Natural Elixir for Women Only

Without your realizing it, modern medicine has withheld the options you need to make healthy, informed decisions. In essence, your sexual energy has fallen victim to ignorance and misinformation.
Most doctors think testosterone is a privilege for men only. While men certainly need it, the idea that it has no place in a woman’s life is not only wrong, it’s dangerous.
When your levels drop, you’ll feel it: loss of motivation, heavy fatigue, and little to no interest in the things that usually make you happy, including sex.
But I’ve discovered compelling studies that support what I’ve known for years:

The Truth About Antidepressants…

This past holiday season, I had a few patients come to me after taking antidepressants.
The drugs weren’t doing anything for them. This is something I see all too often.
Antidepressants are prescribed for everything under the sun. Many times for symptoms that don’t even fall under the prescription guidelines.
But it’s big business. In a recent study, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that antidepressant drugs are the most prescribed drug in America.
Unfortunately, they rarely work. In fact, they can do more harm than good…

Merry Christmas!

Did you ever hear that suicides increase on Christmas? Well, how about some good news? It’s just not true. I looked it up in every database I could find. And, well … it’s a myth.
But it is true that when Christmas rolls around, and the days are shorter, your bodily rhythms get out of kilter, and you may experience Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD syndrome. SAD is what we used to call the “winter blues.” Even here in sunny Florida, the days aren’t quite as bright or as long, and we start feeling the effects.
The thing about SAD is you may not even know you have it. You just know you feel a little down. And the added stress of the holidays can add to the problem…