What's in Your Toothpaste?

The job of looking after your health today is quite a challenge. Even I don’t always get it right.
I used to use a popular, major brand of toothpaste. It advertises “12-hour germ-fighting protection.” Until, that is, I discovered triclosan was in it.
You may remember triclosan. It was in the hand sanitizer that even my staff was using at the office until I called them out on it and had them replace it with a natural alternative. I just wrote to you about this on Wednesday.
Now, I’m just as concerned as you about having healthy teeth and gums. But there’s no way I want triclosan to be part of the solution. It’s a pesticide…

New York City Takes On Salt

Did you see the January 10th New York Times report about salt?
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently named it his next “Public Enemy #1.”
His health department already banned trans-fats in restaurants. And forced calorie counts to be listed on menus. Now they’re taking on salt.
The real question they should be asking is not “Should you eat salt or not?” It’s “What kind of salt should you eat?”