Far from Nature

You know I believe that you should imitate our native ancestors and make a variety of protein the center of all your meals.
But it’s not ok to gobble down just any kind of protein. The type you eat is important, too. Or maybe I should say, the nature of the protein.
You see, protein is damaged by heat. You “denature” protein when you heat it for too long, or when you cook it in very high heat. The nature of the protein changes.
This is what happens when they process or “cure” meat. In fact, it’s how they sterilize medical supplies and instruments. They heat them to an extreme, which denatures proteins in any bacteria that may be there, destroying them.

Sorry, Vegetarians…

People still mistakenly believe that eating a lot of protein from meat hurts your bones.
The reason is that some studies found that people would lose lots of calcium through their urine after eating protein.
Scientists have speculated for decades on the reason for all that calcium leaving people’s bodies. Way back in 1968, a piece published in The Lancet theorized that you use calcium from bones to counter the acidity produced when you break down the meat you eat when you digest it.
And the theory stuck.
But just speculating it was “because of meat” doesn’t make it true.

The Skinny On Fat

Guess what they feed a pig if they want to make it as fat as possible as fast as possible?
Low-fat milk.
Because if they give the pig milk with fat in it, the pig gets satiated. It’s satisfied and won’t eat any more. But if they give it low-fat milk, it will eat the grain they feed it forever because it’ll have a deficiency of fat.
Now think of what we’re eating for breakfast in this country…

Careful: Fake Protein Can Make You Weak

Protein powders you find in your local health-food stores lack critical nutrients that give protein its real power.
These overly-processed and misleading products give you cheap, weakened forms of protein that come from sick, diseased animals. And some protein powders even have dangerous levels of lead, cadmium and other heavy metals.
Not only are they a waste of money, but if you eat them, they will only make you weaker and more vulnerable to disease.
To stay slim, strong and potent, you need a reliable source of protein that hasn’t been processed, contaminated or altered.
Today, I’ll show you the 7 factors you need in your protein powder to unlock its natural power.

Suffering Succotash

I like the word “succotash.” Not because I like to eat it, or even because the cartoon cat Sylvester still cracks me up every time he lisps, “Thufferin’ thuccotash!”
I like it because not only is it a great-sounding word, it’s also a great example of how so-called “nutritionists” have rewritten history. And how backward modern “diet” advice is.