new Accel was present in the blood at a 3.75-fold greater concentration after 8 hours. (A blood level of 4.5 mcg/ml after 8 hours of taking 100 mg.)1

This high concentration staying in your system for 8 hours is one of the keys to its age-defying potential. The same amount of traditional CoQ10 dropped to a low level (just 1.2 mcg/ml) after 8 hours – too low to have a powerful anti-aging effect.

Why Does Better Absorption Make Such a Difference?

Accel gives you a shot of CoQ10 up to 8 times more powerful than the old, weaker (and more expensive) kind of CoQ10.

Better absorption makes all the difference. It gets more CoQ10 power to your cells and keeps levels in your blood higher for longer.

But why does better absorption make miracles possible?

The answer is in the architecture of your cells.

Most people think of cells as a little blob of microscopic material. But their power and complexity is far more wondrous than you may imagine. Each cell in your body – and you have trillions of them – is like a tiny micro-city.

Each cell has its own work force… its own industrial complex… its own power grid… you might even say your cells have a kind of economy and political structure.

Of course, there are many different types of cells. Heart cells, brain cells, skeletal muscle cells, etc. But they all have the same basic architecture. And they all need HUGE amounts of fresh energy – every 24 hours. Especially your heart and brain.

Like the city you live in, each one of your cells needs energy to survive. Think of all the services you get in your city… electricity, cable, Internet, food, water, sewage, mail, gas for you car… the list goes on.

All these basic necessities rely on raw energy sources like oil, gas or electricity.

But what if your town lost access to its raw energy sources?

What if one day your toilet backed up because you lost your sewer services? What if you went into your kitchen and all your food was gone? What if you turned on your taps and nothing came out?

How could you function? How could you take care of your family?

Every cell in your body goes through the same horrific scenario when its source of energy starts to break down.

As you may have guessed… CoQ10 is your cell’s source of raw energy. CoQ10 is like the oil company, the gas company, the electric company and your local grocery store all rolled into one.

Each Cell in Your Body Needs Endless Amounts of Energy

Imagine that you magnified just one of your body’s cells… a thousand, million times… to the point where the cell was 20 kilometers in diameter. The size of a small city.

On the surface you would see millions of openings – like portholes. These are your cell’s receptors. They are constantly opening and closing. A continual stream of materials flows in and out of this remarkably complex city-like being.

If you went inside you would see an impressive sci-fi world of supreme technology and bewildering complexity. Miles of endless corridors would lead towards the center nucleus. Other networks would wind their way to assembly plants, processing units, power stations and other vital parts of the city.

The nucleus itself would be at least 1 kilometer in diameter. This dome-shaped memory bank holds miles and miles of coiled chains of DNA molecules – your own personal blueprint for life.

Part of this complex network of highways leads to and   your mitochondria. These are your cell’s main power plants. The energy flowing out of the mitochondria feed into every part of this vast metropolis.

Without power    the mitochondria the life of this city would suffocate and die. Just like the city you live in… if you don’t have enough raw materials, life can’t go on.

When you see the cell in this light, CoQ10 makes sense.

CoQ10 is the fuel that ignites the power plants in each of your cells. Without the power plants, the myriad of functions that happen inside your cells come to a premature end.*

Now imagine Accel… it sends a powerful stream of pure energy to every cell in your body. The porthole receptors on the surface of your cells open up and accept the vast amounts of new energy coming in   just one caplet of Accel.*

Instead of starving and going hungry – which is often the case in our modern, nutrition poor world – your cells grow strong and vibrant. Instead of being slow and unproductive, your cells vibrate with life.*

Remember… your cells work together to achieve a common goal. Billions of cells in your heart work together to pump blood and oxygen through your entire body. Billions of cells in your brain work together to think, speak, analyze, process and regulate millions of activities all at once.

When your cells are well fed they live longer. When they have the materials they need they work together with a power and efficiency that resembles early life. They act and feel younger. Pure and simple.

When You Take Accel Your Organs Stay Younger Longer

That’s why the mice in the test study were running around like teenagers.

Accel kept their organs powered up at the same levels they had when they were much younger. The mice were the equivalent of 80-year old humans – but they still had the life force of a teenager.

When your cells stay young, so do your organs. And when your organs stay youthful, you keep your vitality far into old age.

When you don’t get enough CoQ10, your cells struggle to survive. And when that happens you age faster. Early death comes easy.

I Can Tell You… I Want the Energy of a Teenager When I’m 80

Accel is anti-aging medicine made real. After decades of research we now have a concentrated nutrient that powers up your entire body and keeps it going far longer than you ever imagined possible.*

And that’s the whole point of anti-aging medicine: To keep the power of youth into old age.

That’s why I take Accel every day. It’s the one nutrient I plan to take every day indefinitely.

I recommend Accel to anyone who will listen. I give it to my family… my staff… my friends and colleagues… I believe in it so strongly because I’ve seen it work. Hundreds of times, in fact.

The FDA limits what I can tell you about Accel in this letter, but I’ve had patients at death’s door who made full recoveries and went on to lead normal, happy lives. It’s happened countless times.

One time I had a male patient who was only 45 years old. His situation was so dire his cardiologist asked him if he had a will and suggested he put his assets in a trust for his family.

He was on numerous drugs and about 150 pounds over weight. When he finally made it into my clinic he had very little energy. He walked with a cane and shuffled around like an old man.

After 9 months on Accel he looked like a different person. His symptoms were about 85% gone. There was a look of hope on his face. He wore a big smile and talked about how happy he was to be closer to his family.

Not only did his health improve, his enthusiasm for life came back. He looked reborn.

Of course, I also taught him my PACE program and gave him some diet recommendations. Those helped too. But the real star was Accel. It made the turn around possible.

In My Practice I’m Often the “Doctor of Last Resort”…

Some people come to my clinic after they’ve tried everything else. And they’re often the ones who make the most remarkable transformations.

Accel is very exciting. It’s the most potent anti-aging tool we have. It gives your body the power to take care of itself. And therein lies its most precious gift.

In spite of what you hear in the news and on TV, your body is not a machine. Your body is a sentient being with the ability make decisions and respond to challenges. Your body knows how to take care of itself. It’s directed by nature.

When you give your cells the energy they need, they know what to do with it. They can use it to fix what’s broken and preserve the organs that keep you alive.

Nature didn’t design your body to be sick. As time goes by you age and get older… but your body has a natural way of achieving and maintaining balance. Optimum health is nature’s prime directive.

Reshape Your Future… And Your Experience of Old Age

How do you see yourself when you hit 80?

Do you expect to be bitter and angry… crippled and feeble-minded… stuck in a wheelchair…

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You have the possibility of reshaping your own future. You can look and act like a teenager even when you’re in your 80s. It’s simply a matter of giving your cells the energy they need to keep you fit and vital as you age.

Twenty years ago, this was unheard of… today it’s a reality. Join me on this remarkable journey of sustained youth.

Old age doesn’t have to be a chore. Depression doesn’t have to be part of the aging process. You can enjoy youthful optimism for the rest of your days. Starting today.

I take Accel everyday and will for the rest of my life…

I recommend you do the same.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, M.D.

P.S. – As always, you have my unconditional no-hassle guarantee… If at any time you want to get off the road that leads to youthful energy and longer life you can. It’s your choice. You’ll get all your money back, no problem.

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  1. CoQ10 reducing activity in rats. Unpublished data provided by Dr. Mae.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.