P.A.C.E. Goes to Hollywood

“I do it every morning in the park near my house, right under the Hollywood sign. And more and more people are joining me.”

Patti was part of my Los Angeles study group who got to try my PACE Express fitness program before it went public.

Now she’s teaching it.

I wasn’t surprised to hear Patti tell me about it when she called my office. The thing about Patti is, when she decides to do something, she really goes for it.

And usually nothing slows her down. But boy was she sick of cardio… and aerobics, spin classes, boot camps, jogging… They were wearing her out.

“I worked my butt off doing all types of cardio for a solid year and a half. It was go-go-go, run-run-run. And I didn’t lose an ounce! I was desperate to find something better than what I’d been doing.”

As part of my case study group, Patti learned why other programs that are just more cardio don’t work very well for losing fat. They’re based on the length of time you work out, and they focus on building your endurance. But that’s not what makes you lean.

In fact, the opposite happens, as Patti found out. Aerobics, running and other endurance exercises train your body to use fat as fuel for your workout. Unfortunately, this trains your body to store fat when you’re not working out, so you have plenty for next time.

You get better, easier results if you keep your exertion brief, and make small changes each time, gradually increasing the intensity. I call this progressivity. It’s the most important thing any exercise program needs… and it’s the thing that’s missing from almost all of them.

The reason it works is that shorter periods of exertion that are more intense tell your body to use the energy in your muscles for fuel – not fat. This resets your metabolism and allows you to drop the excess fat.

Following my full PACE Express program – which uses my progressivity principles – Patti lost 28 pounds. She trimmed 7 inches off her waist, 5 off her hips, and 4 inches off of each thigh.

Here’s an example of a P.A.C.E. session you can do at home that will help you get results like Patti. Forget about jogging for an hour at a medium pace, and try this routine with a jump rope instead.

Pace Express before and after

Patti was one of the first to join my PACE Express revolution, and she has the “After” picture to show for it.

Rope Jumping – P.A.C.E. Method 

Set #1: 

  • Count your pulse for 60 seconds. This is your modified resting heart rate – your baseline.
  • Warm up by jumping rope for 30 seconds at an easy pace.
  • Jump for 30 seconds at a medium level of intensity (think of it as Level 5 on a scale of 1 to 10)
  • Recover for about a minute, or however long it takes for your heart rate to come back down.

Set #2: 

  • Jump rope for 1 minute at your medium (Level 5) intensity..
  • Recover for 1 minute.

Set #3: 

  • Jump a little faster for 1 minute. Raise your intensity to a Level 6.
  • Recover for 30 seconds.

Set #4: 

  • Pick up the pace and jump rope for 2 minutes at a Level 7 intensity.
  • Recover for 30 seconds.

Set #5: 

  • Jump at a very high level of intensity (Level 9, almost at your peak) for 1 minute.
  • Recover until your heart rate comes back to where you started.

This P.A.C.E. session only takes about 10 to 12 minutes, and you’ll be programming your body to burn fat.

But here’s the best part, in Patti’s own words: “The biggest difference is that I feel so energized! I’m not ravenous or craving carbs. And I’m not dragging through the rest of my day. PACE Express has truly changed my life. I was in such bad shape before with how I looked and how I felt. Now I feel fabulous.”

If you want to experience this for yourself, click here to try PACE Express.

And if you want to share P.A.C.E. with others like Patti does, there’s good news. I’ll be rolling out a new program to help you become a P.A.C.E.-certified trainer. If you’re interested, contact my office at 561-784-7852.