New York City Takes On Salt

Did you see the January 10th New York Times report about salt?
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently named it his next “Public Enemy #1.”
His health department already banned trans-fats in restaurants. And forced calorie counts to be listed on menus. Now they’re taking on salt.
The real question they should be asking is not “Should you eat salt or not?” It’s “What kind of salt should you eat?”

This Can Affect More Than Just Your Heart…

Most of the heart patients I see for the first time already know high blood pressure can mean disaster for their heart health.
But here’s what they don’t know.
Having high blood pressure can also wreak havoc on your brain, kidneys, and eyes.
Here’s the scary part…
High blood pressure can quietly damage these vital organs for years before you see any symptoms. If left unchecked, this silent killer can leave you with a disability. Or worse, it can lead to a heart attack or stroke…