More Than A Vitamin

I’ve been telling you stories and showing you photos from my trips through the rainforests in Africa. So it wouldn’t surprise me if you have the impression that I haven’t …

Stay Strong All Winter Long

I was just reading my nutrition journal and I found something just by lucky accident that is very important this time of year.
In a new study just published this past Friday in The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, they took men with low vitamin D and gave them a daily supplement. Only 1,000 IU a day was enough extra vitamin D for the men to have consistent, significant improvements in muscle strength.
Vitamin D benefits your muscles because it regulates muscle calcium, muscle cell growth, and muscle fiber size. It also prevents degeneration and protects against insulin resistance so you can have more energy in your muscles.
The reason I say it’s important this time of year is because we just pushed the clock back an hour and that has a drawback. Less time to get enough vitamin D – the “sunshine vitamin.”

How I Get My Winter Vitamin D

We all know sunshine is the cure if you don’t get enough vitamin D in your diet, right? Well, not so fast … sunshine isn’t always enough.
The problem is that even when it’s sunny you might not get enough vitamin D. In a study from the city of Calgary – one of the sunniest places in Canada – almost every person measured had a vitamin D deficiency … 97 percent of them!1
And in Australia, one of the sunniest places on earth, an osteoporosis study found over 43 percent of people had low vitamin D levels during the winter.2

The Most Effective Non-Drug You Can Find

Is the Institute of Medicine (IOM), which bills itself as the “advisor to the nation on health,” trying to make you sick?
I wouldn’t blame you if you thought so… The U.S. and Canadian governments asked the IOM to look at its inadequate recommendation for vitamin D at 400 IU per day. So the IOM has just come out with its new recommendations. It says that “all North Americans are receiving enough vitamin D” from their diets and exposure to the sun. It also says there is “inconsistent and conflicting results” on whether or not vitamin D protects you from cancer and other diseases.

Sunshine Vitamin Gets Even Better

There’s one nutrient that has more health benefits than any other I can think of. I’ve written to you about this nutrient before. But today, I have a startling new benefit you should know. It has to do with Parkinson’s disease…
Parkinson’s disease doesn’t follow the rules. There’s no known cause. And everyone is at risk.
Including you…