More Than A Vitamin

I’ve been telling you stories and showing you photos from my trips through the rainforests in Africa. So it wouldn’t surprise me if you have the impression that I haven’t …

My 3 Steps for Younger Skin

Have you ever been told you look younger than you really are? I’m sure it made your day. Heck… it probably even made your whole week.
After all, youth means beauty in our culture. And a young, beautiful face is impossible to ignore.
And there’s one thing that defines a youthful appearance more than anything else – your skin.
But maintaining a young-looking complexion is tough. Every day, your skin is under attack. From things like environmental toxins… UV radiation… harmful chemicals in your skincare products… stress… lack of nutrients…. hormones…

Is Your Skin Starving?

Here’s something you won’t hear from your dermatologist. If you want the best-looking skin possible, you need to make sure you get enough of one overlooked nutrient. It’s the essential fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).
Unfortunately for us, we can’t make GLA in our bodies. We have to get it from outside sources. And it’s not called “essential” for nothing. Your body has to have it to help maintain your largest organ – your skin.
Your skin uses GLA to: