Here's What I Drink Instead

It doesn’t matter how healthy or thin you are, reaching for a sugary drink is still dangerous for your heart. Four times as dangerous as not drinking one.
New research presented at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association finds that women who drank only two sugary drinks a day were nearly four times as likely to have high triglycerides, the best predictor of heart risk for women.
They were also significantly more likely to have impaired blood sugar levels even when not eating or drinking.1

I’m Not Done Yet

I’ve been saying that cholesterol is not the bad guy, that it doesn’t cause heart disease, for 15 years.
But I’m not done yet.
The reason I can’t let go of this is because the problem has actually gotten much worse, not better.
Seventy-five percent of the patients who come to me with heart disease are already on a statin drug when I see them.
My first job is to try and talk them out of taking them… they’re usually scared and think they’re going to die if they stop taking it.
The big drug makers love to run slick TV ads trying to convince you that lowering your LDL will protect you from heart disease. Doctors often further misinterpret the science and lead patients to believe that they have to lower their cholesterol with drugs or die of heart disease.

Why You Never Have to Worry About Heart Disease

We really shouldn’t be spending all of this time worrying about heart disease. In fact, it only takes us in the wrong direction.
Truth is, you need to do the opposite. Get rid of that worry once and for all. I’ll show you rock-solid evidence that what you really need to do is easy and just feels right.
But first, let’s get one thing straight … there’s no real proof cholesterol causes heart disease. You need cholesterol to avoid heart attacks and heart disease. And I’ll show you how easy it is to boost your HDL. You don’t need drugs or doctor’s prescriptions. And you don’t need to follow a crazy diet.

Is PACE Becoming Classified Information?

Did you ever hear about the time I went to an Air Force Base?
I can’t tell you which one. The Air Force Colonel I met with, let’s call him “KL,” asked me not to make this public.
You see, KL had called me one day and said he was a fan of PACE. He had read my book, does PACE himself, and uses it to train Air Force staff, especially those returning to active duty.
KL had also set up PACE classes for women who have just had babies and the wives of servicemen on the base.
Why is the Air Force interested in PACE?

Not Just Grandma's Pumpkin Pie Spice

Traditional Eastern herbalists often suggest one multi-purpose herb for several different problems. But Western medicine seems stuck on “one problem, one solution.” Chances are, if you visit a clinic with six different complaints, you’ll wind up taking six different pills.
That’s never struck me as the best way to approach overall health. Like traditional herbalists, I prefer supplements that support multiple health goals.
One of my favorites is a common spice you probably have in your kitchen right now.