How To Live Your Life In A "Blue Zone"

The wind made me sway a bit as I slung the little orange life jacket over my head and onto my shoulders. Without thinking I tightened the thin white nylon strap around my waist before I climbed in the boat. I don’t know why. Like this tiny thing was going to save me if this boat ever flipped over. It looked like it was made for a little kid. And the life jacket wasn’t very big, either.
But whatever. The waves weren’t very high anywhere across the cold, dark waters that had carved out “The Lake of the Gods,” as the locals called it.
The driver fired up the motor and the boat jumped forward. I thought my camera and I might get dumped in for an unexpected swim after all, just to prove me wrong, and despite the calm water.

Get A Clearer Picture

He was nearly blind.
The pain in his eyes was so intense he thought he would go insane.
But he kept hiking, stumbling along over a small plateau high in the Rocky Mountains.
His sight was so far gone that he almost stumbled into two grizzly bear cubs and their enormous mother bear.
He was lucky he wasn’t attacked… and he knew he couldn’t walk much farther in the mountains and stay alive.
The prospector came to the mouth of a rocky pass, sat down and started sobbing. He was sure he was never going to see his family again.
As he sat there holding his throbbing head, he suddenly heard a voice behind him…

I’m Not Done Yet

I’ve been saying that cholesterol is not the bad guy, that it doesn’t cause heart disease, for 15 years.
But I’m not done yet.
The reason I can’t let go of this is because the problem has actually gotten much worse, not better.
Seventy-five percent of the patients who come to me with heart disease are already on a statin drug when I see them.
My first job is to try and talk them out of taking them… they’re usually scared and think they’re going to die if they stop taking it.
The big drug makers love to run slick TV ads trying to convince you that lowering your LDL will protect you from heart disease. Doctors often further misinterpret the science and lead patients to believe that they have to lower their cholesterol with drugs or die of heart disease.

The 93,000 Mile-Long Organ You’ve Never Heard Of

There’s an organ in your body that most people don’t even know about. Yet it’s so important that in one way or another, it can be linked to most heart-related diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease.
It’s a living, intelligent and reactive system. It protects the vessels of every other organ system, even your eyes and your lymph nodes. Your blood brain barrier is part of it, too.
This organ is called the endothelial cell barrier, or ECB for short.
It’s a dynamic system that also regulates the flow of almost every biologically active molecule in your body.