Sorry, Vegetarians…

People still mistakenly believe that eating a lot of protein from meat hurts your bones.
The reason is that some studies found that people would lose lots of calcium through their urine after eating protein.
Scientists have speculated for decades on the reason for all that calcium leaving people’s bodies. Way back in 1968, a piece published in The Lancet theorized that you use calcium from bones to counter the acidity produced when you break down the meat you eat when you digest it.
And the theory stuck.
But just speculating it was “because of meat” doesn’t make it true.

History Lesson for Vegetarians

Our ancient ancestors ate meat. They prized it above all else.
I find a sort of evidence for this myself when I travel to areas of the world where men and women are still living in nature, unaffected by the western world.
I’ll be traveling back to the Amazon jungles of Peru this summer to live among the native Ashanikas, and I’ll tell you all about it. Not only do they eat meat, but they’re doing much better than the natives who have switched to a western-style diet.
This has probably been our history for millions of years. Vegetarians like to think otherwise, but a recent discovery may prove them wrong…